Watch the Full Fox News/Google GOP Debate

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Watch the complete Fox News/Google Republican Debate in Florida, Orlando:

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum


  • cykoaudio777

    after watching these debates isn’t it obvious to you all that ALL the candidates answer questions like politicians,fake & hiding something??except for Ron Paul & Herman Cain(Johnson too,but he shouldn’t even be here,he’s just robbing votes from Paul)..Paul is the only one,& Cain,who answer like real ppl,with firm grasp & knowledge of the issues & not trying to score political points..If y’all are paying attention & don’t see Paul/Cain have best knowledge of subjects,ur lying to yourself

  • amanda0493

    I honestly pray for the viewers that eat up all the medias shit. I feel bad that, while I’m free to think for myself, they are being controlled like puppets. Thank goodness I don’t rely on the media to get my information. I research and find facts through the internet. That’s how I know that Ron Paul is the best choice for president in 2012.

  • PeaceProfit

    Suits & Ties Experts one and all blah blah blah on YT & TV, Got it all figured out dump more money on the wealthy, Suits crushing the people to bailout out their mess, Experts one and all at O.P.M. Chess, Blue tie you feel good Red tie your scared to shit, Blah blah blah just keep sucking corporate tit, Media suits, Government suits representing who and what, Those who wear suits while kicking your butt, With O.ther P.eoples M.oney & Global Chess, Suits addicted to their O.P.M. Mess.

  • LXBD

    These people will always tell us what we want to hear 😀

  • PistolPackingPatriot

    Ron Paul by a landslide. No one else says anything of substance.

  • s3thknuckl3s

    GO RON PAUL!!!!

  • Flash3Francisco

    Its clear that Ron Paul isn’t liked by the media because he exposes everyone and everything he feels is wrong.

  • nodnarbh9011

    Haha she loves to try though! You can’t ask her a question without the answer having “united states” in it at least once

  • zapproowsdower

    My goodness, they must think their viewers are unfathomably stupid. Last debate, they have twice as many questions to Perry as any other candidate. Below him, Romney. Below him, Bachmann.

    The favoratism they are employing is blatant! They’re not even fucking trying to hide it.

    Wait… isn’t that illegal? Essentially giving uneven airtime to candidates?

  • rocky19421

    All of this is fine and good. What I wanna know is:
    Where do they stand on the California desert tortoises? Hengh?

  • AntiYouist

    I’ve been a registered Republican for 50 years, but I don’t like what they are doing. They are more concerned about getting Obama out of office than with people they claim to represent. Both mean spirited and cruel and as much as am embarrassment to the Party as those people who booed that soldier. For the first time in 5 decades, i cannot in good conscious give the party I belong to my vote.

  • zapproowsdower

    Is that moderator… human?

  • marqann

    Michelle Bachman still can’t say “united”..really funny

  • mamaschristmasbunny

    This guy on Fox acting as the master of ceremonies is about as plastic as my bank card or Sean Hannity or whatever costs one more to draw their worth from there.

  • TheFreakUnleashed14

    I think smaller class sizes in school really do make a difference. It’s not to hire more teachers… Oh those tricky teachers

  • gd129

    If anyone like me is tired of hearing nuanced facts, raucous pep rally applause from fanboy audiences or constant political BS go over to Politifact and they have a lot of these claims sorted out.
    For instance Romney’s JFK era government expenditure claim is an adjusted fact, Perry seems to lie a lot, Bachman’s family got money from farm subsidies, Obama was against Bush raising the debt ceiling and Obamacare was based off of Romney’s Mass. health care plan.

  • MetaIhead89

    747 likes are for Ron Paul, and the 740 dislikes are for Rick Perry, Romney, and Bachmann.

  • tonycervel

    This was an hour of Perry’s book vs. Romney’s book and Fox self-advertising and patting themselves on the back for how interactive and awesome their debate is. Some other candidates said some interesting things, too bad they haven’t been pre-chosen as the Republican nominee by the media or maybe they’d get more time.

    My question for these candidates: Why can’t we just stop BSing everyone for five minutes and get our shit together?

  • TheFreakUnleashed14

    love the highest rated comments

  • panchonmacho6711

    I respect Mr.Perry, because he stands up for what he believes”, even when his party disagrees”
    I’m a registered independent , and have voted for republicans and democrats , you can’t be to conservative, you will loose the
    Independent voters! and Election.