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Watch the complete Fox News/Google Republican Debate in Florida, Orlando:

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum


  • California for RON PAUL!!!

  • What a frothy pile of christian crap is Rick Santorum.

  • America , wake up .
    Greeting from the sucessful Germany!

    BTW : Thanks for the foreign aid ! U bunch of dumb Bachmanns!

  • I really like John Hunstman, he seems very smart and his ideas are much more moderate than the rest of the clowns vying for the Republican nomination (Ron Paul isn’t too bad either). It’s all the divisiveness being spewed by the other nominees that really speaks about the issue with this country. We are Americans, not Democrats of Republicans. Extremism is tearing this country apart, it’s sad to be honest. It’s also sad Huntsman probably won’t be nominated.

  • Newt: Your book tour turned accidental presidential campaign is over. Now return to your cave, pig.

  • people have been fighting over the “promised land” for thousands of years. lets stop.

  • You stupid Americans we all know Romney is gonna win the republican election. US is doomed if he become president the Americans are not going to do what is best for the country by electing Ron Paul but hey they have done this multiple times and im so sickand tired of this WHY cant you just accept the facts that Paul was right about the war and that he predicted the economic crisis.Hes the only person that knows how to get the economy back on track.Romney is gonna win and then the US is DOOMED!!

  • That teacher hit em hard lol. My mom gave up on teaching… system is fucked.

  • lol we’re not gonna raise taxes. dumbshit. yeah we have to dumbasses. 17trillion dollars and they are like nah we don’t need to raise taxes or nuthin. nah we can just cut education or national parks. cant get rid of homeland security. cant decrease military spending…. DERRRR

  • perry is a monkey….


  • love you ron paul. they set you up with the perfect question for your first. debate didn’t even start until 18 minutes in psh.

  • the unemployment thing was kind of an interesting idea. i still hate you though Newt!

  • No one asked about foreign policy frm ron paul and thats how media motivate people to wrong candidate. I think if he would asked it will be very good and all the american would appreciate it.

  • Ron Paul, good about economics, bad obout external politics. It’s an american suicide.

  • Ron Paul, good about economics, bad obout external politics. It’s an american suicide.

  • Ron Paul for the win 🙂

  • Check out the new LMB blog taking on Newt for bitching about anti christian bigotry

  • the republicans goin 2 destroying this country, they keep saying they love American but there the only ones that keep putting us in this situation, and there talkin about war again when the troops coming home they want to send them back

  • I really hate that socialist has become a dirty word. Is this the 1950’s? I though McCarthyism was done, and we didn’t have to live with alarmist lunatics running the country. I’m voting for Obama. I almost voted for McCain last time and I thought I’d look at the other guys again and hear what they had to say, but it’s just the same old thing. It’s just rich old men trying to preserve the status quo for a few more years. It’s so obvious that their all just not in touch with the people or reality