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Watch the complete Fox News/Google Republican Debate in Florida, Orlando:

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum


  • picainches

    Ron Paul and Herman Cain. We need more focus on them!

  • bigfatjohn120

    It is cheaper for china to send a new tv then for me to fix it.
    There is your problem

    • Keep It Real

      It was cheaper for the Soviets to make a TV than for US to fix one as well, but back then, we actually OPPOSED communism, rather than prop it up by allowing our corporations to move there, use slave labor, and then buying all their products.

  • KronosDeret

    wow nobody is answering any questions … are those people populistic politicians or what?

  • g3xter2

    I do not understand why people in the US equate patriotism with voting Republican when all they ever stood for is making the rich even richer, making the poor poorer, destroying the middle class, justifying unnecessary wars with fear-mongering on propaganda channels like FOX and dividing people in their own country.

    If you are not a billionaire or CEO of an arms or oil company, a private defense contractor, a bank or an investor or the like, I see no reason to represent any conservative values.

  • TwistedMind6969

    FUCKING republicans. Put them in a pit and light them on fire!

  • curtb47

    You are not going to create any jobs by lowering taxes….I represent the middleclass and I have no money to spend…I’m underwater with the house and my credit cards are maxed…So those employees will not have anything to do….

  • bigfatjohn120

    No one ever has hired my because taxes are low

  • auriskv

    I’m a little sad to see where this whole thing is deteriorating. Paul is the only candidate who seems relatively truthful. I support his abortion policy but everyone else seems to be just playing the “Let’s bash obama for applause lines” game. I really don’t like any of them. Romney isn’t sticking to what he did best in MA which a lot of people remember him for here, which was his health care plan, and Caine just made up the whole healthcare death thing.

  • bigfatjohn120

    Cut my taxes all you want, I don’t pay taxes because there is NO BUSINESS not because taxes are high

  • TheFunnyManHQ

    Dont just cut taxes for Middle Class, cut ALL TAXES. The best thing would to do away with Income Tax (so ppl will be more motivated to work harder bc they KEEP their earned money) and make/increase CONSUMPTION tax.

  • justicetruth84

    Empty slogans from Republicans…remember they had 8 years of republican government and they never done any of what they are saying…same ole liars.

  • dogfat69

    we need more focus on illegals in america, “dick perry” was disappointing in the issue. more deportation of illegals and fine their employers. theses are american issues that can’t be done by weak hearts!!!

  • bigfatjohn120

    Why did the goverment crash along with the economy?
    Less spending less job I get that.
    Why did the goverment start to fail at the same time?
    We bailed out companys but not anymore, so why is goverment spend up so much or did govement lose it revenue some how?

  • bcg72

    Welcome Ron Paul zombies.

  • justicetruth84

    Romney says they are the only people who put their hand on heart when their national anthem is played.

    I say Mr. Romney! you are FOS!

  • skinnerrr

    nutt66 is right. Tax cuts don’t create jobs. Demand does.

  • writergarrett

    I will not vote for Perry.
    I will not vote for Romney.
    I will not engage in Texan declarations of victory.
    Nor will I live in Bullshit.
    Therefore I will vote for Herman I-know-what-the-fuck-i’m-doin Cain.
    Love ya Newt but you dede scuzza-fucked us
    and I can scarce find the Santorum fans,
    And if I thought auditing the Fed and withdrawing from Afghanistan where the driving force fo politics, I’d be a ron paul fan,
    fuck yeah Bachmann. I mean I’m Gay, but I can settle.

  • OrdoMallius

    And people say google and youtube don’t spy on your internet activities…

  • nutt66

    TAX CUTS DO NOT create jobs (they will save ALL the money), because it does not increase demand; to say otherwise is economically illogical

  • skinnerrr

    Argument of someone between you and your doctor. UHrm isn’t that what an insurance company is. They tell me what doctors I can see and what drugs I can buy. Doctor has no say. Doctor recommends one drug insurance company pays for another guess what drug you get.