Ron Paul’s Full Speech at LPAC: “Don’t Steal – the Government Hates Competition!”

  • PurplexSour


  • OfficialTribe

    Let the press keep ignoring him, this way his message doesn’t get twisted and distorted..thrown off track. That’s what the media would be doing I think.

  • Cutlerbay113

    I told my GF to vote for Ron Paul next year, she said “who”….Now im single.


  • MichaelTMurray

    love how the news is saying Ron Paul is 3rd when he has won 3 out of 4 debates and the only one he didn’t win he came in second by 100 votes (and that was only due to bachmann buying votes). New debate from fox/google tonight wonder how the news will discriminate against Dr. Paul next.

  • dvrsflrs
  • mahavira108

    Is that Vince Vaughn?

  • vibe05jack

    I smile when I watch him talk, because Im so happy he exists.

  • OfficialTribe

    ok ok, one more. “Look to my coming at first light on the (21st) day (of 2013). At dawn, look to the East.

  • TravistheHuman

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to replace Congress with that audience?

  • KaosReigns10

    His words ring true. He doesn’t spout the same bs rhetoric. I like him.

  • gloheart1

    RON PAUL is our man for President. He is so intelligent and loves his country. I thank GOD for sending this wonderful man to us every night. God Bless you, Ron Paul. He is on track of all that he said here and now we must go out and share to help him win in 2012.

  • KyleR811

    Transparency!Audit the FED!Right on RON PAUL!Turn around this super congress abusing the system, with few legislators in charge(easy to sway special interests) while hundreds of our representatives twiddle their thumbs?! Thousand pages Obama bills filled with special interests our own representatives don’t even have time to read?! All Obama has is image, not even that works (ie Olympics in Chicago, campaigning against Brown, etc). Obama is a liar and status quo! No more Obama!We need RON PAUL!

  • Y2kplaya92

    How can anyone disagree with a SINGLE thing that Ron Paul said?

  • MikeM3113

    Look up ‘Dylan Ratigan on corruption’. Need more than Obama status quo/15 second talking bits! Paul’s a great guy,strong family values,hard work, humor/modest warm image, but need more than Obama mere image! Paul’s of substance/solutions addressing what’s going on, transparency/integrity back to DC,strong background in economics/how DC works to fix it, not status quo! Not toxic asset games/kicking the can. Need Ron to put back on right track, make economy strong! RESTORE AMERICA! Go RON PAUL!!

  • upgrade01a

    The love revolution will probably turn into a hate revolution in another 5-10 years, if we wait for the monetary system to collapse.

  • upgrade01a

    War is the state’s way of taking away it’s citizen’s liberty.

  • upgrade01a

    The central planners feel they have a right to your body and your wealth.

  • upgrade01a

    Inflation is theft from the poor and payed for by bodies, arms, legs, and our grandchildren’s wealth, at $180,000 debt per American.

  • upgrade01a

    That would be the first 4 years, and liberating political prisoners in the federal system without using drones.

  • upgrade01a

    You can see the numbers growing now. Look at us here in California. I think it is possible that we might be able to kick the neo-cons out and replace them with peace-loving civil libertarians who will hop over and vote this one time to see what it is like. I am sure that there will be anti-war civil libertarians in the President Paul cabinet. 99% of Austrian economics, as it applies to a bankrupt empire is about peace, another 0.9% about shining a bright light on congress, the war powers,FED