Ron Paul on Solyndra Scam, Cheney Comments

  • wdcsucks1

    the right perspective!!!

  • RowdyRascal420
  • EskaeDaStreetGeek

    dick cheney is such an asshole


    What American would ever care what Cheney said? He’s a traitor and should be dragged through the courts and put infront of a firingsquad.

  • Pransterrr

    dude on the left is a dick

  • Rekmesh

    Common sense? wuts tat? derp.
    Unfortunately as most of us know, it’s not as common as one might think, especially in important places like our own government :\

  • nehmanator333

    Email Cheney about this interview. Let him know HOW WRONG he IS!!!!

    Just sent mine!

  • tinfoilhatter

    good for ron paul-he basically made that little pinhead look like the little pinhead he is-whatever his name is-haha!

  • DarkGlitchX

    Who gives a FUCK what Cheney thinks? That lying, thieving, rat bastard needs to choke on the oil he subverted out of the mid-east. Mr. Paul is quite right about the Nuclear comments, but I think he should look at the solar power stuff from a different angle.

  • mrgeestacksalot

    Hey Cavuto, why dont you go and fuck yourmother?… Really hope you do, no one likes a piece of shit, te veo!

  • tinfoilhatter

    the only good dr i ever seen!

  • rikstarnz1

    The interviewer went quiet at the end as if to say shit this guy is making sence! How am I suposed to make this Ron Paul guy look like a nut when he is the man!

  • xccell

    I vote for America! I vote for Ron Paul 2012!

  • citizensnips83

    I don’t think its possible to like anyone more then I like Dr. Paul
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Skunny87

    he is a little more advanced, he says you cannot know how it all started and he says we were ‘created’ to fit in with his christian brainwashing

    the best thing is, he believes in freedom, so even if he was a crazy creationist, he wouldn’t force it upon you

  • TheEricleeparker

    ron paul he has an integrity like no other, but he believes in creationism, man that fucks with my brain

  • imatelly

    ron paul is always right.

  • greenback001

    wow! talk about knocking one out of the park. Ron Paul is the best.

  • agrv8ion

    Ron Paul making Dick Cheney squirm, I love it.

  • SickBang

    common sense…a word you don’t hear a lot these days