Ron Paul in Fifth Place at Presidency 5 Straw Poll in Florida

Ron Paul came in a strong fifth at the Republican Party of Florida’s Presidency 5 straw poll in Orlando, Florida. After winning last week’s California straw poll with 44.9% of the vote, the Congressman did not make a personal appearance at this weekend’s “GOP establishment” event as he had traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Friday to open a new campaign office and speak to a massive crowd of supporters at Louisiana State University.

The Presidency 5 straw poll was overwhelmingly won by former Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Chairman Herman Cain, who convincingly edged out former frontrunner Rick Perry. Perry had poured massive resources into the straw poll, hoping to prove that his campaign was not going down in flames after his disastrous performance in Thursday’s Google / Fox News debate. Even though the Texas governor ended up with only 15.4% of the vote, he did manage to narrowly beat his rival Mitt Romney, who gained 14%.

P5 Straw Poll Full Results (Votes, %)

  1. Herman Cain (986, 37.1%)
  2. Rick Perry (410, 15.4%)
  3. Mitt Romney (372, 14%)
  4. Rick Santorum (289, 10.9%)
  5. Ron Paul (276, 10.4%)
  6. Newt Gingrich (224, 8.4%)
  7. Jon Huntsman (60, 2.3%)
  8. Michele Bachmann (40, 1.5%)


  • Suzanne Kupersmith Stapler

    Actually we are in another four years of Perry with Obama plus the 8 from Bush. Cain is just as bad as Perry and Romney and all the others EXCEPT RON PAUL.

  • Justin Cuomo

    Herman?! wow what an upset! interesting outcome. at least it wasn’t perry or romney.

  • Michael Sepulveda

    We already had 8 years of Perry, it was called the Bush administration. Cain is a decent candidate but has zero chance at winning and will only tow the line and do what he’s told of he is elected. Its sad that the media is doing whatever it takes to quiet Ron Paul! We need to speak up! This OUR country! We need to make a stand! I don’t need a British billionaire controlling how I think and feel and who I should elect as president of MY country!

  • Benjamin W. Blair

    Beat by Rick Santorum? What kind of bull plop is that? I’ve lost all faith in the republican party

  • Amy Root

    Let’s not forget that Floridians are idiot.

  • David Tarrant

    There’s no way the results could be accurate. The Tea Party is supposed to be a bunch of racists.

  • Jared Pavelske

    Means nothing. Straw polls are the worst indicators of how a candidate is doing.

  • Debbie LeBlanc

    Interesting ~ from “End the Fed” to voting a former Federal Reserve (Bank of Kansas City) Chairman, Herman Cain, as winner in the Orlando Straw Poll. I don’t believe it.

  • Lillian Sarno Bradley

    It’s my understanding it costs $750 to cast a ballot and you can vote multiple times, and that is a reflection of Perry’s showing. I think this was purchased. This is also Cain’s stomping ground. He can’t do this anywhere else, and hasn’t. So take Cain out and consider that Perry loaded the voting box. Looks about right.

  • The 36912 Diet

    Florida has done it again.

  • Lisa Adriana Southwick

    Wtf! 1st place in California. Florida he’s fifth place. People are dumber then what the rest of us thought.

  • Troy Honaker

    We need plenty of evidence of the cheating. I would like to see other’s screen shots too. Cheating would not be a surprise to me since I’ve seen too much of the media trying to hide the popularity of Ron Paul. Seems very strange to have Herman Cain win so largely, when he’s not pulled well anywhere else.

  • Troy Honaker

    Prison Planet screen shot. If anyone else has this screen shot, or similar, make it public folks.

  • Mike Troy

    Finishing behind Santorum is never a strong anything. Sometimes I really hate my state. Santorum wants to stay in Iraq forever (thanks prick, I’m there right now), Cain was on the BoD for the KS Fed back in 1996, Romney is too inconsistent and Perry is, well, Perry. Wake up FL!

  • Jameson Sempey

    Paul wasn’t even at the event…to get 10 percent at a straw poll you don’t campaign at is very significant, especially a mainstream state like Florida that cherished social security

  • Tami Seibold

    From everything I have read, this straw poll is different. They have to pay $175 to go. To be able to go they have to go through several “meetings” with their local GOP establishment. Only so many people get to go through to the actual convention. The people actually have to start the whole process several months before the event. It seems to be very establishment. A few people on went to the event and described the process. Also, Ron Paul was at the debate Thurs night, Fri he had a breakfast at the event and he also spoke to everyone at the event Fri morning, then he went to LSU for a speech and then to the opening of his Louisiana office. I think he headed to another state after that. He is a very busy man and is in no way slacking, IMO.

  • Bryan Arnette

    born and raised in Florida, and a big Ron Paul supporter, but I must admit, my state is one of the dumbest in the nation. Sorry guys.

  • Thomas West

    They friggin cheated what else is new!! They only gave Ron Paul 4 1/2 minutes to speak through the entire debate!! I’m really f*ckin tired of it!! Evil Elite bastards!!

  • Vincent Rybka

    i didn’t expect Paul to win florida the old people there don’t like Paul they think by him wanting to get rid of the fed they will lose social security.

  • Nathaniel Alejandrino

    The debate wasn’t even fair. They gave Ron Paul so little questions. Fox is a puppet and I just lost my respect to google lol