Ron Paul Highlights – CNN Tea Party Express Debate

  • Shonenut213

    Most Americans are too proud and stupid to ever admit that America is in the wrong when it attacks other countries.

  • HealthFLI

    Forget about the real reason we were “attacked” lets just say they did it because they are jealous of us!
    Lets not act stupid shall we.


    The fact that people out there boo the truth says alot about the state of our nation

  • rolling422

    yeah they even put in talking points on Gov Perry here in Canada, go figure..they are scared of Ronnie…

  • Shonenut213

    EVERYONE who supports Israel and puts America second should be DEPORTED to Israel since they love it so much!

  • ValkyrieSniper

    9 minutes of Ron Paul actually getting questions? ITS A NEW PAUL RECORD!! (Sorry I had to, most videos I’ve seen asking questions are only 2-3 min)


  • Cinnamonbuns13

    I wanted to jump through the TV when ppl boo-ed Paul

  • KevinSandy2

    Ron Paul voted for unending, undeclared worldwide wars:


    Title: “To authorize the use of United States Armed Forces against those responsible for the recent attacks launched against the United States.”

    Paul’s Vote:

    Now you Paulies need to use your Ron Paul decoder ring to spell out: “But these are not wars.”

  • LithiumBreed420

    Ron Paul makes a good point how would Americans feel if China decides to occupy Alaska for oil because of our debts? That’s how all these extremists feel with our military bases all around like watch dogs. VOTE RON PAUL 2012!

    Bring are troops home and have our military kickass when justified as it always has!

  • ricomx

    I am not even American but Ron Paul makes a lot more sense. He’s got my support.

  • G1987Jason

    The audience boos at ‘ we are not treating the palestinians fairly.’

    .What a bunch of zionist idiots.

  • staypower11

    I’m re-registering as a Republican solely so I can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries and get him on the presidential ballot. Join Me!!

  • DennyDucet

    The other candidates are just evangelical, fundamentalist whack jobs, whose religious zealotry is as dangerous as that of the jihadists. Rick Santorum is flawed and ignorant in his thinking. None of these candidates will protect America better than Ron Paul. RON PAUL 2012

  • wiecek13

    ill tell you the people of the tea party are the biggest hypocrates

  • miken505

    A mote of right in a sea of wrong.

  • DennyDucet

    I will ONLY VOTE FOR RON PAUL! No other candidate gets my vote. Ron Paul aligns most with what is right and true. Just because ignorant people will choose other candidates does not mean I have to run with the herd and vote with the ignorant. RON PAUL 2012!

  • Dawid
  • ForbiddenStallion

    The booing was so embarrassing. I weep for my country’s ignorance.

  • Sam

    Here is a website to educate Santorum on 911:

    People need to question Santorum on 911, especially on building 7. Experts on 911 need to question Santorum, not a phony uneducated reporter that works for the military. The establishment is lying to the public, and Santorum think we are stupid. The grin on his face is proof he doesn’t believe himself. He knows the truth ….

    … do you want him to be President ????

  • Heather

    If you refuse to ever admit your mistakes or take blame in your personal life it will be detrimental to your personal relationships, family, etc. In the same sense it’s frustrating to hear people boo Ron Paul when he is clearing stating truth….stating words directly given by members of al aqaeda. Not only in our personal lives but also as our unity as a nation, we must admit when we are wrong and try and correct our mistakes. That will gain us more respect from other nations more than domination. Just to refuse to listen or take responsibility for your actions will never get you anywhere; as a person or as a nation.