CPAC 2012 – “We STILL Hold These Truths”

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Ron Paul at CPAC:

  • revoLucian1776

    Guys, I think there is some middle ground. I am a Ron Paul supporter, and proud of it, however I believe we must be civil. We are a growing faction in the conservative movement. When we act out we lose credibility. Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Jack Hunter, Justin Amash, Rand Paul, these guys are class acts; they don’t shout others down, they wait their turn and work through the system. Be more like them. If you like what’s going on applaud, if you don’t, do not applaud. In the event you cannot restrain yourself from shouting at a speaker, leave the room. No matter how much the speaker may deserve it.
    The only time we had business heckling a speaker–that I saw–was when they voluntarily engaged us with minimal provocation, like Ryan Sorba (, he invited the conflict.

    • Christina

      If more Ron Paul supporters thought like you did, there would be no problem with his appearance at CPAC. I like Paul a lot on domestic policy. I like what he has to say. I totally disagree with him on foreign policy, but I would never boo him as he talked about it at CPAC. As you said, that would be rude. Ron Paul has been very influential to the current Republican Party. More candidates are talking about auditing or getting rid of the Federal Reserve. More candidates are talking about what the purpose of our military should be and questioning our nation building. Unfortunately, it is the Ron Paul supporters at CPAC 2011 that left such a bad impression. I applaud your efforts to encourage more respect towards others conservatives.

  • Christina

    I was one of the sponsors of CPAC in the last few years. I, along with many others, complained about the Ron Paul supporters who were rude to the conservative speakers. This is Conservative PAC, not Libertarian PAC. You are free to have your own PAC and convention instead of infiltrating ours. There, you can shout down all the speakers you would like. I sent a letter to CPAC saying that I refuse to sponsor all of the rude kids that were there last time.


    • Ben Morris

      Christina – We will still be there shouting down the idiots you call conservatives. Ron Paul is the only true conservative in the race.

      • P Henry SaddleburrTeapartyjim

        Of course you will, cult boy

    • marketsclear

      @ Christina

      You clearly don’t understand political theory very much if that is your response. Conservatism, by its very nature, is not a political theory. One cannot throw out the term conservative anywhere in the world at any time and it have the same meaning. Conservatism is reactionary and points to the status quo or a point in the past it wants to return to. Libertarianism, on the other hand is an internally consistent political philosophy.

      Have you ever wondered why libertarianism has been a relatively recent movement given its consistency with American history and the founder’s beliefs? Before the Cold War, we had no need to be outside the political establishment because we controlled most of the Republican party. When we talk about the Old Right conservatives, we are talking about people who would today be called libertarians.

      The modern libertarian movement seeks to undo the damage done to the GOP by Buckley and the cold warriors. We seek to bring conservatives back to believing in free markets, sound currency, free trade, foreign non-interventionism, strict constructionism, and limited government; we want to purge the GOP of neoconservatism (right-wing big government progressivism). The more the GOP fights the inclusion of Ron Paul and the libertarians, the more it proves that its leadership believes in big government and then people will realize that the only difference between repubs and dems is the degree to which they want to violate the rights of individuals and tax them.

      • Christina

        I do understand political theory. I spent years studying it and then working on Capitol Hill. I am also a lawyer who understands the Constitution. What Paul supporters don’t seems to understand is that there are Constitutional Conservatives (which is how I would describe myself). I agree with Paul on domestic policy. There is nothing in the Constitution that dictates what our foreign policy should be. I can never support a candidate that doesn’t care if Iran gets a nuclear weapon. We live in the year 2012, not 1920. What happens in the world affects us. I will always be for a strong military. That does not, however, mean I believe in nation building. I do think Paul has some good points on that issue. But, at the end of the day, Paul has been an Islamic Terrorist sympathizer, blaming America for 9/11.

      • Christina

        I would also suggest that if you wish for Ron Paul to influence the debate and be welcomed that you do not disrespect speakers at CPAC. As I mentioned in another post on this thread, people do respect Ron Paul. It is the disrespect of his supporters that have caused this entire debate about whether or not he should be invited.

  • BrianTharpe

    par for the course…

  • DaveBurnham

    I cant believe they didnt include at least one photo of Ron Paul…. HELLO people?!?!? Is anyone home?

  • Brian Hukee

    Lol @ the personal advertised in the video. Bunch of sell outs and puppets.

  • José Saúl Sánchez Valverde

    Why does CPAC 2012 hate Ron Paul so much? That’s the only logical reason they have excluded him from the ad. Everytime it is more evident there is a conspiracy against Ron Paul ! NOW, no doubt about it !

  • Heather Fretwell
  • dustinpottymouth

    what a load of crap. “we still hold these truths”. Perhaps there should be small print at the bottom of the screen reading as followed. *In this case “Truths” are defined as the ability to engineer a result by controlling the way people receive information. Shame on you CPAC for not even putting Ron Paul in this commercial. Personally I feel Ron Paul should take the time to visit with protesters on wallstreet to educate them about what they are protesting instead of hanging out at these rigged polls with all these pieces of shit that call themselves conservatives. I call them bigots and hypocrites personally.

  • Rob Keller

    It didn’t even show Ron Paul…just the status quo, ridiculous

  • AlyssaBailey_

    @JREakin I bet you’re so excited!

  • Ron Paul .com

    Looks like “someone” was not included in CPAC’s promotional video. Someone who has been winning CPAC’s own presidential straw polls for two years in a row. What was his name again…?

  • Joe Russell