Ron Paul Wins California Straw Poll with 44.9%

Ron Paul’s speech: Part 1 and Part 2
(bad audio quality – please contact us if you find a better recording.

The California Republican Party’s 2011 Straw Poll was held today between 9:00AM – 5:00PM, where CRP members, associate members, and registered guests were allowed to choose their favorite from among the 11 official Republican presidential candidates.

A full breakdown of the results is copied below. A total of 833 ballots were cast during the 2011 Straw Poll which included a write-in opportunity for the first time.

2011 Straw Poll Full Results (Votes, %)

  1. Ron Paul (374, 44.9%)
  2. Rick Perry (244, 29.3%)
  3. Mitt Romney (74, 8.8%)
  4. Michele Bachmann (64, 7.7%)
  5. Jon Huntsman (17, 2.0%)
  6. Herman Cain (15, 1.8%)
  7. Newt Gingrich (14, 1.7%)
  8. Thad McCotter (7, 0.8%)
  9. Rick Santorum (7, 0.8%)
  10. Gary Johnson (2, 0.2%)
  11. Fred Karger (1, 0.1%)
  12. Write-ins (15, 1.8%)


  • Skyathaniel

    I can already imagine what will happen if Ron Paul wins 🙂 REVOLUTION! … Well even if he doesn’t (hope not) .. there will still be a revolution! =D Probably not just in US but also around the world who also supports Ron Paul.. Will be honored to join the fun. RON PAUL REVOLUTION =DD !!

  • MysteryManagement

    Watch this video and more on the Silver Bullet page on Facebook. Peace!

  • LiveFreeorDieReport

    Wow! This is why the mainstream media keeps telling us Ron Paul can’t win…. Because they know damn well Ron Paul CAN win and is winning. I repeat Ron Paul CAN win. Everyone now!

  • driv1937

    RP all day!

  • masterbrice

    Kind of like an angry mob lol. ^_^

  • 5000Semmy

    From Germany: Let us pray that the Americans will finally WAKE UP
    RON PAUL 2012

  • Anthony J. Cuozzo Jr.

    In your FACE Cheney!

  • ocallaghan1916

    We really love Ron Paul!



  • Nietzschi027

    0:20 is the camera women Michele Bachmann? sounds like it to me…

  • John Golebiowski

    Perhaps 2012 is really the “end” to all the B.S. that that Americans have had to endure. Long live the Revolution!

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Jon

    Dr. Paul, I donated to your campaign earlier today, and I’d like to also say Congratulations on the win in California. Your wins in blue states shows how universal your message of freedom and liberty really is. We are behind you, stay the course!

  • Chris I

    @r3volution – HELL YEAH!!! I’ve been watching and reading so much about America’s military, political, and economic force through places like Mexico, Panama, Afghanistan, Egypt, Zimbabwe, most of Eastern Europe, Israel, the Middle East, and Vietnam (mind you, I’m only 26, so most of this occurred before I was born or very young). I am now absolutely set on making U.S. foreign policy my #1 voting issue for 2012…..I will not support ANYONE unless they commit/promise/swear that U.S. foreign policy is coming to an end. It’s bankrupting us financially, philosophically, morally, and ethically. If 2012 does not bring an end to our past ways, I will leave this country. RP 2012 or bust.

  • The Fox New article was as short as possible. They can try to ignore him but we’re gaining ground!

    • Chris I

      FOX News can kiss the ass end out of rhino for all we care. They’re nothing but a corporate mechanism to push candidates that are on their payroll. Anyone who watches ANYTHING form that network has no critical thinking skills……or a brain for that matter.

  • Gideon

    The tide has turn, a new generation of Rebuplic is waking up. Young people of America, let’s take our freedome back, the old will stomp the fire, but this time they won’t succeed, we owe it to ourself to know what freedome is all about. Freedome is personal responsibility and self control, Ron Paul fights for the very freedome the old had taken from us, keep the fire of freedome alive, learn from our founders and never fall asleep defending the Rebulic that was given to us. Ron Paul the SAGE of my generation. Congratulation for winning the straw poll in CA.

  • r3volution

    Lets see the mainstream media ignore this.

    RON PAUL 2012 Glcan I get a hell yeah??

  • Tim H

    Paul is the only one making any sense! Remove all the troops we have around the world. End the idiot drug war. And we will have a surplus of cash, and America can start to be the place it should be!

  • GamingLogics

    please all you vote ron, Its great supporting him but you need to take your time out and vote for him in 2012.

  • Bob C.

    hey Chris, can’t say it any better, so I just gave you a thumbs up

    833 ballots, or 833,000 ballots, I see it as a snap shot of what the bigger picture is, but I never fully trust polls I can vote in
    but a win is a win, I’ll take as many as I can for Ron Paul.

    • Chris I

      Thanks Bob. Just like so many others did in 2008 for Obama, I may have my emotional moment in 2012 and cry if we finally get him elected.

  • WasaluRonPaul

    i’m chanting ron paul’s name while watching this. 😀 best video of ron ever!