Ron Paul: The System Is Biased against the Middle Class and the Poor

  • luvmyselfalways7

    I am in the middle class and I agree with this

  • Ryanoceros

    The System is biased, period. … in favor of Masochism.

    Everyone is getting screwed by this system. It is failure by design. The only thing that can be reasonably argued is that the middle class is screwed WORSE than everyone else. But make no mistake about it, everyone is screwed by this system.

    The poor are screwed by the lack of jobs and pay scales that don’t keep pace with inflation. The middle class are screwed by the fact that they are paying for everything, war, welfare, loss of jobs, pay cuts, etc. And the Rich are screwed by the unfair tax policies and regulatory burdens.

    The solution is clear, get the government out of the way!… Elect Ron Paul!

    Shrink Government. Privatize as much as possible. End the Regulatory madness. End Welfare. End the Wars. End the Globalization scheme. Secure our borders and defend our sovereignty. Stop wasting money. etc etc etc.



    @RonPaulcom Mostly the middle class, i.e., (White people) because the poor are getting welfare benefits and the middle class pays for it.

  • Mr.Prayer

    Next time someone ask about Herman Cain, Ron Paul should tell that Cain in not pizza guy, but Federal Reserve guy. There is no surprise that he’s shilling for the banks.