Ron Paul Explains Reasons for 9/11

  • lasku0007

    It’s such a shame that there are considerable number of americans who want to listen about this pseudo american exceptionalism rather than logic.
    America is attacked because of it’s freedoms and wealth??
    To idiots who believe that…think of what you believe and apply some logic to it…you think people who live on the other side of the world want to blow themselves up because of the way we live?? How fucking stupid is that?

  • BankBeatsMusic

    Those ppl boo’ing sound like a bunch of redneck morons


    “Tea Party” booing the founder of the “Tea Party” Ron Paul. Whats wrong with this picture. Neocon seeded audience is what is wrong. They attack us because we gamble and women dress like bimbos? lol Although 911 was a false flag, the catalyst for a suicide bombers is blowback. The majority of americans are in a major stupor.


  • RamsesReturns

    Did you all hear that Democrats are registering as Republicans so they can vote Ron Paul in the primary? They are upset he stabbed them in the back by continuing on with Bush Policies and his tax cuts for the wealthy. Karma is going to bite him in the ass. It’s a good thing too, because the Fox Republican is not politically wise enough to know to vote for Ron Paul. What can be more politically crazy than that?

  • downwindspiral


  • tranceemerson

    YES I love how you mentioned the other free and prosperous countries!!

  • cubanboy740

    Truth hurts America.

  • Uzeil

    I think it’s funny they boo him like he’s criticizing them when, if he’s criticizing anyone, he’s criticizing the government of that time… and I’m pretty sure the vast majority of them would be cheering him on if they could get that through their heads.

  • 61181crm

    People booed him because the truth hurts!

  • vJpRIzM

    I knew they would highlight the boo’s.

  • orfynani

    If people would just listen to Dr. Paul instead of taking his statements out of context.

  • GrowTheTruth

    American policy DID lead to 9/11! The American policy of interventionism created many enemies.

  • brood1986

    I am sorry for America, look at all the “booing crowds” at the background. All of them are like parrots who knew nothing about solving their problems.

    I am a Filipino business man and I’ve been watching the news on American
    Politics for the past several years.

    If Ron Paul doesn’t win the next election, I pity all of you.. He’s absolutely
    about 9/11 and a lot of things. I’ve worked in Muslim countries before and
    the hatred on “America, policing the world” is much more worse than you

  • SayedAhmedAlrawi

    well it’s obvious that USA brought 9/11 on itself .. it’s common sense be good with people they’ll be good to you and if you’re violence what you expect peace? absolutely not
    however if you use your mind a little and see videos about truth of 9/11 you’ll find it’s inside job cause only USA government benefited from 9/11 not Osman bin la din, Islam or american people

  • Yabuturtle

    Who thinks part of the crowd was paid by Santorum or one of the other candidates in a desperate attempt to make Ron look bad by booing at him?

  • 29render

    killing for freedom/peace is the same as fucking for virginity

  • Rekmesh

    The argument that the terrorists attacked the u.s. because of our freedoms is just a bunch of bullshit. Just as Ron Paul said, they could’ve attacked countries with even more freedom and a less powerful military, like Sweden or Switzerland, than attacking a country with one of the most powerful militaries in the world.
    Stop living in denial and face reality, people!

  • imatelly

    how is it freedom around the world,when we go in and kill anyone in the country cause 5 people in the country hurts us?
    its is saying we do what ever we want and we love killing kids.
    give us your poor sick and huddled masses,not kill the poor sick and huddled mass,if you want to kill people instead of help people your against the what usa stands for..

  • eBe4IXcept

    The Saudi government is not our “puppet government.” This is a lie from the good doctor.

  • reym613

    911 was a inside job ron paul knows it , so does every body