Ron Paul in Fifth Place at Presidency 5 Straw Poll in Florida

Ron Paul came in a strong fifth at the Republican Party of Florida’s Presidency 5 straw poll in Orlando, Florida. After winning last week’s California straw poll with 44.9% of the vote, the Congressman did not make a personal appearance at this weekend’s “GOP establishment” event as he had traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Friday to open a new campaign office and speak to a massive crowd of supporters at Louisiana State University.

The Presidency 5 straw poll was overwhelmingly won by former Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Chairman Herman Cain, who convincingly edged out former frontrunner Rick Perry. Perry had poured massive resources into the straw poll, hoping to prove that his campaign was not going down in flames after his disastrous performance in Thursday’s Google / Fox News debate. Even though the Texas governor ended up with only 15.4% of the vote, he did manage to narrowly beat his rival Mitt Romney, who gained 14%.

P5 Straw Poll Full Results (Votes, %)

  1. Herman Cain (986, 37.1%)
  2. Rick Perry (410, 15.4%)
  3. Mitt Romney (372, 14%)
  4. Rick Santorum (289, 10.9%)
  5. Ron Paul (276, 10.4%)
  6. Newt Gingrich (224, 8.4%)
  7. Jon Huntsman (60, 2.3%)
  8. Michele Bachmann (40, 1.5%)


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  • ray

    To: Jessie Benton, et al
    If ever Ron Paul has a chance to fatally wound Newt, it is by simply going after Newt’s puppeteer SHELDON ADELMAN!
    In quick 30 second ads:
    (slow zoom onto a pic of “sleazy looking” Sheldon Adelman with his much younger-looking, blond showgirl third wife–Miriam)
    Audio: This Las Vegas couple, having made their billions from Las Vegas vice, is now betting 10 million dollars, on Newt Gingrich’s power grab for The Presidency of your country.
    American Voters! Please! Just Google Newt Gingrich’s Puppeteer, Sheldon Adelson. Research how he got his billions— also Adelson’s obsession for war with Iran and also who Sheldon’s puppeteer is?
    Then ask yourself, “What will Adelson demand in return on his investment—once he has bought the White House for his puppet, Newt Gingrich?”
    And what a bombshell of an Ad! It will be played over by every media outlet in the country —it will go viral! And Ron will lose the Jewish vote–of which he now has a fart in a wind storm’s chance of getting, but he will get (see latest CBS poll) the attention of the 81% of Americans– Against War with Iran!
    There’s the Achilles Heel, of EVERY candidate—including Obama; all, so obsessed with that Miami vote that they are all getting sucked into untenable bellicose positions on IRAN. Ron can exploit what appears his weakness by attacking Adelson. The cards will fall where they may and he will gain a huge new following; from Right, Left and Middle.
    I was a Dr. Paul fan until others, in his name, started backing down on “…no more aid to Israel” Paul’s once candid honesty suddenly turned into a Romney like, flip-flop.
    This soon-to-be Israeli/US War on Iran this so needed debate and conversation can only begin with ex-soldier/doctor Dr. Paul’s courage (through attacks on Adelson/Gringrich) to reach out to the 81% not just that 2 ½% of Zionist Fifth-Columnist, who, with the infiltration of AI PAC’s Fein, Schiff plus Armageddon/Wead into your campaign, has of now virtually taken control of every single candidate’s Mid East Policy, including Obama’s.
    Taking on the US/Zionist warmongers will not win Paul the Presidency but alerting, bringing it into the debate could avoid The (Do No Harm) Doctor and all you volunteers and staff to forever carry, the blood of thousand of our boys and girls plus hundreds of thousands of innocent Iranians… why? Because you, (all of you?) like good German soldiers, said nothing.

  • paul1967

    read this…..

    I lived in NH most of my life. Over half the population of NH lives within the Boston MA media market or in a county that borders or is very close to MA. In my town, just 20 minutes from Boston, our biggest “local” newspaper came out of MA, our most popular radio stations were direct from Boston and our local news came from Boston as well. Possibly as much as 65%-75% of the population of NH is influenced by the Boston media market and with Romney being the governor there much of NH was inundated with news about him for years and years and early primary polls like this have a lot to do with simple name recognition at this point. The “Live Free or Die” mentality wasn’t something I noticed much living on the border, but was CLEARLY evident when I went to central or northern NH for any reason.

    All that being said, once the people of NH start hearing about Ron Paul more after an Iowa win and a non-stop presence in the state from the 3rd-10th, I think there is major potential for the state to swing to Ron Paul, especially in the northern counties with less MA influence.

  • JohnWheeler
  • JohnWheeler