Black THIS Out! – Oct. 19 Money Bomb for Ron Paul

The media has an agenda.

They are promoting the establishment candidates as the front runners …

… and they are ignoring Ron Paul.

By ignoring Ron Paul, they are defending the status quo.

And by defending the status quo, they are disregarding the best interests of We the People.




Join the Black THIS Out grassroots money bomb for Ron Paul on October 19, 2011.

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  • Richard Cranium


  • David Kuper

    I agree and you could see Sean Hannity trying to kiss Ron Pauls butt on the last interview on Fox, it was so visible, so pathetic. Problem is that its huge corporate greed and Fox is RIGHT in there with it. They have tons of money invested in this faux currency stock market and are motivated by fear. They hate Ron and his complete wisdom. GO RON !

  • esoberanis

    go to “poll center” and vote for PAUL.

  • DuxDontTweet

    @Richard Watkins If you look back at history, there have been awesome stories of small numbers defeating the odds: The Revolutionary War, the Persian invasion of Greece, the Battle of Agincourt. Besides the Rasmussen and the Gallup polls shows Ron Paul in a dead heat.


  • Mary Fischer

    I will not vote for anyone that believes in the death of an unborn infant for any reason.//

  • Richard Watkins

    The powers and prin!cipalities will never allow someone like this to be elected

  • zippospam

    I’m confused, Dr. Paul asked/promoted a peaceful revolution and there was one, the wall street occupation so … where was he? what does his silence says to his supporters? I know that you are 30 years ahead on the revolution and expect the people to catch up but Sr., I’m speechless.

    • BrandonGuttersohn

      Occupy Wall Street was not a peaceful revolution. It was a crowd of economically uneducated hipsters loudly accusing private investors of being at fault for government policy. You want the support of a libertarian/fiscal conservative? Occupy the Capitol Building. Not Wall Street.

  • zippospam

    I’m confused, Dr. Paul ask/promote a peaceful revolution and it was one, the wall street occupation so … where was he? what does his silence says to his supporters? I know the you are 30 years ahead of the revolution but Sr., I’m speechless.

  • dagobertotorres
  • abmonroe

    I put this together on the last 12 months of internet traffic.

  • StevienShannon Long

    Does anyone live in phoenix Arizona I want to do a rally for Ron Paul

  • Debi McClung

    VOTE RON PAUL 2012!

  • Debi McClung

    Lets put on our “landslide” pants folks!

  • William Pirlot

    @ Phil Temple I’m only 40, so no I don’t remember a time like that!

  • Phil Temple

    Does anyone remember when the news media presented the real true news and let people make up their own minds?

  • Black This Out

    Make this one historic!

  • werdnA

    Hey Grayrough,

    I find that the public school system did very well for you. You have learned how to correctly misspell words that your browser even offers to spell check while proposing rather vague arguments devoid of any evidential substance. The fact that you are even blogging on this site is a testament to the inevitable rEVOLution that is sweeping our great nation.

  • grayrough

    The media isn’t ignoring Ron Paul. He’s getting as much attention as he deserves at the moment. If he were to prove to anybody that he is a serious contender then the media would give him more time. Right now he deserves about the same amount of time that lunatics such as Bachman and the sartorum deserve.

  • Liberty

    I’m tired of seeing the media intentionally ignoring Ron Paul’s name or if he won a straw poll or that he came in second. His supports need to mention his name to every person they come into contact with and on the internet. The status quo front runners Romney and Perry have many skeletons in their closets which is slowing being presented by those two candidates when they attack each other. I do enjoy that part of the debate. But, it’s clearly blatant that each debate have not given Ron Paul the same amount time or questions.

    Perry is not liked by almost 80% of the voters in Texas. And, that might be reason why the Texas Straw Poll was cancelled. Could you imagine who that would look like if he lost in his own state.

    Perry passed Romney Care and he doesn’t believe in the second amendment. So what that’s he’s a business man. Does he believe in the principles of the Constitution?

    Ron Paul 2012!!! Keep fighting and don’t giveup.