Black THIS Out! – Oct. 19 Money Bomb for Ron Paul

The media has an agenda.

They are promoting the establishment candidates as the front runners …

… and they are ignoring Ron Paul.

By ignoring Ron Paul, they are defending the status quo.

And by defending the status quo, they are disregarding the best interests of We the People.




Join the Black THIS Out grassroots money bomb for Ron Paul on October 19, 2011.

Submit your pledge now at Donate on Oct. 19 at

  • not2bad

    Repost. This was aninterview with Juan Williams of Fox and Judge Napolitano on why the media ignores Ron Paul. Check it out::


  • not2bad

    Repost. This was aninterview with Juan Williams of Fox and Judge Napolitano on why the media ignores Ron Paul. Check it out::

  • Nick Whatchitmuthakiko

    Love Dr. Paul. If he would happen to win, he would be assassignated. See Lincoln, JFK, RFK, MLK, Reagon(they missed), John Lennon, Princess Di. Anyone who does not fall in line is iliminated.

  • Larry N Alice Johnson

    first time I have ever donated to a soon to be president.. felt good..

  • ChiefSteve Grant

    Faux news

  • ChiefSteve Grant

    That’s why i don’t pay one red cent for “news” paper so they can tell me whats good for me

  • Jason Giery

    Yeah, we need a RON PAUL fireworks show, or a building demolition, something to celebrate ten years of warfare and killing. C’MON…

  • Steve Fandrei

    Elections are fixed, the globalists own both sides and they own you, R3VOLUTION!!!! Kill the BEAST! End the fed and their hitmen the IRS, Go Ron Paul!

  • James Rydill

    I normally drop $20.12 on his fund raisers. I am going to make the stretch this coming 10/19 and go $200.12. If we put up a great number that will be a turbo boost to the campaign. man I want Ron Paul to win. Make sure we are all Registered republican so we can vote on the primaries.

  • Josh Borges

    I dont vote. never before have i felt compelled.. this year, IF hes on the ballot im there, nothing will stop me

  • Mary Elizabeth

    Its all good, WE THE PEOPLE, will get the message out!! Never never shut up about him!!!

  • Betty Singley

    there is so many people voting for ron paul and still he is not recognized for the ideas that could save this country. if he is not on the ballot this election i’m writing his name in. and i’ll know for sure that the elections are fixed!

  • Adam Crabtree

    Nothing Ron Paul does will get the Media’s attention because they want to pretend he doesn’t exist…no seriously they only talk about him to reassure themselves that he doesn’t matter.

  • LyndaThextonWillson

    I am a Canadian but I follow the American Politics and specially Ron Paul. I think he is the only candidate and only option for the people of the USA. He knows what has to be done to get the USA out of the economic crisis they are in.

    However, I have to search long and hard to find much news on Ron Paul. I thought all candidates were to have the same amount of publicity or maybe they are afraid of him. Makes you wonder!!!

    • donotelectperry


      Dear Lynda, Thank you for taking an interest in American politics. To answer your statement that you thought all candidates were to have the same amount of publicity in our media is sadly incorrect. You would think in a country with a “free” press your statement would be true. We do not have a free press anymore. I believe the financial industrial complex, military industrial complex, and medical industrial complex in this country control the media in order to keep themselves powerful and rich. Unfortunately our citizens are going broke and can not support them anymore. You are right when you say they are afraid of Ron Paul. It is because Ron Paul tells the truth about them. We will use our voices to spread Ron’s message to our friends and neighbors. We will give our time and money to support his campaign. We will show up and cast our votes for him. Thanks for caring about us and spread the word about Ron Paul in Canada.

  • Mike Pizzola

    RP should go down to wall st and give a speech!! I’m sure that would get the medias attention!

  • Carol Mccall

    Paul is the best we have ever had for a canidate for President in a long time.

  • Brodie Baker

    I think running an ad through the Adult Swim program on Cartoon Network would be a good way to reach the right people.

  • Jesse McAlister

    I did call Fox News Radio phone # to ask why they weren’t speaking his name, and he said he would put that as a talking point. That was after I called the Fox News phone #, the lady put me to to another extension I couldn’t speak w/ anyone one……

  • Matt Macosko

    We have to be creative and force the news media to pay attention we have to make the media admit that Ron is a seroius canidate and to vote for him. He will be the only republican who can beat Obama!

  • Justin Moe

    Ron Paul revolution