Ron Paul Campaign Speech in New Hampshire (Leap for Liberty Event)

DERRY, N.H.—About 200 undecided voters from the Greater Derry area attended a special question-and-answer session about the future of the nation with Presidential Candidate Ron Paul on Thursday, Sept. 29, at the home of Michael and Erica Layon.

Introductory speeches were delivered by N.H. House Speaker William O’Brien and Derry State Rep. Andrew J. Manuse. Rep. Manuse introduced New Hampshire House Speaker William O’Brien, who summarized the economic and personal freedoms advanced by the State Legislature this year and what changes still need to be made to continue the return of common sense to a limited, affordable government.

Speaker O’Brien then introduced Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, who discussed how the nation’s founding principles can be restored to reinvigorate an America that supports both liberty and prosperity for all people.

Following the speeches, Congressman Ron Paul took questions and fielded concerns from undecided Derry-area voters with Erica Layon moderating to ensure that the top questions from those in attendance were answered in detail.

Congressman Ron Paul, a Texas Republican and a physician by trade, is running for president in 2012. Dr. Paul came to Derry to garner support from New Hampshire voters in the First in the Nation Primary. The Leap for Liberty event was specifically tailored to address the questions and concerns of undecided voters. It was a fundraising-free zone. National and local media was in attendance.


  • MaryHathSpokane

    Very comprehensive talk which if I had a ‘magic wand’ I would like every American to see. Dr. Paul is noble, wise and hopeful. However, he needs all of our help to ‘turn things around’ and bring the sovereignty of We The People back to its rightful – God given position. I believe the Seven Demands of REVOLUTION are the same points Dr. Paul mentioned in this talk.

    Let US – We The People commit to do OUR part and DEMAND these SEVEN CHANGES in our Federal Government by emailing and calling our Congressional Representatives.