Ron Paul in Fifth Place at Presidency 5 Straw Poll in Florida

Ron Paul came in a strong fifth at the Republican Party of Florida’s Presidency 5 straw poll in Orlando, Florida. After winning last week’s California straw poll with 44.9% of the vote, the Congressman did not make a personal appearance at this weekend’s “GOP establishment” event as he had traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Friday to open a new campaign office and speak to a massive crowd of supporters at Louisiana State University.

The Presidency 5 straw poll was overwhelmingly won by former Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Chairman Herman Cain, who convincingly edged out former frontrunner Rick Perry. Perry had poured massive resources into the straw poll, hoping to prove that his campaign was not going down in flames after his disastrous performance in Thursday’s Google / Fox News debate. Even though the Texas governor ended up with only 15.4% of the vote, he did manage to narrowly beat his rival Mitt Romney, who gained 14%.

P5 Straw Poll Full Results (Votes, %)

  1. Herman Cain (986, 37.1%)
  2. Rick Perry (410, 15.4%)
  3. Mitt Romney (372, 14%)
  4. Rick Santorum (289, 10.9%)
  5. Ron Paul (276, 10.4%)
  6. Newt Gingrich (224, 8.4%)
  7. Jon Huntsman (60, 2.3%)
  8. Michele Bachmann (40, 1.5%)


  • PJ

    Just saw this headline at

    Santorum Right About One Thing: Predicts Ron Paul to Win Florida Straw Poll

    Unbelievable! He predicts Ron Paul will win and then comes in ahead of him.

    What a JINX!

  • Adrianne

    I will be taking a picture of my vote.

  • This was truly an upset victory it seems. I figured with all the crowd cheering on Ron Paul he would of won Florida. This is truly an odd strange feeling about this poll. Florida was setup so that Perry could win. Interesting turn of events.

  • catherine

    Herman Cain: “We don’t need to audit the fed because they already have so many internal audits…!” Bwahahahahaha!!! Oh, that’s a good one, Herman! Imagining there were no problems idiologically with the Fed, that’s still like saying “Don’t ask kids in a candy store if they rob because they’ll come out and tell you themselves”. Really, Herman, are you THAT dumb? Just when I was beginning to think our country might have had hope.

  • PJ

    This outcome is a real head-scratcher. You would think that with Herman Cain first, Ron Paul would be in the top 3 along with maybe Bachmann. To me, the order of the candidates is even more puzzling than who won.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • cris

    Herman Cain Exposed… used to be chairman of federal reserve… have a listen..
    they say all winners at Florida end of Presidents… can this be whats in store for 2012?

  • IDontKnow

    Why are you guys surprised Cain won? Its Florida, you know the state that let go Casey Anthony and distributes the most Oxycontin on the planet lol.

  • End the Fed

    “The Presidency 5 straw poll was overwhelmingly won by former Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Chairman Herman Cain, who convincingly edged out former frontrunner Rick Perry.”

    Wow… is that true?
    Herman Cain was the Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve branch?

    Took that from the first sentence of the second paragraph.

  • RonPaul2012alldaylong

    Seriously, Rick Santorum ahead of Ron Paul? I have no place on this earth…

    • Ross Johnson

      There needs to be close scruteny on all polls and the elections since computer polling enables fraud.A cross referencing system like they use on Bitcoin might be the way to go.

    • Joe

      Rick and Rick both beat Ron? The more I think about it and the more I muse over the words said at the debate, I find this straw poll actually ridiculous. Mr. “sex has no place in the military” put his foot permanently in his mouth. He will NEVER be president, because he is just plain not presidential. Not much more than a joke. And Perry, without a doubt, is a pinhead. His deliverance is soooo staged. Did you see the “turn on the puppy dog sentimentality” when they questioned him about the forced HPV injects. I almost puked all over the treadmill i was running on. And after Mitt made him look like a fool, time after time, he still edges him out??? What is going on here? I want to have faith that Americans are really quite clever. However, more and more, it seems nope, no we are not. I guess our brains are too clogged with twinkies, fat, and television waves.

  • Alexa Abrishamian

    I think the Republican Party of Florida has gone nuts!!!! So, their first choice is a former head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City —- oh really!!!! Give me a break. Herman Cain is another neocon front man in the effort to stop Dr. Paul. Cain has displayed on more than one occasion how breath-takingly ignorant he is. And he has expressed a tremendous amount of bigotry toward the Muslim community in the United States. He is no lover of the Constitution or freedom and liberty.

    I am proud to be a Californian because we picked our straw poll winner last week……..Dr. Paul was our pick because we value freedom and liberty out here. That should be the headline………the largest state in the Union picked Ron Paul. Remember, as California goes, so goes the rest of the country.

    Dr. Paul, you are welcome out here any time. We love you in California.

    Burlingame, CA

  • cris

    the 999 plan in the mirror is actually 666

  • I’m happy Cain won and not Perry but why does he get so much more press than Ron Paul did for winning the California straw poll earlier in the week? It’s all over the news and internet celebrating Cain as an emergent candidate but Ron Paul is still the long shot? The media is extremely frustrating.

  • Ross Johnson

    There seems to be a wide variability from State to State.Has anyone taken a national poll to see what the general trend is?

    • John Patrick

      National polls are showing that Perry and Bachmann are flaming out. Romney is the new frontrunner (again) and Ron Paul is the top tier anti-establishment candidate running a solid third, growing, and never losing support. This will give Cain a big boost, but I just can’t see America going for a former Fed guy. There’s too much anti-Fed sentiment for this to become popular.

  • Danny

    I listened to Al Cardenas (CPAC) being interviewed on our local radio station here in Florida. When he mentioned candidates coming to Florida, he never mentioned Ron Paul. Then I saw online that he warned the Ron Paul supporters back in February that he wouldn’t let them disrupt.

    So I wonder if this had anything to do with the results.

  • Liberty

    It seems at every debate Ron Paul is given very few questions to respond to. But, the liberal and conservative media give noticebaly more time to Romney and Perry. Has anyone wondered why the Texas straw poll was canceled? Many Texans don’t approve of Perry’s job. If it was held, it would once again show that Perry should not be take seriously. He state is running a massive deficit. He wanted to run a international highway from Mexico, thru Texas into Canada until it was voted down. It’s highly questionable whether he supports the second amendment. He doesn’t want a fence from Texas to California and he gave in state college tuition to illegals children. He forced twelve year old girls to have a contraversial shot inorder to attend school. What else has he done that we are not aware of as of yet?

    Ron Paul has questioned what the Federal Reserve has done for years. Since Cain at one point worked for the Federal Reserve Bank would a voter also question his involvement in it???

    Ron Paul keep fighting because the U.S. citizens will spread the word that you are the only President that can reverse years of bad legisalation, regulation, and taxes.

  • Honestly

    Seriously, this 2012 administrative team is the last economic hope for the United States and Americans:

    – President Michele Bachmann (Current Chair of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress, and on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that overseas the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. Bachmann is a strong Libertarian-Conservative in a heavily Democrat state)

    – Vice-president Newt Gingrich (Successful Speaker of the House during the 1990s, which is very relevant in the Vice-presidential role of being President of the Senate)

    – Secretary of State Mitt Romney (Businessman and former Governor of Massachusetts making Romney an excellent representative for US Foreign Affairs. Romney is the most left leaning candidate of the GOP candidates)

    – Secretary of Treasury Ron Paul (Career Congressman from the strong GOP state of Texas. Paul is an advocate of reducing government spending and abolishing the Federal Reserve Bank. At the age of 76, Paul will be retiring from congress)

    – Secretary of Commerce Gary Johnson (Businessman and former Governor of New Mexico. Johnson, a strong Libertarian, is an advocate of abolishing the current tax system and implementing a consumption tax)

    – Secretary of Energy Rick Perry (Current Governor of Texas, which produces more energy than any other state and has a GSP that makes it the 11th largest economy in the world. Texas is home to the city of Houston, which is known as the energy capital of the world)

    “Recession is when your neighbor loses his job. Depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Barack Obama loses his.”

    • TeePee

      HELL NO! You can’t mix Ron Paul with the rest. It’s like mixing oil and vinegar!

    • A Regular

      Are you crazy? What are you doing on this site?

  • George Washington


  • Ken

    as much as I respect Herman Cain, i get the feeling that they somehow switched he and Dr. Paul just so he didn’t win another poll. (LOL I know I am a conspiracy freak)

    RON PAUL 2012

    • Barbie

      You’re awesome!

  • Adam

    5th. Ugh, how disappointing! After Cali I would have hoped he would have placed in at least the top three. After Rick Santorum no less. And Florida is such an important state.

  • Come on…who didn’t think Florida wouldn’t rig the Poll? I hope there is some kind of reform to voting process before these liars steel another election.

    • Joe

      I guess this means that Cain will be our next president. Honestly, and I am not trying to be racist here, this may be the only way another black man could hold the white house for a long, long time. Obama has pretty much spoiled if for them, unless they can replace him with someone with integrity. I would really like to understand how these online polls go, are “Paulites” the only ones that know how to use the internet? Or do people really not believe, deep down, the cause for freedom? I don’t want to sound defeatist here, but man… It seems like Ron Paul can draw such huge numbers. DEFEATING numbers, but what happens in these cases? Poor organization? Was this one looked at as a write-off? I know the focus is on Iowa. I guess, all things considered, and the buzz Cain made after this debate that the numbers are pretty correct. He had more time to speak, and he was quite on fire. I did see one funny post about his 999 economic plan, they said “999? Is he going to turn the White House into a pizzaria?” LOL. Anyhow, with only 7-10 minutes to talk in a 2-hour program, can we really say this is a surprise?

      • bringbackamerica

        In Florida you have to be registered as a republican some 5 and a half months in advance and be a delegate to vote in this straw poll. I honestly am puzzled about Cain too, but the rest of it makes sense. But don’t be discouraged. 10% here is really not that bad. He’s only a few percentage points behind the real frontrunners. There must be some explanation for the Cain anomaly. He is polling around 4-5% at best in every poll I’ve seen up to now.