Ron Paul’s Pro-America Foreign Policy

by Ron Paul

The Palestinian Authority’s recent announcement that it would seek UN recognition as an independent state dominated the news and the political debate in the United States last week, though in truth it should mean very little to us. Only a political class harboring the illusion it can run the world obsesses over the aspirations of a tiny population on a tiny piece of land thousands of miles away. Remember, the UN initiated this persistent conflict with its 1947 Partition Plan.

Unfortunately the debate is dominated by those who either support the Israeli side in the conflict, or those who support the Palestinian desire for statehood. We rarely seem to hear the view of those who support the US side and US interests. I am on that side. I believe that we can no longer police the world. We can no longer bribe the Israelis and Palestinians to continue an endless “peace process” that goes nowhere. It is not in our interest to hector the Palestinians or the Israelis, or to “export” democracy to the region but reject it when people vote the “wrong” way.

I have reservations about the Palestinian drive for UN recognition. Personally I wish the United States would de-recognize the United Nations. As most readers already know, in every Congress I introduce legislation to end our membership in that organization. The UN is a threat to our sovereignty– and as we are the main source of its income, it is a threat to our economic well-being. Increasingly over the past several years, we see the United Nations providing political and legal cover for the military aspirations of interventionists rather than serving as an international forum to preserve peace. Neoconservatives in the US have grown to love the United Nations as they co-opt the organization under the guise of endless “reform.” Under the sovereignty-destroying doctrine of “Responsibility to Protect,” adopted at the 2005 World Summit, the UN takes it upon itself to intervene in internal conflicts of its member states whenever it believes that human rights are being violated. Thus under “Responsibility to Protect,” the UN provides the green light for a kind of global no-knock raid on any sovereign country.

If asked, I would personally counsel the Palestinians to avoid the United Nations. UN membership and participation is no guarantee that sovereignty will be respected. We see what happens to UN members such as Iraq and Libya when those countries’ leaders fall out of favor with US administrations: under US and allied pressure a fig leaf resolution is adopted in the UN to facilitate devastating military intervention. When the UN gave NATO the green light to bomb Libya there was no genocide taking place. It was a purely preventative war. The result? Thousands dead, a destroyed country, and extremely dubious new leaders.

While I do not see UN membership as a particularly productive move for the Palestinian leadership, I do not believe the US should use its position in the UN Security Council to block their membership. I believe in self-determination of peoples and I recognize that peoples may wish to pursue statehood by different means. As we saw after the Cold War, numerous new states were born out of the ruins of the USSR as the various old Soviet Republics decided that smaller states were preferable to an enormous and oppressive multi-national conglomerate.

The real, pro-US solution to the problems in the Middle East is for us to end all foreign aid, stop arming foreign countries, encourage peaceful diplomatic resolutions to conflicts, and disengage militarily. In others words, follow Jefferson’s admonition: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”


  • WhattheHellBook

    I like Paul and support him for president but here’s what I’d like to know:

    What would be his response if another attack like 9/11 happened? How would he respond if a country like Iran or North Korea attacked us or started shooting nuclear weapons all over the world?

    • Jean-François

      @WhattheHellBook Do you think he would just stand there an not do anything? Give me a break, if another 9/11 attack is taking place, the rational approach is to trace back if any government helped the terrorists and if so, to strike back but not to keep troops there during a century in order to transform the country and hope that those people will embrace western values. Wiping out a government that support such attacks is one thing, it sends a clear message to the others, especially if there are no longer any reasons to attack the US ( if the US as a neutral policy otherwise). But even if the next leader is not a pro-US puppet, as long that he doesn’t back attacks against the US, who cares?

    • jasonfanjf

      @WhattheHellBook the idea is that we bring the troops home to defend our soil. And that my friend will severely decrease the likelihood of another terrorist attack. Plus, with the non-interventionist approach, no one will even want to attack us in the first place. And even if they do, we have all these troops home and ready to strike back.

    • jester

      I really doubt (not that it’s not impossible) that government would launch nukes at a time like this, considering the accident at Fukishima has already left the world exposed to radiation levels above “safe”. That would just be suicidal as fall out affects the whole globe. Don’t let that scare you from nuclear energy though. Safe or proliferation proof models are being designed/built as we speak.

  • Will Adams

    Jesus wears a wrist band that says “What Would Ron Paul Do?”

    While not a proctologist, Ron Paul will save this country’s ass.

    Ron Paul doesn’t go the gym. He stays fit by exercising his civil rights.

    Ron Paul delivers babies without his hands. He simply reads them the
    Bill of Rights and they crawl out in anticipation of freedom

    Ron Paul doesn’t pee. He liberates urine.

    Ron Paul turned down Superman’s job.

    When Chuck Norris gets scared, he goes to Ron Paul.

  • Michele Leigh Kidd Venters go vote for ron paul…if you are not going to allow people to post you should have a way we can send you polls so you can post them….just a suggestion

  • GlobalAvenger

    where does this fit in? maybe not here, rick perry giving $135,000,000 to the oil companies in tax refunds when teachers and others are getting pay cuts or laid off is disgusting. this won’t play on fox or cnn.

  • JoeChabot great article on the new york event at the Ballroom. The news is actually starting to report how his numbers are growing!

  • esoberanis

    go to “poll center” and vote for PAUL.

  • esoberanis

    there is a poll on the last debate and Ron paul is in second place. It is on Bill Oreilly’s fox news page. Bill said he will announce the winner on his show. Go vote!!

  • Samantha Maggard

    @don brown I second that. . .

  • Michelle Link

    Check here to see if you must be registered as a Republican in your state to vote for Dr. Paul in the primaries:

  • Sean Salazar

    Ron, say it how it is! Playboy Romney and Rick Bush i mean perry, shall hang themselves. Just give them rope. You, IMO have the the juice to swing voters and blue states. Keep saying how it is!

    • dabutchur

      @Sean Salazar – Don’t bring the juice into this, please.

  • Cuauhtemoc Tellez

    I believe in Ron Paul. There is no other chose. Don’t give up Ron Paul. I have your back.

  • Phillip Bowles

    I’ll back you all the way, Mr President !

  • Being Motivationally Inappropriate

    pop quiz: You’ve got 10 seconds to figure out what problem Ron Paul is solving here!

  • Rick Duffin

    I will be at the Cleveland Browns Ron Paul Tailgate Party on 10/2/2011. We have plenty of signs and literature and would love to see any of you “Paultards” (as we get called on the web) there. Message or wall me for more details. If you don’t know what all the fuss is about, go to No man is perfect. But I would rather see an honest man that maintains his convictions be President than another full of rhetoric and no action. Bring our troops home now! So happy to see all the young people, old people, and in between involved in this truely grass roots revolution.

  • Rick Duffin

    America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. With the help of a free people, Ron Paul can make us great again.

  • Judy Nelson

    Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air! If we followed his military-international policy and his economic policy, our country would be thriving. And other countries would have to look to themselves instead of the US for solutions to their problems. What a fresh perspective…honoring the philosophy of one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson.

  • Don Brown

    Patrick Bakker, you are more than welcome to stick your hand in your pocket and send what ever you pull out to Africa but, keep your hands out of my pockets. Our government should not be in the business of picking winners or losers in corporations or countries. There are plenty of good non-profit organizations that help around the world that do a much better job.

  • StevienShannon Long

    Does anyone live in phoenix Arizona I want to put together a rally for Ron paul

  • Patrick Bakker

    I like most of Ron’s ideas. Ending foreign aid is selfish and stupid. Millions of Africans are dying right now, they can be your future friends or your enemies.

  • Dan Zeller

    Earn my vote Ron Paul. How will you stop the spending of hundreds of billions on Illegals from top to bottom.