Ron Paul’s Message to Hispanics: Same as to Everyone Else

Ron Paul talks about immigration, birthright citizenship, guns, dictators and the Tea Party.


  • Sam

    Immigrants come from all around the world. China, Africa, Phillipines, etc. Not just from Mexico. FYI.

  • jon badger

    i recently got fired because the boss hired illegal immigrants and i didnt speak spanish. you cant get a job now in slc,ut in construction if you cant speak it. my point is, there looking for a better life while american jobs are being stolen. rents have gone up. wages have gone down since this immigration problem and where supposed to feel bad for them, we already had our revolution and we did’nt jump the border and put our problems on another country.

    • Heather Pierce

      “we already had our revolution and we didn’t jump the border and put our problems on another country,”?? Really?? I’m pretty sure the Native Americans that we ROBBED of their land would likely disagree with this statement. I agree that immigration continues to be a problem in the US, and I find it disturbing that those coming into our country illegally are receiving so many benefits …at the expense of so many more Americans who are desperately trying to survive on low wages, no jobs, and exorbitant prices on EVERYTHING!! But….let’s not forget how we ALL came to America, at the expense of those who were already here before us! We need to figure out how to make it right for both sides, because isn’t that what being an “American” is all about?

  • maxbass

    It would be nice to hear more about the Mexican people attempting to organize, or fight back somehow against the drug cartels and the corrupt government that allows the cartels to dictate the law of the land. As I have said, This would be by no means an easy task. But just hearing the people of Mexico speak up and express their anger of being forced from their home would sway many Americans who would feel the same if it were done to them to be more sympathetic to their situation. If the U.S. deteriorates to the point of oppression that mexico is experiencing, will you run or fight?

  • maxbass

    Concerning illegal immigration, I hear a lot of solutions that merely justify or excuse the problem. But rarely if ever do I hear anyone mention the real problem. Mexico is just a crappy place to live. I say this because, why else would so many endure what they do and take the risks they do to enter the U.S.? The Mexican People as A whole need to take back their own country and make it something they are proud of. I know this is a general statement and is much easier said than done, but not all problems are easy ones. But this one is obvious.

  • JosephSerrano

    It is also worth noting that illegal immigrants work for wages that are a joke. Many of them work, pay taxes, and cannot afford basic healthcare. The choice becomes between going without healthcare and food or to end up using social services (this is true of people who work hard).

  • regisjbeakensr

    if welfare and unemployment was gone food stamps housing,etc. the war would start. if illeagals stay and we suffer the war will start poor vs. rich. unemployment $20 hr. and illegals gone families with them if they want to stay together. 20 million jobs. 7 million more with food chains and housing, supermarkets malls. new roads state problem. more jobs than people.

  • Ryanoceros

    If the policies of welfare are changed, or better still eliminated, and the policy of not requiring background checks for employment are changed, the majority of those people will self-deport. It’s the incentives that keep them coming and keep them here. Require eVerify for all businesses, and no welfare for illegals, no food stamps, no free medical, no free education etc, and no birthright citizenship, they will stop coming. And those already here will leave, except perhaps those that are self-sufficient. And for those that are self-sufficient I agree with Ron that giving them work permits, but no citizenship, would be an effective and acceptable way to get this crisis under control, at least the economic consequences-side of the problem under control.

    • JosephSerrano

      @Ryanoceros Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you suggesting that most people who come here illegally are on welfare? It is doubtless that some are, but in any event, the government does collect taxes from illegal immigrants. Essentially, they are paying for the services they get.

  • kcorbin6

    It’s strange because I just had to write an election speech for a class I was in and wrote on the issues of illegal immigration. The problem I see with Ron Paul’s plan is that there are only 11 million illegal immigrants that we know of. Its frustrating for me for these politicians to say there are 11 million illegal aliens when in reality, there may be many more. If we actually knew there were 11 million illegal aliens who were able to cross the border, then something should have been done as soon as we found out about them. An article I read for my speech said that there were closer to 20 million illegal aliens in 2005 and it was growing at a rate of 3 million a year, making the population closer to 40 million, more than the legal population of California (our most populated state).

    I believe that if we raise the penalties for companies hiring illegal aliens and allow an easier path to renew green cards, then we may not have as big of a problem on our hands. By raising the penalties, companies may be less likely to hire them on as illegals, thereby encouraging these immigrants to get/renew a green card and companies to hire more American workers.

    • tripzero

      11 million is just an estimate. Like you said there could be more, there could be less. Remember, any law you create to punish companies has to have a sufficient amount of bureaucracy and enforcement to enforce. This adds additional burden on tax payers. Furthermore, many suggestions of this “national id card” are misguided attempts that will limit your freedoms. The best way to solve the problem is to attack the reasons why companies would hire illegals. The reason could possibly be forced wage controls by the federal government. Wage controls make it difficult for many companies to hire American workers at a reasonable price. This creates demand for illegals who will work for much less. Central planning doesn’t work and thisis yet another example of ill-effects from well intended social programs.

  • JoeChabot

    Translation, Ron Paul doesn’t back down from the hardest of stances. I have to admit, I don’t know a single politician that has viewed treating illegal immigration in this manner. It actually makes sense, lets provide a way to get them to legal working status, but not a path to citizenship. This would solve alot of problems like lost “revenue”, no rewards for bad deeds, no deportation policy (unless they are real hard criminals) which should help the desire to come out of the woodworks etc. I have a family of illegals living up the road from me, they have been here over 10 years. I find it terribly frustrating that they are not in the “taxed” system that they can go get medicare (that’s how their anchor was born), buy a new minivan on cash, and send their child to private school they get to “enjoy” the American dream much easier than my taxed salary. Meanwhile, it took me 3 years to get my wife here legally. They are nice people, and they work hard but its right that they should not be kicked out. Their life is here now. Fine, but pay into it.

    • Libertarian777


      This is also why we should abolish the income tax and have a consumption based tax. That way the government is not taxing you on your work (you’re not their slave), they are only taxing products that require government services (e.g. shipping surchage on UPS/FedEx packages to pay for roads that their trucks drive on).

    • blah

      I have an ITIN, and file taxes, and I also pay sales tax. I’m sorry your “taxed salary” makes life SO hard for you. I am paying just as much in taxes as you are. I do no get stamps, free health care, nor any other of the benefits you claim illegals come here to leech off of. The only free benefit I get is education, well, which I used to get because now I am in college. I understand your point, and by “your” I mean everyone else’s, that people come here illegally and do not assimilate, but there are many of us who do come here for a better life, and I am sure if you were in the same situation and your only option was to do it illegally, you would.

      • JoeChabot

        @blah I don’t mind paying taxes. However, when I see that the money gets spent unwisely then it is a bit frustrating. When our “illegal” neighbors tell us that it would have cost 55,000 to have their anchor baby, but medicade took care of it. You can imagine my irritation as I see their child shuffled off to Private school every morning. If they choose to come here for a better life, then they ought not make the life of the citizens worse by misusing services. This is not a “claim”. It is something they admit freely without understanding. This woman often tells my wife to go to the government health clinic because the prices are so cheap. Guess what, they are cheap because she qualifies for medicare. Because I make too much money, we don’t. But my company also doesnt offer health insurance because I am a contractor. In this case, it is frustrating that illegals can get care, but for me it is unaffordable.

        • blah

          @JoeChabot Hmm, ok, sorry but I am not understanding how they are making life worse for you by using a service they qualify for. You sad it yourself, you make too much money, so why complain about that? Is it just the fact that they are here illegally that bothers you? Does it bother you that your fellow citizens who qualify for it get it and you don’t? Maybe there is something else at play here? You said it yourself on your previous post, your life is here, fine, pay into it. Right? So if you got the means to pay for it do so. And at least they make sure their kids get a good education, and are not being a cancer to this country. I do admit that there are many illegal immigrants who come here and end up committing more crimes, but what about those who come here and work to make your country a better place? Do they not deserve a chance?

        • JoeChabot

          Didn’t i post earlier that they ought to be given an opportunity to get a work permit as RP suggests without getting kicked out? Additionally, I am compassionette to those who need amnesty. I taught asylum seekers in England and heard horrible stories. I know there are reasons to come somewhere better. Once again, our system could be better if we had an immigration system that was logical.

    • JosephSerrano

      @JoeChabot The government collects taxes from illegal immigrants as well.

  • tripzero

    Anyone have a translation? I can’t hear either of them over the Spanish translator.