Ron Paul Opens Campaign Office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Audience: 850

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  • and hello from Oklahoma.

  • and hello from Oklahoma.

  • way to go!

  • way to go!

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  • If you watch him when he is on they are not throwing soft ball questions he gets questions that are dealing with difficult stuff. And also watfch how many questions he fields in his time in front the camera the others talk so slow and do their best to draw time they just can’t possibly field as many questions and don’t open themselves up to as many questions at the level Dr Paul is questioned. Ron Paul 2012


  • That is surprising. We need him to win, when he speaks I can tell he is the only real chance we all have to stop this rot.

  • If you know your local Ron Paul HQ contact information start posting it where people that will make a difference can get their ducks in a row and seat nothing but constitutional candidates it is the only way we can end the puppet show AKA INSIDE THE BELTLOOP.I say Hey hey ho ho End the belt loop puppet show hey hey ho ho Ron Paul is the way to go.Hey hey ho ho End the belt loop puppet show hey hey ho ho Ron Paul is the way to go. Ron Paul 2012 !

  • Ron Paul Baton Rouge 7047 Jefferson Hwy 70806. (225)532/3063 If you want to vote for Ron Paul in the up comming caucas vote you must be registerd as a Republican call your local Ron Paul HQ they have the election answers you need. I was able to register last night online 10 min.Elect Ron Paul and watch how fast the Libertarian paty seats congressmen? If you want real leadership and wish to end the puppet show elect the only true constitutional candidate that has a chance Ron Paul 2012.

  • Ron Paul passionately excoriates preemptive war doctrine – wants the US out of the UN – wants the elimination of the Federal Reserve – resists the globalist agenda – Objects to US forces occupying over 100 countries – calls for an end to unnecessary foreign aid – Supports the right to keep and bear arms, homeschooling, and the Sanctity of Life Act. He’ll close the borders, He’s the CHAMPION of the CONSTITUTION who has my vote! I sent MONEY!

  • Look up (2008 MSNBC Fl republican Debate Part 7 and pay attention to the 6:00 minute mark, as this will show Romney’s true colours, as he truly doesn’t care about what the people think . Listen to his own words and tell me what you think. I have viewed 100’s of hours and found this jem. Go Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!

  • My life is great, man, and you have no right to assume otherwise.

  • My life is great, man, and you have no right to assume otherwise.

  • – but you live in louisiana, that’s why… travel to modern blue states, then you’ll quickly see why… you are caught in a red state… go to canada, geesh, go to norway… see how people live much better lives.

  • Ron Paul’s “Black THIS Out! Money Bomb” – October 19th

    Pledge at Blackthisout (DOT) com

    + 8000 pledges so far!

  • Ron Paul & Kuchinich 2012!Ron Paul & Denis Kuchinich 2012!

  • Hadn’t thought of that, great plan to spread the message but it might also be counter productive.

    As Ron Paul’s message is a great one, the only threat of him not winning is alienating possible voters who aren’t already fans of him.

    I hoenstly believe that spreading his name by vandalizing dollar bills will be spread as counter productive and used against him.

    I support your enthusiasm to help his campaign, just not in a destructive way.

    Please think on what I’ve said.


  • If you are a DEMOCRAT who wants to vote for RON PAUL in the primary, you need to switch to REPUBLICAN very soon before your VOTE IS DISQUALIFIED. Check your STATE LAWS regarding changing parties and make sure you do it in enough time before the PRIMARY. If your state has “OPEN” primaries then you don’t need to but you should MAKE SURE you find out. Find out where to go to vote and when. Do YOUR part and Ron will do HIS. COPY AND PASTE, VOTE UP please; and THANK YOU for helping spread awareness.