Ron Paul at the Lincoln Club Breakfast

I wish I had taken my tripod. Will definitely take it to the next event.

There was so much excitement and people rushing towards the door to get a better photo of Ron as he came in the door that I got bumped which automatically turned the camcorder off, and I didn’t notice it until he was a couple minutes into the speech. Darn!

So what’s not on the vid is the building energy in the air. Ron was the last speaker on the agenda and as he was late in getting in from the airport, they were stalling for time with other speakers. Needless to say, as time went on, we were getting a little anxious. Then we heard a rumbling sound in the distance and as it got louder and closer, we could hear the words, “Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!”. People with cameras sprung to their feet and rushed towards to door. He came in the door and the room exploded!

You will hear some people in the audience chanting “President Paul! President Paul!”

Get used to hearing it, America!

  • RedFaction4PS3

    Ron paul never changed his beliefs for the entire time he spent in politics.


  • bluedogofdark

    You know why we’re in such a mess???
    Because Americans are so damn stupid.
    Its actually almost at the point where its vote or die.
    Vote for Ron Paul, or WE ALL will probably end up in these fema coffins.

  • eBe4IXcept

    “I’ve never seen anybody get so excited about President Chirac, maybe Roe in Dallas.”

  • MrJosh91189

    i hope ron paul wins

  • mrgeestacksalot

    I believe Ron Paul has been right on EVERTHING he has Said. PROVE ME WRONG I DARE YOU!!!

  • salseroca

    Wow! What a powerful speech! The only man in the public office who can save this country. He is unlike the other GOP candidates who sell their soul and heart to the special interest group. God bless Ron Paul! He’s my man for 2012!

  • SaM5246iPhone

    LMAO look at all these people clapping like trained seals!

    ahahaha you buffoons still think you can change this country by voting. 🙂

    Just sit back and think about what I just said. You’ll see how funny it is. The media is helping pick the candidate for you. They create the illusion of choice all the way and you idiots fall for it everytime.

    The only way to fix our problems is to let the system collapse and restructure the political system with fail-safes to prevent corruption.

  • slhines7

    I just want to know what is up with this Dennis Kucinich backing all of the sudden?

  • ktmmusic09
  • farbeyond

    Great speech

  • taxisgay12

    Ron does’nt need much “security” because most of his fans are heavily armed.They would easily take out a FED fuckhead.Take that you double quadrillion,dealin scumbags.

  • daverolo87


  • ClubbySuperCharged

    Meh, I thought Ron Paul tried to make a video of Trololo.

  • MmmmYeahSure


  • UnderseaCaveman

    Ron Paul is the best candidate, period!!

  • citizensnips83

    What a great man, he speaks the absolute truth!

    RON PAUL 2012

  • markphopkins

    I believe Ron Paul is right on about the economy and debt

  • writofmandamus

    my first thought was that Ron Paul was trying to do a spoof on the trololo guy

  • jasonschall