Ron Paul Wins Value Voters Summit Presidential Straw Poll with 36.9% of the Vote

Ron Paul decisively won the Value Voters Summit Presidential Straw Poll with 36.9% of the vote. Former Regional Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain came in second with 22.5%, while former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum gained 16.3% of the vote.

Value Voters Straw Poll (% / Votes)

  1. Ron Paul – 36.9% (732)
  2. Herman Cain – 22.5% (447)
  3. Rick Santorum – 16.3% (323)
  4. Rick Perry – 8.4% (167)
  5. Michele Bachmann – 7.9% (157)
  6. Mitt Romney – 4.4% (88)
  7. Newt Gingrich – 2.7% (54)
  8. Undecided – 0.7% (13)
  9. Jon Huntsman – 0.1% (2)

2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul placed first in the 2011 Values Voter Straw Poll today garnering an impressive 37 percent of the total number of votes cast.

In placing first, Dr. Paul placed ahead of Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry who placed second, third and fourth with a mere 23, 16 and 8 percent, respectively.

Held annually each year since 2007, the Values Voter Summit presidential straw poll is seen as a benchmark for how well Republican candidates will appeal to Christian conservative activists.  Endorsement by this core activist community is likely to energize voters nationwide that identify with family-friendly issues such as parental decision-making concerning children’s education, less government interference in local communities, and the sanctity of human life.

“Dr. Paul’s standing among Christian conservative voters is growing as people become more familiar with the man as well as the message,”said Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

“Dr. Paul is a humble man of faith, who has personally delivered more than 4,000 babies, so he’s well acquainted with the sanctity of life.  And importantly, he never fails to connect the worthiness of the liberty message he champions with that system’s moral superiority over schemes that promote coercive government activism leading to the breakdown of the American family,”said Mr. Benton.

Speaking of Dr. Paul’s speech earlier today Doug Wead, a born again Christian and former adviser to two U.S. Presidents, said he was blown away by Dr. Paul’s command of the scripture.  ”He offered a scriptural rationale to every position and moved from one passage to the next without hesitation.  The man knows the Bible.”

Mr. Wead says that the rising numbers of born again Christians turning to Dr. Paul shows that, “For many of us, the best way to assure our own religious freedom is to get back to the Constitution and defend everybody else’s freedoms too.”

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  • PetCaine

    Ron Paul wins debates yet his own party does not want him. How twisted are the Republicans?


  • Bobby Gramz
  • Ronpaulforliberty DC
  • Bobby Gramz
  • verduci

    Have you heard of the Black This Out Moneybomb?


    It’s 8 days away, and 11,000 people have already pledged to donate! Please help to spread the word!

  • Monty3

    Pray for the media–that they too may be able to know and love the truth.

    One Nation under God–a God of Truth and a God of Love.

  • We’re in VT too

    We have to vote for Ron Paul. He’s the only one running for president. All the others are running for emperor.

  • JoeChabot

    I think that we have to hit the media with the headcount numbers instead of money and percentages. IF our numbers are truly great, then maybe, just maybe people will realize this isnt fringe, but mainstream. We have to make it so that money will not take it away. It is sickening at how the media portrays Perry’s 17 mil raised into popularity with the people. Most people I have talked to think he is a grand liar with much to hide. I think his skeletons have skeletons. How many people have you talked to that have said, you know I agree with what Ron Paul says, but I don’t think he can win. Well, he could if all those people would take the elective process seriously and vote with their hearts, as opposed to how the media projects failure for candidates. It is very sad.

  • ProudTEX

    I must say people power is god’s power. People started to wake up and they know exactly what they want and it shouldn’t be surprising at all as the media describe it SURPRISING.

    America, thank you and god bless you for choosing Ron Paul as your servant who will serve you in the most honest and constitutionally approach possible.

    Ron Paul for 2012

  • Kecia Henton

    VOTE RON PAUL 2012 He is our only hope in restoring America!

  • Liberty

    Go Ron Paul!!! Keep winning those straw polls and maybe the media will stop ignoring whether you came in first or second place. Well when Cain won Florida, the media now focused on him as the new rising star in the republican election. So, I guess now that Ron Paul has won CA. New Hampshire,and the values straw poll will the media give him the same amount of coverage as they gave Cain for winning the FL. straw poll??? I serious doubt it. Fair and balanced is not what the media has projected about Ron Paul. I believe that the FL. straw poll was fixed because, it cost $175.00 per person and that you had to go thru an appoval process months prior to the straw poll.

  • Christopher Norte

    ron paul wins the staw poll but still the media wont talk about him they rather talk about the guy who came in 5th place in the straw polls religious views. even though this is not a christain state!

  • Billie Beahn Nix

    We when up to D.C. on Oct,8 ,to the Values Voter Summit, vote for Ron Paul. He’s the man!!