Watch the Full Fox News/Google GOP Debate

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Watch the complete Fox News/Google Republican Debate in Florida, Orlando:

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum


  • FatBird11

    The powers that be do not want Ron Paul in. He talks about “insane” things like auditing the crooked, money-manipulating villains at the Federal Reserve. That’s something that NONE of the other candidates will talk about.

  • txjcarroll

    Why did the commentators receive the same applause as the candidates? And did anyone else think Perry seemed “cartoonish” ?

  • Superhero18

    Now, at the same time I’m not a Libertarian. And here’s why: We as Americans have been co-opted by Wall Street and Corporate interests, both Liberals and Republicans have come to this conclusion. A question: Why is this? Were we not a Constitutional Republic? What happened? Simply put, defending the virtues of Liberty were too tiring for the Founders’s children(us). We’re much too interested in our Public Lives to be engaged in the Political State. Only when there are economic downturns

  • scttmsn735

    Michelle Bachmann never says anything substantial- I wish she would quit throwing jabs at Obama and focus more on the future. Romney is easily the best candidate, in my opinion.

  • jacobdongon

    all apple laptops…. nice…

  • juancruz1992

    Ron Pual owned this debate

  • sweetthing044

    Get rid of illuminati, New World Order, Marshal law, sharia law for creeping in the USA. Get rid of illegals who are taking the American people jobs, free money to illegals. Government stop spending on vacancy vacation . Get rid of terrorist camps on our soil. Stop giving our money to terrorist in Islamic countries. Get China out of America. Stop getting involved in giving Israel land away to terrorist. We are to protect Israel not destroy it.

  • IansProdDeluxe

    OBAMA 12′!

  • Saebeck32

    Are all republicans nuts??? The crowd really booed a US soldier just because he’s gay?!? How about the last debate when the crowd cheered the notion of letting a man die because he doesn’t have health insurance… christian of them.

  • fntsmk

    Remember folks, Huntsman’s tax plan: 8-14-23. Cain’s tax plan 9-9-9. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson’s tax plans: 0–0-Fair (consumption) Tax! Only the IRS and a legion of CPA’s and Tax Attorneys could be against a Paul / Johnson tax plan!

  • IansProdDeluxe

    I cant vote but I really hope Ron Paul wins

  • lutollo

    seems as though folks don’t want us to remember it was a Republican that drove this country into the drain…economically speaking…What is that: selective amnesia?

  • fntsmk

    Yep, there’s a LOT of fat cats making lot’s of dough selling war material. Can’t sell war material if we don’t have a war! See why the Politicians and the people who buy them want us to be the policemen of the world?

  • moontooth

    Donate to Ron Paul they can try but they can’t stop an idea whose time has come. “Legalize Freedom”

  • arenablanca22

    Unintentional humor at 17:40:
    Ron Paul: (Answers the question precisely and correctly, to polite clapping.)
    Chris Wallace: Wouldn’t you like to add some grandstanding to that?
    Ron Paul: (Adds grandstanding. Crowd goes wild.)



  • paulvulf

    The rent is too damn high!

  • onegoldengraham

    Herman Cain is easily the best republican candidate here. He is fully prepared for all of his questions, and as i see it, the only man who is fit to be in the oval office. He not your stereotypical “politician.” He has feasible, no-nonsense plans to help the economy and in turn, America as a whole. Plus, imagine this: a REAL Black man as President! I only wish he had more support, instead of the other white-washed candidates such as Romney, Perry, and Huntsman (to name a few…)

  • skylitcemetery

    I’m generally a liberal but I like Ron Paul. He just answers the questions straight, no political bullshit answers.

  • pureaggression

    PAUL/JOHNSON 2012 ! every other single character up there is fake and would say anything to get a vote. America can only be fooled for so long.