Ron Paul Pledges to Keep Promises to Senior Citizens

CLINTON, Iowa — Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul said Tuesday he would work toward maintaining Social Security and cut overseas military spending to “keep the promises made” to senior citizens, as he trekked through eastern Iowa seeking to build support for his candidacy.

Paul met a packed room at Clinton Community College here, calling for a smaller government and a dramatically smaller military footprint overseas.

Paul, a congressman from Texas, is running a more aggressive Iowa campaign than he did in 2008, and he said Tuesday his level of support is “exploding.”

Answering a question from a woman on Social Security, Paul said the country has an obligation to put a high priority on programs “where we have taught people to be dependent,” including those for the elderly and children’s health care.

Paul has called Social Security unconstitutional, but he appeared to reject the idea of making major changes right away. He added, however, “we could work for an even better system as time goes on.”

Instead, he said, cutting foreign military spending could help Social Security.

“I want that money cut and that money spent here back home,” he said.

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  • kabster

    Please go here and vote for Ron Paul.

  • jasonfanjf

    Read the whole article. It says that Paul “polled behind Romney and Perry.” Looks like someone forgot who won the California straw poll. Fucking MSM.

    • mabel


      Thank you! Ticks me off too!!!!!!

      Ron Paul 2012!