Ron Paul at the National Press Club: We Have Crossed the Rubicon towards Empire and Tyranny

  • McKGraKucPauNad

    blows against the empire

    Starship, as in Jefferson.

  • Ryanoceros

    Great Speech. Well worth the watching.

    Lots of great points brought up.

    Ron Paul 2012!


  • Liberty

    I saw this broadcast on CSPAN last night and it was great speech.

    In the movie it’s a Wonderful life, the underlying message can pertain to our banking industry today. When there is no competition of banks for the borrower to pick from, than that one bank essentially controls the wealth in that community. The community banks are disappearing or being bought out because of the Frank Dodd Bill. Loans are not being given to small business’s and entrepreneurs. And thrown into this bill was the take over of college loans. It will no longer be controlled by our local banks but, by the Federal government. Now they can decide who attends college.

    Regulations by many governmental agencies are destroying our economy and our freedoms.

    RON PAUL 2012