Ron Paul Explains Reasons for 9/11

  • captkirkconnell

    Ron Paul speaks truth- he is not speaking Popularity
    Listen up and Vote for Truth


  • hasj2

    I am from Pakistan, Please Americans vote Ron Paul!, Stop the wars, make America the nation it once was, a prosperous nation which once allowed people from all around the world to live the American dream. I was amazed to find out that over 14 million people live on food stamps?, I only found out 2 days ago, this is amazing to me, and so wrong. You can afford to have bases all around the world, 2 wars that cost trillions of dollars and there are people at home that can’t afford food. AMAZING!

  • bossrube53

    ronpaul2012. com donate his campaign now.

  • bossrube53

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  • blacksamuraii87

    Ron Paul is the future of our nation. He understands the policies that have gotten us into the crisis that we now find ourselves in and wants to help solve them instead of fattening his pockets like every other politician. He wont even accept a pension for christs sake!!! Whenever I hear some one disagreeing with him they never bring up any real issues but instead makes a dumb comment that doesnt make any sense.KingDingaLing090 what problem do you have with ppl who love Ron Paul??

  • MrValzen

    How can these Americans who boo be so stupid, Im begging the US public please get Ron Paul in. From the UK

  • chadberry75

    this is like high school..only the jock or the cool kid become’s prez..fucking sad..

  • nellieeeeee

    Ron Paul just said something very crucial that pertains to medical field status quo. He actually wants to find the CAUSE of the sickness and not just treat the symptoms. His attitude is diminishing among the medical field and sadly so. I believe he is the only candidate for president that truly speaks intelligently and with conviction.

  • tomcardello

    Finally, a man with the testicular fortitude (re: “BALLS!”) to speak the truth- the motive behind the 9/11 attacks is because the USA foolishly took sides with Israel in their religious turf war against their Arab\Muslim neighbors.

    “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”
    -Thomas Jefferson

  • Varavaken

    “Why don´t they attack Sweden”???
    Stockholm had an attack last year that failed. (A suicide bomber.)

  • JoshuasRevenge

    yea they want to kill us because of our freedom… Really?? can you be so naive? Are you that dense? that does not even make since…

  • oldmanjenkins89

    he completely ignores that the religion of islams holy book calls its followers to make war with all the nonbelievers around them. ya their are peaceful muslims but i dont know why. the religion calls for violence over and over and i would think that if ron paul knew that he would have the guts to call them out.

  • WKaliberr

    ron paul < oBAMA

  • bossrube53

    ronpaul2012. com donate his campaign now

  • bossrube53

    1 – Google Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition

    2 - Petition - CBS News 60 minutes - Get Ron Paul go to

    3 - sign the petition

  • davitodude

    I understand Ron Paul’s position as I have considered and aligned myself with the libertarian philosophy for years now. However how is Israel going to protect itself in the middle east? It’s unrealistic to have absolutely no presence in the middle east and not expect Israel to be overran.

  • MikeyyTsunami

    Ron Paul nailed it with “why aren’t they attacking switzerland or norway?” Seeing as how we are one of the few countries out there that just throw buildings up and claim the land as one of our own I don’t see why people keep thinking it’s because of “freedom” or religious beliefs…

  • Lorenzo2468

    The right wing nuts don’t like the truth when it is told to them. Fucking idiots.

  • 130hc

    Ron Paul 2012.Let’s Reopen the Nine Eleven Investigation.That would be Bittersweet.

  • MysTeri0usMatT7

    I’m afraid the zionist “politicians” are actually using the sheeple against us truthers as a last resort. Their army of zombies won’t stop us from retaliating, for this mind-war is not over my friends, grab your dollar bills, grab a sharpie, and write your messages of awakening, write messages of truth about these tyrants and don’t stop, sooner or later this will spread like wildfire!!!!