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Watch the complete Fox News/Google Republican Debate in Florida, Orlando:

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum


  • Liberluvr

    My letter to Jon Stewart after watching this fiasco of a debate:

    Dear Mr. Stewart (or Jon Stewart’s little helpers),

    Regardless of how much or little you agree with his views, thank you for showing much more respect to Ron Paul the man than his own party does.

    As a recovering “neocon”, thanks to the constitutional enlightenment of men like Ron Paul, while I have not bought into the “Fair and balanced” slogan of Fox News for awhile now, nevertheless, I was stilled shocked by how obvious they allowed themselves to be in their bias during tonight’s Republican debate in Florida hosted by them and Google. Ron Paul was not merely treated like a crazy old uncle, but was treated like that long-gone deceased uncle the family pretends never existed, you know, the one with a drinking problem who’d dress his pet monkey in a little ballerina outfit and beat into oblivion with a stick (old “Jerky Boys” joke).

    Though Ron Paul wins all the online polls, and took at least 3rd in recent New Hampshire polls, Ron Paul was given less opportunities to speak tonight than all of the other candidates, and when he was given an opportunity, with the exception of one time when they begrudgingly deferred to him on a fiscal economics question (something he supposedly knows nothing about according to the all-knowing Bill O’Reilly), he got nothing but a couple “gotcha” questions, while all of the pet issues which he championed long before anyone else on that stage ever knew or comprehended them were directed to the other candidates, without anyone giving Ron Paul a word on the matter let alone even a nod of acknowledgment.

    This intentional bypassing of Ron Paul the candidate and the plagiaristic hijacking of some of his views tonight was shockingly evident. And now after the debate, Fox News then has the gall to proceed to ask the question “Who won the debate?”, while hoping that no one who watched the debate was sufficiently aware of how it much it was rigged to reply with the question, “Which candidates did Fox News actually allow to debate?”. If Fox News were honest, they’d simply ask, “Who had the best hair tonight? Romney, Bachmann, or Perry?”

    In short, if/when you interview Ron Paul on your show again or present a piece about him, perhaps a follow-up to your last hilarious piece regarding the media’s treatment of Ron Paul as a 13th floor would work very well. I mean, if the media in general has treated Ron Paul like a 13th floor, then Fox News in particular has treated him as if a 13th floor is a kooky figment of someone’s imagination who no doubt must also be a socialist or hemp-wearing libertarian. Above all, it would make for a great hit piece against Fox News (which I know you would like), with the exception that unlike all of their hits on Ron Paul, your hit piece would be truly “fair and balanced”. Fox News (with the exception of John Stossel and the Judge in my opinion) is well overdue for a serious whuppin. I hope you unleash hell on them.

    Best of luck to you and your great show!

  • Kim

    Dr. Paul, take a day off and get some sleep! You look worn out and dead tired.

    Great showing!!! If only they would have shown you more…

  • miltonfreidman
  • miltonfreidman

    I’m glad Ron got short concise good responses. He clearly won the debate. With the online community playing such an important communication device between the nation’s truth, it’s getting harder for the corrupt media to keep a lid on their b%$hit. Ron birthed topics tonight, hence the question of ‘the fed’ at all! He didn’t get to comment, BUT he created that awareness.

  • Debbie

    What a waste of time! It was mostly a two-person debate between Romney and Perry. Actually more of a “You said this…but then you said that” quarrel. I felt embarrassed at the juvenile posturing of these two. Yea, it’s so obvious that the media is deliberately giving Ron Paul as little exposure as possible. And the evident plagiarizing of Ron Paul’s ideas is appalling. It saddens me that people are taken in by Perry and Romney.

  • I just donated $25 to his campaign -> first time I have ever donated to a political body before and I’m 37!

    I’ve known about and been listening to Dr. Paul for over a decade thanks to alternative news outlets and he says the same thing now as he has back then.

    Go Ron Paul 2012!

    Down with Obama!
    Down with Rino’s!

  • ridehard

    No surprise that Fox wants to shut him out of the debates. Ron Paul advocates bringing our troops home were they belong. Fox News is obvious in their Pro war stance,that they have it inbedded in their headlines and articles. When was the last time they had a anti-war columnist on their payroll. So much for being fair and balanced. I would like to know how the FCC can justify renewing their liscense every year.

  • JR Miller

    Why does Fox have this creeps talking over the debate? Ron Paul gets less time and still gets more energy from the crowd. I vote for him all the way.

  • Screw fox news! Ron Paul is the only real legit candidate! That was predictable though that fox news was going to screw him over! I pray for this world because it is going to be screwed! Ron Paul for president I still believe he is number one the media just does not want to show it. The other candidates didn’t even want him to talk they wouldn’t mention his name because he would go harder about anything than all them together. As i listen to them talk about the debate right now they are still not talking about Ron Paul. This is highly disappointing!

  • Liberluvr

    Yet again in tonight’s debate, handled by “Fair and Balanced” Fox News this time, Ron Paul is given less opportunities to speak than all the other candidates, and when he is, he gets nothing but “gotcha” questions, while all of the pet issues which he championed before anyone else on that stage ever knew or comprehended them are directed to the other candidates. The intentional bypassing of Ron Paul the man and the plagiaristic hikacking of some of his views tonight was shockingly evident. And now we will hear Fox News ask, “Who won the debate?”, hoping that no one watching is sufficiently aware of what was going to ask, “Which candidates did Fox News actually allow to debate?”

  • Jean-François

    maybe Ron should bring a pillow and a hammock next time and ask them to wake him up when the “debate” is over.

  • Jim

    I love Ron Paul but he really needs to step up and show come authority

  • Teesa

    Do what Abe Lincoln did to win….

    • Iggy

      Or like the classic Mountain Dew commercial….”Would the good people like a reply……….I SAID WOULD THE GOOD PEOPLE LIKE A REPLY!!!”

      I would LOVE to see Ron do this to all of them!!! 😀

  • Iggy

    Again….they are not asking Ron questions. RON JUST BUTT IN AND SPEAK UP AND SHOW SOME PASSION!!!

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!

  • Russ Watson


    Your answer in tonight’s debate on abortion was awesome.

    You are the man, and I hope you win the nomination and crush Obama.

    Thank you,

  • rosie cabral

    Ron Paul has my vote all the way. I love you ron paul!! Bring freedom back to america!!

  • Jim

    Im surprised nobody went after Michelle Bachmann on Cuba. Yes, they are on the state sponsor of terrorism list I doubt she can tell why.

  • Chris Cringe

    this debate make me sick, the pretty boy comedy two man show. Fox is the perfect fictional news channel

  • Gin

    Yes he would.

  • Russell Lampe

    Would Ron Paul approve of suspending the minimum wage for a small startup business for perhaps the first two years?