Ron Paul: A Veteran’s Best Friend

Today, the Ron Paul 2012 Presidential campaign released its latest television ad . The 60-second spot entitled ‘A Veteran’s Best Friend’ highlights Paul’s military service and unrivaled commitment to veterans.

“Dr. Paul has a long record in Congress as a strong advocate for veterans and issues important to them, particularly in making sure that they receive recognition for the sacrifices they’ve made in service to our country,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

The ad is the first in what will be a $1 million television push over the next few weeks. It is scheduled to air nationally on the FOX News Channel during debate coverage and run heavily in New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina on broadcast and cable. At this stage in the primary election cycle few other campaigns have the ability to make an ad push of this scale, putting the Paul campaign in elite company.

Regarding the campaign’s ad push Benton went on to say:

“Our campaign is seeing growing momentum now and is doing this ad blitz to cement ourselves in the top tier. We’ve seen Dr. Paul’s poll numbers steadily increase, with strong showings in recent New Hampshire and Iowa polls, as well as strong head-to-head showings versus President Obama.”

As a presidential candidate, Congressman Paul has garnered more donations from active-duty military than all of the other Republican presidential candidates combined, and more than President Obama as well. Paul’s consistent adherence to Constitutional principles regarding American foreign policy, and his calls to bring the troops home in order to defend the country as opposed to spending trillions policing and nation-building in foreign lands has gained him wide support among veterans and active military alike.


Joe R. Pena: We arrived in Vietnam in September, September the 14th.

Rene Reyes: We were fighting what was called the Viet Cong.

Joe R. Pena: They broke through our lines and we had to go hand-to-hand with them.

Rene Reyes: I was one of 9 out of 65 that came back after a whole year, and that’s hard to forget.

Joe R. Pena: We had 75 killed, 115 wounded.

Rene Reyes: Vietnam was hell.

Joe R. Pena: We had never been been thanked for our service. Never. Congressman Ron Paul got my medals for me and presented them to me, and that was an awesome feeling.

Rene Reyes: People break down and cry, because they’re [finally] getting the medals that they deserved.

Joe R. Pena: It takes a veteran to understand a veteran, and he is a veteran himself.

Rene Reyes: Ron Paul is a veteran’s best friend.

Joe R. Pena: He said, “Thank you for your service”, and shook our hand, and gave us a hug. That will always be there.

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    Its funny how we get flagged for spam when we post “ron paul 2012” or anything positive about him, i think FOX news panel is flaggins our comments lol


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    What happened to that debate about “American imperialism” in the early 20th century….

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    Don’t worry people Ron Paul is going to be President, and never doubt it

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    Killing babies, children, families, dreams, & traditions around the world is not the american way. Ron Paul will stop it. Give him the power. what goes around, comes around. give freedom a chance. Vote Ron Paul 2012.

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    WHAT THE FUCK! The media is some serious shit. Giving Ron Paul only like 3 questions. What the fuck is this bullshit. Fox news does not support the freedom of choice on candidates they just point out who they want for president. What a set up. Fox news tools!

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    No matter how hard the media tries to make Ron Paul look bad, his common sense, honesty, and logic will always prevail. The more they deliberately ignore, subliminally insult, or try to make him look stupid, the more people see who the real idiots are. Ron Paul is our last hope – no other candidate will change anything. Ron Paul 2012

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    These men were spit on by there own countrymen and called “Babykillers” They fought a war that was not their own. Now another generation is doing the same thing. Thank God they do not receive the same treatment. Ron Paul cannot end the fed immediatly as he would like. He WILL end these bullshit wars. He will save american lives, and improve our ability to trade around the world. With a good start, we can work on ending the fed.Ron Paul 2012! Wake The Hell Up!!!!!

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    Well said, Fox is a fucking joke. They gave Dr. Paul 2 minutes to speak, 1 question is about abortion. Fucking disgrace media

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    paul rocked that question!

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    GIVE RON PAUL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I’m a registered Democrat and I’m switching to Ron Paul!

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    The fox news debate is stupid and corrupt. Paul’s gotten to speak for like two minutes and Perry’s gotten to speak for like 20. The media is a dictatorship.

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    Asking Ron Paul about abortion?!!!! COME ON!!!!!

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    Ask Ron the foreign policy questions!!!!!

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    ronpaul2012. com donate his campaign now

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    Thank you for your service

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    They don’t even question Ron as the ONLY candidate with military service with his position on National security and foreign policy!? this whole debate is a farce, Just another Romney/Perry fuckfest as usual.

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    fox news might as well have a 10ft stage the way they oggle romney and perry