Ron Paul Explains Reasons for 9/11

  • DeepSouth16

    ron paul just lost any chance he had with this nonsense…shame too cause i like his views on less government…oh well…


  • durashka123

    YOU CAN’T VOTE FOR RON PAUL IF you don’t register as Republican for the PRIMARIES. Don’t wait until its too late, TELL your friends and co-workers to register to vote for RON PAUL 2012!!

  • jonathanhuntercrooks

    Forgive my language ahead… Those people who boo Dr. Paul

    Well Those are some really dumb mother fuckers like glue snorters. Weak Bastards I tell ya’ . something tells me those weren’t free Boos they sounded like
    someone paid them to boo the doctor

  • Vengeance4Me79

    Was hoping that Ron Paul would take it to the next level and tell those sheeple in the crowd that 9/11 was an inside job as a pretext to fight Israel’s wars. Dr Paul knows how dumbed down most Amerikans are, so he says Muslims were angry at us for having bases in the MidEast.

  • jpete3027666

    It’s a fact al Qaeda started because of our occupation of the middle east. If we were never there 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. If the average voter doesn’t know this than we as a country don’t deserve Ron Paul as our president.

  • ProIndividual

    They boo truth because they are the fickle, stupid, and violent mob. The same mob that’s been cheering the death penalty and screaiming out in favor of letting uninsured people die.

    The mob is always a bunch of morons, and the conscientous dissenter is always the only person with any hint of morality and humanity left.

  • czubspenx

    The American people are sooooo stupid. They don’t have a clue what goes on in this world. The listen to the news or read the paper and are totally misled by the mainstream media. Time to listen to Ron Paul and understand what’s what.

  • asdfghjkl6661

    Hint: Israel did it.

  • mrsparex

    Those brainwashed babies who were booing would choke on a glass of milk. They are so drained of brains from listening to lies that they are unable to hear truth. They don’t conceive that we are injuring and KILLING innocent children.
    Quit playing the part of the fool! They told you why they attack us. Open your ears. Grow UP! Exit fantasy land and gird yourself and listen to this man. This is the last chance for America. No more socialism.
    Register for the primaries! NOW!!!

  • gekkogg44

    I mean the reason bin laden fought the Soviets was of course the Soviets were free and prosperous, right? Right?

  • MsDowntowns


  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Ron Paul loves to blame America and freedom for terrorism and the attacks of 9/11/2000. This old racist loon should be thrown in jail for hate speech. He is a troll-faced weirdo!

  • s10fisto01

    booo!! you are intelligent!

  • 9999necron

    Those people booing Ron Paul will die one day in a FEMA death camp.

  • NUMBUH66

    Ron Paul has my vote – Scientologist

  • Jim

    What is interesting about all the current rhetoric today is, they proudly announce how patriotic they are, how they are the champions of democracy and freedom, yada yada yada. Then FORCE other nations to come around to our way of thinking.

    Let’s see, that sounds so familiar, hasn’t this been tried before? Ah yes, Hitler. He also had a great idea of how to solve the worlds situation. Just to make sure however, that the rest of the world realized his great and high aspirations were so noble, he used military force to make sure they understood it completely.

    Explain to me, how what we are doing now, is any different than what Hitler tried.

    We think we are the only ones who are right, and you damn well better agree, or we will beat the crap out of you if you don’t.

    That sure sounds like a bell, THE ALARM BELL, NOT the bell of freedom and democracy.

  • bermudaguy1

    BTW…”blow back” = cause and effect!

  • bermudaguy1

    Santorum….couldn’t you just slap this snidy, homophobic bitch? Nobody in the world is envious of America’s freedom…fuck off! We just want you ppl to stay the fuck out of everybody’s business. America is the biggest contributor of terrorism!

  • pahtai11365

    Remember to change your party affiliation to Republican at least 3 months in advance in order to vote in the closed primary in your state. Ron Paul has to win the Republican nomination before he can run against Obama. Register as Republican voter today!

  • mynameisjavin

    how do they boo him when hes stating the facts!?! he didnt get to his opinion or make decisions, he just stated the facts! wtf