Ron Paul 2012 End of Quarter Push

Many of the top headlines next week will announce how much money the various presidential candidates raised during the 3rd quarter.

Strong numbers for Ron Paul will generate a massive amount of positive publicity. Can Ron Paul reach an impressive $6 million for this quarter? Today’s “PUSH” money bomb tries to make it happen by raising $1.5 million by tonight. (current status: $1.4+ million).

Everyone’s help is needed! Let’s do our part so that Ron Paul can win the fundraising battle, crush his GOP opponents, and defeat Obama. Let’s empower Ron Paul to restrain the bankers, rein in the warmongers, return our freedoms, and restore America NOW.

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  • Liberty

    Our country was the most prosperous during the Industrial Revolution. The U.S. manufactured and inovated during this time period. People were elevated from lower class to the middle class and the middle class to the upper middle class. This was all done before the Fed, the socialist FDR, the IRS, Freddie, and Fannie. Well, we now know what Freddie and Fannie has done to our economy. FDR got people hooked on entitlement programs, sadly with some people from generation after generation. The IRS has overtaxed the citizens and chased corporations out of our country to produce in places like China. Countries that trade unfairly with us should have tariffs placed on them. We need policies in place to keep our jobs from being outsourced. And as far as the Fed goes, Congress shall coin money according to the Constiution. The Fed with their constant stimulus plans keeps deteriorating the value of our dollar. They are unregulated by Congress, unaudited, and nontransparent.

    Ron Paul keep pushing forward with your campaign. But, I think the media is looking for every chance to discredit you especially, with you supporting the fifth amendment regarding the latest assassination of Anwar A.


  • Don Brown

    And there would be no “liberal legalisms” as in the new jobs plan where employers can only hire the unemployed. In a free market an employer may hire the best from their competitor creating an opening for the second best and so on until eventually an opening is filled by an unemployed, thus pushing wages higher. But with provisions like this who would take the chance of hiring anybody? How stupid can this administration get? Go Ron Paul, you have my vote.

  • Chris Linder

    Just invested $100 I don’t have because I believe in Ron Paul. The Men and Women of the Armed Services Love and Trust this Man and that’s all I need to know. I am “all in” for Ron Paul in 2012. He is the one Man who can bring US ALL TOGETHER. We need his Leadership!!!

  • Roxanna Miller

    Yep, still not seeing or hearing anything about Dr. Paul on the media…..they don’t want their funds cut all to hell now do they? Or follow the Constitution to the letter! The government and media want to grow and SPEND SPEND SPEND!!

  • Chris Linder

    I Love this guy. I don’t have any money and I will be donating to Ron Paul’s campaign. End the Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen!!!! Repeal the Patriot Act!!! Elect Ron Paul President in 2012!!!!

  • DiegoRodriguez

    I believe in Dr. Ron Paul.

  • Let Freedom Ring