Ron Paul’s Full Speech at LPAC: “Don’t Steal – the Government Hates Competition!”

  • qwerty94376

    Next HUGE moneybomb for Ron Paul will be on OCT 19th



  • bluesmann8


  • RandyC444

    For one, Paul has already implied a conspiracy, concerning the bilderberg group alont with the Fed. Conspiracies are very real. War and terror are just an extension on this money-making scheme/machine. Is Ron Paul a nut?

  • 55539brian
  • qwerty94376

    Next HUGE moneybomb for Ron Paul will be on OCT 19th


  • Rainwhisper1326

    This man will leave no stone unturned. Two thumbs up!

  • thotkrime

    RON PAUL!!!! YEAAA!!!!

  • manniman82

    Occupy Wall Street, end the Fed and the corporate welfare!

  • RandyC444

    This guy is too smart to not understand that 911 was an inside job. But, I believe that he doesn’t support that view because it is so unpopular, and he’d likely not have the opportunity to help the country and get voted in, were he to publically support that view. I’m just saying, if he were to secretly believe 911 was an inside job, he’s doing the appropriate thing by not voicing that opinion.

  • brekgar89

    speaking da truth!!!

  • RandyC444

    Love you, Uncle Ron!

  • bkl139

    The best part about Ron Paul is that it is not about him. Its about the movement.

  • crypter27

    Yes get rid of the department of education!

  • Valobladr

    Libertarian capitalism is an oxymoron. Capitalism is in practice a state derived institution (not only the principle component capital being valued and printed by the state). As long as a system places power in the amount of capital one man has it is inherently anti-democratic and in many cases anti-libertarian. True democracy works for the people to improve the lives of each other collectively, not to further the power of those able to sway cotton paper as a substitute for guidance.

  • crypter27

    I took a glimpse at fox news,they don’t even recognise him!

  • shawondemand

    Why does he use the Africa example?

  • TheOneAndOnly2020

    YouTube is part of the problem now, people. They want to supress as much truth as they can. There have been 100’s of videos on this topc deleted every day on youtube! When will people stop selling out…? youtube didn’t used to be ran by google-corp, and by extension the government… If you ask me someone needs to make a whole new youtube type site, where everyone has the right to put up whatever they want (as long as they aren’t profiting from copyright material).

  • TheOneAndOnly2020

    Anyone find it a little weird that there are 52 likes, but only 18 supposed views?

  • IRUSIpanzermaster

    no teleprompter!
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • slhines7

    What in the HELL is up the Kucinich bakcing? He is just another Global Eltie Bankster Schill!!! DON’T support that puppet!!! If you do, then I will have lost all hope. You would be best off having Peter Schiff backing you!