Ron Paul Post-Debate Interview With Sean Hannity

  • “Theyre fighting a war against western values”

    ??????? lets go to war now bs


  • Good interview. Nice to see a fair conversation.

  • Civil liberties will be gone if any other republican wins, besides Huntsman but hes irrelevant now. Obama on the other hand will not take your liberties. If youre referring to the most recent National Defense Act, keep in mind that EVERY power described in the act was already in place for years, but this Act just formalized it with congress. Before that it was still part of presidential authority. If youre referring to the mandate, keep in mind their are others. License to drive for example, etc

  • We’ve given them $3billion a year, 70% of that is spent on their military. Its time they take matters into their own hands and stop running to us for back up. Ron Paul was 100% accurate with his 1998 predictions and he only warned everyone for everyones own good hes the only one who does this because he cares If we listened to him then we wouldnt be in Afgan now and I dont think people arguing against that have a leg to stand on


  • In 1998 RP very clearly predicted our involvement in the Middle East will not help national defense but only jeopardize it and increase the likelihood of a terrorist attack on US soil Iran is not a threat and do not have nukes just the same way Iraq did not yet people fall for the same lies twice Iran have even said they have more sense to attack a country that has 300 nukes and is allied to the US Israel is just playing the victim so we cna go fight their wars

  • So by Hannity’s definition…If the leader of a foreign country does not adopt “western morals and values”, they are waging war against us. My neighbor has been married and divorced four times. He does not have my moral fiber. He is waging war against me. He must be stopped.

  • Civil liberties will be gone if he doesn’t get elected TRUTH RULES .

  • This guy represent FOX and he was unrespectful to Ron Paul we can feel it.

  • Hey Sean, maybe if you weren’t such a hypocrite, the good doctor might see you!

  • You can tell Ron Paul was pissed during this interview, and for good reason.

  • It’s a sick train of thought to look at a country that “may” be a threat to us, and say, “We gotta invade and bomb these guys because they are a possible threat to us.” How can anyone think invading a country that has done no harm to you is DEFENDING yourselves? This is what all republicans are saying, except the smartest one, Ron Paul. They also just keep ignoring the fact that these wars are in violation of the American constitution, invading countries with no declaration of war and all.