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  1. JohnDoeman

    Forget all the pizza crap! That’s a side-show and a diversion.

    Cain is the former chairman of the Kansas Federal Reserve Bank. He is a banking insider who’s hero is Alan Greenspan, the guy who created the housing bubble and derivative’s bubble. The guy who supported TARP and the NWO candidate who is there to divert attention away from RON PAUL’s honest message in case Perry stumbles.

    The simple fact is that the race is fixed and the media is in on it.RON PAUL is the ONLY honest candidate in this race and if you want proof just YouTube “Ron paul” and listen to what he is saying. Google “Ron Paul News” and start reading.

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  2. john matteo

    in the 2008 presidential i was told that no one knows him.. people don’t care what happens to the USA all the other candidates are all flash and nothing more
    the news leave him out ……. well this a seconed chance everyone should contact all there friends and family and there friends to start pushing for him..
    I will do my best before I die I want to see RON PAUL PRESIDENT…..


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  3. dianna

    Ron Paul is our last chance… I know he is the right person in the right time we need Ron Paul to bring the people back and let the young who have not seen what is is like to live in a great nation as we once had… they too will have their views changed to know what true freedom is and what a great president is all about as Ron Paul will be. It is a time our nation can not bring in another president that wants change for power but one as Ron Paul that will hold up our constitution and the peoples rights.look into this mans eyes… which are the window to a persons soul…. he wants to help this nation he loves…. not just for we the people… he has a family that he wants this very much for… and all american’s… he is our last hope … our last chance … for freedom and our constitution to be up held with respect.. because this is what this man called Ron Paul wants for this great nation… we are in a constitution crisis … he can and will stop this all for we the people and this great nation not to be lost anymore. please vote for Ron Paul…. May God Bless him in all he does… Ron Paul loves America.

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    Ron Paul 2012

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  5. John Fowler

    If you want to know how Ron Paul’s campaign is REALLY doing, please check this out:


    Here is the truth, and its about time someone said it. I’ve been thinking the same thing as was said in this interview. I really think we can do it this time. Ron Paul is stealing the show. He’s one of a kind. We may not get another chance at the America we want.

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  6. William

    Trust him, he’s a Dr.

    Enough said.

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  7. Mookie

    Ron Paul gave a statistically correct answer regarding Santorum’s point about 9/11. The boos were from ignorant people who are afraid of the truth, which includes every GOP candidate except Paul and possibly Huntsman. Paul will always stand by his guns about reducing our military footprint and get us out of needless wars. Paul, with his ‘get government out of our hair’ attitude lays the foundation for an economic recovery, something no other candidate can touch.

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  8. Michael

    In the debate where the sartorum got the applause over Ron Paul on the war issues was the telling point. Ron Paul is finished because Americans won’t accept that meddling in the ME was the main reason for 9/11. Ron Paul lost in the debate bigtime and he’s over. Buhbye Ron!

    And to all those who didn’t believe me when I said Ron Paul didn’t stand a chance. Toldja so!

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  9. FreedomFighter

    Just ran across this other poll asking 3 separate questions. It seems to be who you want to spar up against Obama and what is the most important issue of coverage as well as which party you tend to side most with. You can vote and then unsubscribe if you so desire. Currently it’s showing 33% for Bauchman and Dr. Paul at 19%.


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  10. ebirbal

    Obviously you goto a doctor and ask what it is, he is not going to tell you its blood clot for blood cancer.

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  11. ebirbal

    For Ron Paul to shine, there is a need for Rick perry to highlight economics and Rick santroum to highlight war issue.

    The only issue is Ron Paul needs a popular media so the next there should be a investment for revolution tv

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  12. Linda

    Dr Ron Paul is a man of honesty and integrity; sadly I do not equate these traits with politics in America. I think power and greed has weakened the character of our country. I have a son in the Peace Corp and his world view perspective has really opened my eyes to the assets of Ron Paul. It it is not too late, we can turn this country back around. Perhaps this country can learn to respect ourselves again, and perhaps become great again. But we are not great right now. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and we are the power monger of the world. It is not what this country was founded on. It is not about building fences, or even political parties. It is about liberty and justice for all. I don’t feel free, and I don’t feel just anymore. I want that back. Ron Paul, bring it back to this country you love!

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  13. Jean-François

    Who won the debate? For the stage performance Michele Bachman, unfortunatelly. She is an empty shell, repealing Obamacare but using the funds to increase the military budget and stanfing by Israel in the coming war with Iran which will cost much more than Obamacare, removing the regulations for businesses but (implicitelly) bailing out the banks if anything goes wrong, how can you balance a budget with that? Slashing hundreds of $billion in the military budget at least and abolishing many federal agencies is a more detailed answer, more serious than “growth because I will be there”. But accounting for the reaction of the crowd most people love to be lied with empty promisses, how do you explain otherwise that people constantly elect the politicians who avoid the issues and try to satisfy everyone? You don’t break an old tradition like this, the important is to criticize the guy in the white house without saying in detail what is your plan

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  14. Sam

    Dr Paul is correct. People need to travel to other countries, South America, Middle East, Europe including France, Germany, Poland and even UK and…… in order to find out that They hate us there and we are not welcome anywhere in the world because of our forign policy. They have nothing but HATE for us. We need to get out of there countries. We need to fix the problem from inside, Once we do that, then we can OFFER help to others. Dr. Ron Paul, You definitely have my vote and god bless you.

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  15. dianna

    america is gone if we do not get ron paul for our president … he should have been president in 2008…. we need to hear with our hearts …. no! our very soul!stop hearing promises listen to truth look up ron paul from start to now … he has spoken so loud for all our rights and our constitution. he has fought for we the people many years . the others want fame he wants constitution. he wants our military strong he wants to end waste he wants all the things that builds a strong nation and to do what is right for it’s people… if you love freedom or if you want a dictator that is something that each need s to ask of ones self.freedom that our fore fathers fought and many died in the fight… freedom … then it is ron paul. he will do by our nation (america) to mend her to being a great nation again. it seems so many fall for all the bogus words… and turns their back on truth… if we listen with our hearts …. look into dr. ron pauls eyes they are loving and kind… the stress we are seeing he knows better than anyone of us what our nation is going to be …. our fredom #1 if things are not changeD… he knows what to do… his words are true and he fears for america being lost… that is the stress people are seeing.he is wanting to save this great nation … he loves america too.THAT IS WHY WE NEED HIM… yes, our freedom needs this man for our president. P.S. bogus word’s have alway’s sounded great… but this time we need trurth and getting it done… not the lies. if truth you want vote RON PAUL!!!

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  16. dianna

    RON PAUL IS FOR AMERICA AND…. THE BEST!!!THE OTHERS DO NOT LIKE HIM BECAUSE… HE IS RIGHT… PERIOD! AND THEY KNOW ALL THEIR BOGUS WORDS ARE JUST SELLING… BUT FROM PAST WE HAVE TO HAVE LEARNED…. Just look up when Dr. Ron Paul first started in our congress…. his thoughts his words have never changed… he always stand’s up for what is right never wishy washy. EVER! He has it all right for what America needs right down to our most important thing our military and to protect America.But most of all WE THE PEOPLE NEED HIM AS OUR PRESIDENT.
    ron PAUL LOVES THE CONSTITUTION and he loves AMERICA. God BLESS HIM. He has always had my vote… 2008 he was my wish…. now america and her people need this man. he is truth for america and mending her back from all the waste… if anyone can get us on track it is RON PAUL and that is a many years of having a president w/ his values and his strenght.please give him support and backing most of all the votes. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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  17. Dawid
  18. David Anderson

    The decision about whether Ron Paul is a great man or a loser depends on whether you believe in a “kill or be killed” foreign policy. If you believe that the world is a titanic struggle between great powers who all try to dominate each other, Paul’s philosophy will not appeal to you. But the survival of the world may depend on the emergence of the philosophy in which nations respect each others’ sovereignty because they must. I liked Paul’s distinction last night between military and defense spending. We must do whatever necessary to be able to make anyone who attacks us sorry they were ever born, but that is different from an expansionist policy in which we station troops elsewhere to support the dictators we have put in place. Paul is right: the American way is to promote freedom and democracy, but not at the point of a gun.

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  19. Dave Anderson

    Dr. Paul is the one and only person on the stage last night that I would even consider for President. He has the experience and wisdom to lead this country back to it’s roots. Following the Constitution takes guts and integrity, the other candidates possess none of these quality’s. The two front runners are suits, talking heads trying for the brass ring. This status quo is killing this country. Eight years of Bush and four of Obama doesn’t leave much to work with, so Ron Paul will have his work cut out for him. I pray he maintains his health and this campaigning doesn’t take it’s toll and depletes his energy. God Bless Dr. Paul, our savior.

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  20. Mac

    I don’t believe 9/11 was America’s fault for being “over there.” We weren’t attacked by an Islamic state. We were attacked by a small group of psychos.

    Who the hell cares what got Osama’s panties in a bunch? So what if we stepped foot on Saudi soil. We were invited by the Saudi’s! We helped defend their land.

    To say that the great evil infidel hurt their sensibilities is idiotic. Yes, we were attacked by a group of psychos. Today, a lot of those psychos are pushing up daisies.

    The truth is that we got attacked because the FBI and CIA dropped the ball. They are extremely culpable in this business.

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    1. JFB

      The psychos were easier to recruit because the USA has many ennemies overthere. I still don’t see why it was necessary to help the Saudis to defend their land.

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  21. Scuba

    As a Canadian I will say this once again: Wake up America do not miss this (maybe) last chance with this incredible man.

    The USA needs Ron Paul as leader and the rest of theworld needs a stong USA led by Ron Paul, our best chance for sanity and a future.

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  22. David Anderson

    Ron Paul is a great man of deep integrity and profound understanding. If only the Presidency went to the man with the most ability. But appearance and manner play a very important role, and Dr. Paul looks tired and sounds a bit whiny. I don’t blame him, since he has been saying the same thing for years, been proven right, but has had no effect on policy. Perhaps a younger, more charismatic man with a longer future in front of him will come along, and take up Paul’s crusade.

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  23. Brian

    I was a Republican, then became a Liberterian, then back to Repub when I found out Ron was running. I think the debate was very one sided, to let the pretty boys have their camera time. I lived in Texas…and there is a huge reason I moved BACK to my homestate of NC. Rick freaking Perry. If Mr. Perry is so great, the why would I TURN DOWN money making gigs in Larado, Texas? Because I’m afraid of getting shot. I heard the boo’s during the debate over the Doc’s answer on 9/11. I am in full agreement with the Doc on this. I served our country, granted, it was during peace time, and I was but a lowly guitar player in the Army, but I still served. I never liked this “war”, and people seem to ignore the fact the we put the people we are fighting in power…and are getting shot at with our own weapons. AS a business owner, I agree the Income Tax is a constitutional nightmare. How come I create my own job, to not be a drain on the economy, yet I pay 33% at least in tax, just because I choose not to be married and not have kids? Amazing. I’m glad that Rick Perry hanged himself last night, and was finally glad to see him stammer and stutter. I thought the two candidates who made the most sense were the Doc and Cain. Of course, we wouldn’t see them get much time on CNN, because, let’s face it, the last thing CNN wants is a candidate who could actually beat Obama. As far as the boo’ing went, if the American public would actually research the facts, I think they would see where Ron was coming from. Those folks have been at it for thousands of years. Keeping our noses out of it and actually taking care of ourselves, as opposed to being the babysitters for the world, would probably have kept us from getting hit…maybe, maybe not…but if we had a strong defense, as opposed to strong “military”, we could have been a little better prepared in case something like that did happen again. I made the joke on FaceBook that if Rick Perry got the nomination, I would move to Mexico, take their jobs, not learn the language, and go to school on their dime (sorry, peso)…I very rarely get too involved in political matters, and not to the point of actually posting…but this time, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to. Dr. Paul, I thought you did fine…I’d play a rally for ya anytime. Just keep the pretty boys back pedaling, we may have a shot!

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  24. Chris

    The other candidates know that they can’t beat Paul with what they believe. This is why after each debate they start to sound a little more like Ron, to gain votes. All the while calling his ideas “radical”. Now is it just me or does Perry try his hardest to find a camera and put on a fake smile? He is so fake to me. Ron Paul must do something dramatic to gain the attention of the American public. Needs to find a way to put the media in its place for all to see. I do think he did well in this debate, since most of the others will take votes away from each other. If he can hang in there till the final 3 or 4 when he will have more air time, then is when America will wake up!!
    Ron Paul 2012

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