Ron Paul in Fifth Place at Presidency 5 Straw Poll in Florida

Ron Paul came in a strong fifth at the Republican Party of Florida’s Presidency 5 straw poll in Orlando, Florida. After winning last week’s California straw poll with 44.9% of the vote, the Congressman did not make a personal appearance at this weekend’s “GOP establishment” event as he had traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Friday to open a new campaign office and speak to a massive crowd of supporters at Louisiana State University.

The Presidency 5 straw poll was overwhelmingly won by former Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Chairman Herman Cain, who convincingly edged out former frontrunner Rick Perry. Perry had poured massive resources into the straw poll, hoping to prove that his campaign was not going down in flames after his disastrous performance in Thursday’s Google / Fox News debate. Even though the Texas governor ended up with only 15.4% of the vote, he did manage to narrowly beat his rival Mitt Romney, who gained 14%.

P5 Straw Poll Full Results (Votes, %)

  1. Herman Cain (986, 37.1%)
  2. Rick Perry (410, 15.4%)
  3. Mitt Romney (372, 14%)
  4. Rick Santorum (289, 10.9%)
  5. Ron Paul (276, 10.4%)
  6. Newt Gingrich (224, 8.4%)
  7. Jon Huntsman (60, 2.3%)
  8. Michele Bachmann (40, 1.5%)


  • Idris Ali

    I wouldn’t trust Jon Stewart…Just saying…

  • Alan Hahn

    You know what? I love you guys!!!! Peace!

  • Christopher Lee Rock

    It’s alright guys, he’s going to be on the Daily Show on Monday; that will be a huge boost to get his message out there. Florida is a tough state to win and it’s still early in the race.

  • Israel Church

    Dont be fooled again! Vote for Ron this election cycle!

  • Mark TheJman

    Picking and choosing their straw polls, Paul was up in 4 online polls the day after the debate. By wide margins. Fox, daily news, some CNN guys online site and some other site. They are cheating and most of America doesn’t care to open their eyes……smh

  • Victoria Collins

    The GOP is going to have to learn a hard lesson… we’ve had it with their crap.

  • Love Light

    Ron Paul will win as he is a winner. He has already won Florida. Just have to be aware of where you are getting your news. Chin Up!

  • Victoria Collins

    I don’t believe these straw poll numbers can be trusted. It doesn’t matter anyway. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the GOP nomination, I’m writing in his name. I will not vote for status quo, neocon rinos ever again!

  • Merrilee McGough

    So unfortunate. It means that he doesn’t have the GOP backing he needs for the nomination, BECAUSE HE CAN’T BE BOUGHT BY THE GOP…they only want divisive fanatics like Boehner.

  • Anna Bishop

    Freedom is a Cuban battle cry. Overcome their elder’s fears and the state can be won.

  • Chad Revis

    Didnt it cost like 175$ to vote?

  • Henry Martinez

    Florida is important state!

  • Nancy Henderson

    I can’t believe you people believe the main stream media didn’t you see the polling results taken by Fox News Ron Paul won by a Hugh margin and Yahoo also did a poll and the same things. Fox took down the poll and then lied and said Cain won this is a lie. Spread the word. Go to and see the screen shot for yourself and look at my screen shot of yahoo poll

  • Henry Martinez

    I like this Ron Paul guy

  • Anna Bishop

    And obviously the newest immigrants aren’t the ones voting, but they’re extremely grateful to be here so become citizens asap…and then DO vote..their kids (of which I am one) are raised to be extremely patriotic to its not impossible for Paul to appeal to them but as the parents are old, it goes back to their bennies again…

  • Anna Bishop

    According to detailed polls Pauls weakest showing is with retired people…over 55 and above. This should not surprise since Florida is all about that age group..that and Cuban exiles and their offspring. The elderly are afraid of his anti SSI/medicaid pisitions..and Cubans don’t know him. They are also mortified of anything that smells of communism and are very conservative voters, but need a great deal of govt assistance since they emigrate here with very little. Florida is very generous to old people…free medical, nearly free housing, low taxes, etc. Any language against that and they’re going to vote for someone else. So do not expect too much there unless he can overcome their fears of losing govt benefits. I know…my parents are Cuban exiles and im related to probably half the state…8-)

  • Troy Skarlatos

    U know what sucks. is ron paul has to dumb down his message so he can get more votes. Any one who talks about the inflation tax and says the irs doesnt have the right to tax people but they have the guns thats why its law…. obviously is for u and me.. or

  • Richard Fay

    Into glory we shall rise. The media machine will not bring us down!!!!!!!

  • Howie Becker

    Mr. Paul, you are in first place….

  • Derek Koenig

    Its a strong fifth because 2nd through 5th was very close. Too bad maybe 50-100 people more didnt show up or it would have been second