Ron Paul on Solyndra Scam, Cheney Comments

  • OurOxygen

    Cavuto got pwned.

  • CalvusAquila

    If we pull all the “boots” (our fellow citizens that are fighting an unlawful war) Cheney will lose a lot of money.

  • msungs

    There is a hotter than normal spot reserved for this slime bucket Cheney. He is the face of terrorism. He is one of the people behind the inside job that was 9-11. He is a threat to this country. He should be brought up on charges of treason. Cheney you may not have to be responsible in this life but you have the next life waiting for you. I hope you must relive the evil that you caused that day and in Iraq and Afghanistan to steal their resources. Glad I left US(S)A.

  • scorsbygirl

    Like Darth Vader, poor old Dick Cheney is more machine than man. Please Dick, sell a few more copies of your book and disappear again.
    Vote Ron Paul 2012.


  • platipot

    Cheney is good
    Paul – not so good
    Obama bad.
    Soup is good
    Kaka is bad.

  • platipot

    Pile of dog shit is a beautiful thing.
    Obama – is not that beautiful.

  • isaias1776

    Ron Paul is right on foreign policy. Iran does not even have a missile or Air Force capable of reaching us here. Israel, alone, can blast the living daylights out of Iran. We must put this in proper perspective. The CIA and FBI have said that even if Iran gets a hold of a nuclear weapon, they don’t have the intelligence or capacity to develop or use one. Iran is not a threat. Declaring national bankruptcy, devaluing our dollar and being on the verge of public disorder is.

  • WKaliberr

    Ron Paul is a fucking idiot. Cant believe this moron is a doctor. Take away his fucking license.

  • ChrisKalmus

    why is little Dick Cheney posting below me v

  • ProgressiveInAmerica

    Dick Cheney fucking owned Ron Paul’s racist ass!! Ron Paul is a radical Isolationist terrorist appeaser. A pile of dog shit has better ideas then Ron “poopie” Paul!!

  • wriLLoGic

    If dick cheney was standing next to me i would stab him in the eye

  • Imetalman2000

    FUCK DICK CHENEY!! never trust a man who shoots his own friend in the face.

  • europarl

    Ha-ha-ha – ha, Dick. Why don’t you just rule yourself out forever and we’ll all be so happy?

  • snafuedem

    Dick Cheney is a zombie with his robot heart.

  • DarkestOne7

    Dick Cheney, war criminal

  • TheSportsman1

    I like Bush a lot and I respect Cheney. I’ve met President Bush a few times and he’s honestly a great guy. With that being said, this Ron Paul guy is the real deal. He seems to have strong values. I would vote for this man before any politician. Republicans need to stand by this man! O and Democrats too. VOTE PAUL PEOPLE!!!

  • SHEEPLEwhisperer

    Leave it to the Corporate Media, and the Corporate Politicians, to unfailingly tow the AIPAC/ Neocon / Israel line.

  • SHEEPLEwhisperer

    $500 million tax dollars to that failed company.

  • needparalegal

    I doubt anyone would want Cheney’s support.

  • needparalegal

    All Liberals should register as Rethugs and get Ron Paul in though the Thug primary. Its the only way we can drop this bank puppet aka Obama. If he had kept a single campaign promise I would continue to back him but he did lie. (he promised transparency in the health care debate, and many other things.)