Ron Paul on Solyndra Scam, Cheney Comments

  • KingDingaLing090

    In this video Ron Paul makes some good points. But I hate his Culties too much and therefore will never vote for him. (see top comment)



    Don’t let “Common Sense” or “Reason” get in the way … Geez


    Don’t let “Common Sense” or “Reason” get in the way … Geez

  • 1776Rosco

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    Ron Paul 2012 or BU$T !!

  • liberty1stpls

    BOOM! Ron Paul closed this one out great…

  • Roman291

    If you like Ron Paul support him monetarily in the Constitution Day money bomb.

  • berlinbrown03

    With this whole debate, Ron Paul actually has a response to these tough questions. I just can’t imagine Rick Perry having a legitimate discussion on Iran.

    This whole thing is bullshit. It is a farce.

  • Frostweld

    Here’s something you can believe. Check out RP’s abysmal record of pork-barrel spending for his cronies, back in Texas. I have and the really ridiculous response to it is even more laughable than the clown in this video. Ron_Paul_pork_barrel_spending Look it up and see.

    • ridehard

      The people in Texas that he serves pay income tax don’t they ? Why shouldn’t they get something in return. If the Government wouldn’t take it! You wouldn’t have to try and get some of it back. Of course they never give back as much as they take. unless your Senator is on a powerful commitee.

  • Konner69

    Americans need to get this attack incase shits happens crap out of their heads, thats a guilty before proven innocent kind of thinking. Even after 9/11 they learn nothing. You were attacked because you were bombing their countries for decades. millions of innocent people have died in those countries and u guys complain about your 2800 in 9/11 it was awake up call to get your nose out of other countries busniess!!! your not the police of the world!!!! go home!!!

  • lespauljr2005

    Want to stop the attacks on the USA? Vote for Ron Paul in 2012

  • quizerry

    Obama’s green energy gave billions to businesses that cost taxpayer $500 million per job. Now 5 of those companies went bust. Ron Paul would stop the corporate well fare that corrupts Washington.

  • ikickyonuts

    I think Cavuto is a fucking asshole. On one hand he licks Cheneys boots and on the other hand he talks as if hes giving paul a equal platform.

  • sandpiper9988

    Listen to this man


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  • mysteriousdeer

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  • ridehard

    With allies like this who needs enemies

  • ImRatification

    Thats what Im talking about!!! Get’em Ron!! They think you scared, thats why the media keeps “hard-balling” you. Keep Up The GOOD WORK! We have your back RON PAUL!!!

  • PhilDobson2010

    How is it OK to bail out Wall St (free money for banking market) but wrong to invest in energy from sunlight?

  • GeorgeBushLicker

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