Ron Paul on the Dylan Ratigan Show

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  • PreciseCNS

    Majority of the OWS group are statist, they want to use government force to attain their ends. This is a major dividing point imo for any libertarian. The OWS can support him if they feel the he will address some issues they have concerns with. Yes there are a few Libertarians down at OWS or any of the Occupy sites but most of what I have seen is statist looking for handouts.

  • andromedust

    I agree that this is a central issue, not right or left, but Dylan has already succumbed to the notion of the typical Dem – Rep candidates that we’ll be fed by the two power sharing powers. We NEED Ron Paul and to vote out ALL IMCUMBENTS.


  • braxis03

    grayrough, I completely agree that Ron Paul is probably the only guy potentially in the 2012 election that can legitimately claim any sort of ideological common ground with the Occupy Wall St. movement. If he doesn’t take advantage of it, it’s because he doesn’t know how or is put off by the more liberal demands of the movement (not because he is a phony or a liar). However, all this rage against corruption in government for which he used to be the rally point is now going to the movement.

  • grayrough

    And the protesters are for ending the wars too. Another Ron Paul priority but Ron just sits on his hands. He’s turning out to be a phony if he doesn’t speak up. So let’s give him a little more time to get his ducks in a row. If not then Ron loses all credibility and becomes nothing more than another lying politician.

    • sshephe

      He’s not backing the movement because he’s been saying what they’re saying for thirty years. The movement should be backing him. He doesn’t need to capitalize on some chincy street dwelling hipsters during their 15 minutes of fame. Don’t get me wrong, I support Occupy and I want to bring down this greed machine more than anyone in this country, but if you think a bunch of goof balls marching around with signs is going to do it your out of your mind. If you think we elect Ron Paul and vote out all incumbents and that is the magic fix you are also insane. American people need a no bulls*%@ full on revolution, we need to send these war mongerers packing just like we did to the British, and that is the ONLY way we’re gonna solve our problems. DO you even honestly believe Ron Paul will be allowed to win the election? You think they don’t have the power and greed to rig it?


  • RonpaulforlibertyDC

    @grayrough lets relax a bit – ron paul has been saying that people would be marching in the street for the reasons he states in the interview – he doesn’t NEED to align himself behind the movement itself – he’s already said he agrees with the expression medium (protests) for people to express their disdain – but to align with the actual occupation movement would align himself to social economics, which he doesn’t necessarily agree with – he agrees with the fall of lobbyist and corporate cronyism and thinks that an actual free market system would improve the situation for EVERYONE under the bell curve – which is more realistic than saying 99% – there is a natural distribution with a very small percentage of rich and poor and a HUGE percentage of middle class – current fed regulation, corporate cronyism and lobbying has skewed the natural distribution…

    I don’t want Paul to abandon his principles in whole just to jump on the bandwagon of these occupations – the reason i respect and trust him is that he NEVER does that he lives and represents by the principles he stands by and NEVER gives in Ron Paul supporter as well – FOR LIBERTY!!! vote Ron Paul!!!

    • silvermullet

      I agree i don’t think he really has to jump in the movement to prove anything. He is a 76 year old man who has stood for the same principles since day 1. Plus a lot of the people in these movements seem to be protesting capitalism. He himself is responsible for the end the fed movement so I don’t really think jumping on the bandwagon would prove anything. @RonpaulforlibertyDC @grayrough _

  • grayrough

    I would say that this is going to be the test for Ron Paul. His supporters should now make sure it is the test. We now have a chance to see what Ron Paul is made of. He’s either going to get on board with this movement that is exactly suited to a good part of his agenda or he is going to prove himself a phony. Is Ron Paul just another politician that talks a good line but wants to maintain the status quo of paidoff politicians. I have a sneaking suspicion that he is dragging his feet on this but he needs to get the benefit of the doubt. Go Ron Paul! This is your platform to grab and with it you will be grabbing huge support.

  • Liberty

    Sign me up for the petiton that Dylan Ratigan has on his website. Let’s get PAC money out of our elections. Special interests have corrupted the election process and our policticans.

  • RossJohnson

    We have to realise that money only represents human potential and endeavour.Money has no worth without people.The reason for the creation of new money are; increases in your productivity,population and inflation.Who should own all this new money? Private banks or all of society who produce it?

    The Federal Reserve creates all this money to equal your productivity as debt,so the harder you work the more debt you incur.The very basis of our economic system is fatally flawed.Eventually it must collapse.

  • MichelSteve

    Ron paul is one of the impressive and popular speakers who have always convincing arguments.Youth must follow such a personalities for the betterment in their personality.


  • MichelSteve

    Ron paul is one of the impressive and popular speakers who have always convincing arguments.Youth must follow such a personalities for the betterment in their personality.