Ron Paul: Wheels Up to the White House

The colorful flock of cyclists powered up the hill toward us, bike tires buzzing.

They broke into a couple smaller groups to pass us – myself, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, and his campaign aide Brian Early – as we stood on the shoulder taking a water break.

Bzz, bzz, bzz. And then, “Hey!”

“Was that who I thought that was?”

Paul, an avid cyclist in his daily life on the Texas Gulf Coast, and in Alexandria, Va., when Congress is in session, is running for the Republican nomination for president.

Read the full article at the Concord Monitor.


  • Mike Fara

    His ideas. His faith. His principles. They are bigger than this one election. Many of us said “Run Ron Run!”, but he can bike as well. This man is a legend of American history. When you listen to his speeches and his weekly messages, as well as his legendary debate comebacks and assertions, know that this man will go down in history as the one who warned us. The normalcy bias tells us “a currency collapse could never happen here” just as it told Katrina victims even while the levees broke… even as 150,000 Jewish people fled Germany but 450,000 remained AFTER they knew what was going on. Complacency leads to fascism. Ron’s bike ride shows a lack thereof for a man of his age and stature.

  • MikeClark

    A helmet? Ron? Heh! If anything, the ground might need a ronmet!

    In all seriousness, it’s pretty obvious that the other GOP candidates and the big movers-n-shakers (i.e. Glenn, Rush, Sean, Mark, etc.) are threatened by his actual experiential-based knowledge, especially where the middle east is concerned. They’re doing to him what they always accuse the liberals (and not unjustifiably) of doing to conservatives. They need to cut out this disingenuousness because everyone else’s credibility with us is fading fast.

  • MikeClark


  • slash5bmw

    I love this guy but he needs to wear a helmet.

  • Reza

    Given the health of Ron Paul, I guess we have to campaign and win both 2012 and 2016. We have a lot to look forward to in this revolutionary decade!


    Hats off to Ron!! Thanks for sharing this with and loved it!

  • realitychk
  • Liberty

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  • Liberty

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  • Liberty

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  • donotelectperry

    I want to see all the other candidates take Ron up on his challenge to bike ride with them for 20 miles in Houston when the weather is 100 degrees with 100% humidity. Ron would cross the finish line first and there would be alot of winded contestants along the road side. But they like to say “he is too old”. Yeah Right. Go Ron Go!!!

  • Ryanoceros


    Geez, this guy never stops!

    I wish I had his energy level.

    Ron Paul for President, 2012!