Ron Paul Wins California Straw Poll with 44.9%

Ron Paul’s speech: Part 1 and Part 2
(bad audio quality – please contact us if you find a better recording.

The California Republican Party’s 2011 Straw Poll was held today between 9:00AM – 5:00PM, where CRP members, associate members, and registered guests were allowed to choose their favorite from among the 11 official Republican presidential candidates.

A full breakdown of the results is copied below. A total of 833 ballots were cast during the 2011 Straw Poll which included a write-in opportunity for the first time.

2011 Straw Poll Full Results (Votes, %)

  1. Ron Paul (374, 44.9%)
  2. Rick Perry (244, 29.3%)
  3. Mitt Romney (74, 8.8%)
  4. Michele Bachmann (64, 7.7%)
  5. Jon Huntsman (17, 2.0%)
  6. Herman Cain (15, 1.8%)
  7. Newt Gingrich (14, 1.7%)
  8. Thad McCotter (7, 0.8%)
  9. Rick Santorum (7, 0.8%)
  10. Gary Johnson (2, 0.2%)
  11. Fred Karger (1, 0.1%)
  12. Write-ins (15, 1.8%)


  • toshzpelta

    If he wins my home state of California……

    Ron Paul 2012

  • proyectozeta32

    Mr Paul after looking at the #OccupyWallStreet you have a big mouth .

  • libertyphoenix777

    Sorry, mr Paul, though I’ve supported you in the past few weeks, I must stop, I can’t risk being afiliated with those not in favor with the emerging communist police state in the US, could get in trouble and be labeled a terrorist and end up on a list, must keep quiet and not interfere, sorry, you’ll be in my prayers though. but that’s all i can offer.

  • BouillonCrusader

    Can’t wait till he comes to my State, plan on making some large banners and hang them on the incoming overpasses.. This guy stands for freedom.. but not at the taxpayers expense, this guy is the real deal !

    RON PAUL2012!

  • BouillonCrusader

    Watch the controlled Media try to play this down or just not report on it.. It’s time for Americans to let the media we are not pleased.. I am seriously thinking about cutting off the cable TV because the news lies, distorts & omits the truth.. The Internet is next with the Zionists quickly pushing for legislation to enslave the world wide web!

  • spiderman991

    Looks like some people still care about being free. There may be hope to save the people from the fascists promoting big government, fiat money and wars that are an embarrassment to the potential of post-modern civilization.

  • tommy0135

    If he doesn’t win there will likely be riots that dwarf any other because we know he’s the people’s choice.

    He has every reason to be treated like a rock star.

  • Merecir

    Yeah, Ron Paul all the way.
    But isn’t this frantic shouting going a little over board?

  • Hongyinghu

    Some people like Ron Paul, but say he can’t win, and so, they are too afraid to vote for him … Some people liked the idea of independence, but said king George was too mighty and would win, and so, they compromised and excused him … Some people wanted more then an idea, and decided they should begin, and so, pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, and in doing so, they did WIN. ANSWER THE CALL. 2012 RON PAUL

  • MrBillBlitz

    i love the enthusiasm

  • shotsky94

    I never knew there were this many Paultards in Cali…

    • Whatever you may call them but believe it or not they are growing faster everywhere. I give you thumbs up for being honest unlike the media, they continue to exaggerate the pretty boys.

      Ron Paul for 2012

  • campaign4liberty

    Ron Paul vs. Big Brother 2012
    news LibertyPoet(dot)com

  • ThePeopleOnline

    i hope Ron Paul doesnt win

    cos i want him to run for prime minister in britain

  • esya1987

    even if he does not win the nomination you can still vote for him to be president just select other and write the name in

  • fatboyzoid

    On UK news about us elections Ron Paul isn’t even mentioned! If you know who he is you can spot him there but he’s getting no publicity whatsoever! Scandelous!

  • jes1erfull

    Am I wrong when I say that the only way Ron Paul can not be elected will be through fraud and deception by the elite. If RP is defrauded out of this next election, I truly fear for our country, because who will stand up and fight for our constitution then. I pray that there are people who will protect RP because the globalist will surely try to murder him like they did JFK. Ron Paul gives me the hope that we can take our country back.

  • MrDrewLarison

    So, who should I vote for?

  • Nerodz

    In an age when the default setting is to hate politicians, this is a stunning show of support.

  • WKaliberr

    Rock Star? more like cock star

    • DC

      Your arrognat attitude will do you just that in your miserable life. I hope you are sterile, the US does need you.

  • 130hc

    We Need The Professor,not the student RON PAUL.