Poll: Who Won the Bloomberg & Washington Post Debate?

Who won the debate?

  • Ron Paul (90%, 9,833 Votes)
  • Herman Cain (4%, 424 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (3%, 369 Votes)
  • Newt Gingrich (1%, 142 Votes)
  • Rick Perry (1%, 59 Votes)
  • Jon Huntsman (0%, 47 Votes)
  • Michele Bachmann (0%, 42 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (0%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,952

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  • GlobalAvenger

    The wsbradio.com poll has Dr. Paul leading with 59% and 1171 votes as of 2200 CST 10/12/11. Let’s see where it goes from here.

  • GlobalAvenger

    The Newsmax poll is a farce. Can you tell who they are pushing? Maybe it’s all the Herman the Munster adds, I don’t know, maybe. ha

  • JosephDougherty

    I will lose my faith in my countrymen if they vote for an Ex-Fed Pizza Mogul for the President of the United States. In Short,

    Perry: Luke from Dukes of Hazzard,

    Romney: Al Gore in elephants clothing,

    Cain: Protagonist in a Tyler Perry movie,

    Bachman: Stepford Wives Chairman..or chairperson rather,

    Santorum: Father bought him a knight rider big wheel for his 8th birthday,

    Gingrich: Mr. McGoo,

    Huntsman…well I do like his sarcasm….

    AND Ron Paul: Fighter of Truth, Freedom and Liberty, Consistent, Value Driven,…..I mean c’mon he’s a doctor and a Vietnam vet. IDK maybe I’m biased because I’m an economics enthusiast…


    • random_task

      @JosephDougherty Hilariously true! But I still like to think Perry is more of a Daisy Duke with the same reasoning capacity as their 1969 Charger.

      • JosephDougherty

        @random_task so true, more of the modern version with Jessica Simpson though sitting at the debates wondering why a can of tuna is called ‘chicken of the sea’…:)

    • BonBonHi

      @JosephDougherty Oh my G-D you got it right Perry does act like Boss Hogg! As for Stepford Mary well I wonder if beyond calling Iran The bad guy….. are ther any other thought going on in that head of hers.

  • dawid
  • Jim C

    This poll is showing Herman Cain as winning, what a bunch of bull. Go show Ron some love.


    • Jim C

      Ron needs a little love here as well.


      • Jim C

        They pulled this poll. Not sure if they moved it or just did away with it entirely. Figures. Herr Goebbels would be so proud of our current media.

    • Jim C

      This poll is pretty much worthless, it lets you vote more than once. No wonder Herman the pain is doing so well. He keeps voting for himself with a little help from Bernanke and a few other fed employees.

    • Jim C

      Hmm, ok, just after I posted that, now it won’t let you. Interesting.

  • ClydeFroggel

    I am a libertarian but I have registered Dam Republican just to Vote for Ron Paul

  • BonBonHi

    your people suck, why not carry out an honest debate , let the truth be the final arbitor. All you have done is prove you lie and cannot be trusted to do the business or we the people . SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ClydeFroggel

    NO matter what the truth is they always lie. Ron Paul is the only candidate that can save America.

    If he does not win, learn Chinese.

    • ElizabethAnneRoll

      @ClydeFroggel 我在学习中文!!

  • Ahriman

    Another one bites the dust….now that Cain has been declared a fed insider, romney is still out there talking about replacing universal healthcare, and perry’s record from texas is burying him…is it time that paul is declared THE front runner!!

  • jeremyb80222

    Someone tell Ron to get more aggressive at these debates! he has to interrupt people just like the rest of them do

  • Independent_Thought

    To the vast majority of Americans, Romney won. Those who understand Paul’s views can fill in the blanks (and they have to because he doesn’t get time to speak), but those who don’t already know what he stands for will just see him as an afterthought like Santorum and Huntsman.

    Romney outclassed everyone tonight, and was given more time than anyone but Cain. Cain struggled with the spotlight, Perry was terrible, Newt was Newt, and Paul was great during the few moments he got to actually say something.

    If Paul doesn’t find a way to forcefully get his message out there in a way that normal people can understand, he’s going to have a hard time widening his base.

    Don’t kill the messenger, I’m a Paul supporter but I’m also a realist. Here’s hoping something will happen that will level the playing field.

  • JohnnyAngel

    who would not believe that PAUL is the MASTER (teacher)…all the others are his…Students.?

  • stat

    We The People

    Who Love Freedom

    We Vote for Ron Paul

  • christopher sikes

    I am voting for ron paul


    why was Ron Pauls name NOT on the yahoo poll for who won the debate tonight?

  • Peoples_Icon

    I Voted Hermain Cain For His Honesty Lol

  • topbanddj

    biz as usual …avoid the message …. avoid the messenger …YET did you folks notice when RON PAUL spoke how attentive the other candidates seemed, especially Willard Romney ……looking for the thunder to steal eh MITSKY

  • MikeMathis

    A poll on ronpaul.com is correct since it shows Ron Paul is winning. All other polls that are showing others as the winner(that aren’t manipulated.) are unfair…. As I typed before, Ron Paul supporters, your logic isn’t fit enough even for an opinion.

    • kenwcreative

      @MikeMathis and where are you seeing that ANYBODY has said the New Hampshire Poll is unfair??

    • cliffy827

      @MikeMathis Then why keep posting on boards like this? Doesn’t seem logical to me.

  • Ryanoceros

    Ron got little time, as usual, but he doesn’t need more time to convince sane people that we need to end the status quo.

  • itgperformance

    Did anyone else catch what that guy in the audience was yelling about? Seemed to be directed at Rick Santorum. I heard F bombs being dropped.

    • Ryanoceros


      I couldn’t tell either.

      • fpearson

        I heard something about homosexual I think. He was either upset with Santorum for championing the rights of gays around the world as a reason for our troops to die or a gay storming the debate yelling because Santorum is considered the most socially conservative.

        • Ryanoceros


          Hopefully it will be on the news. Or maybe someone will YouTube it.

      • goromney

        He was in the audience a few rows up from me. He stood up and asked why none of the candidates would sign a pledge to repeal don’t ask don’t tell. Some of the bodyguards (christie’s, perry’s, bachmann’s or maybe paul’s) removed him and he started to yell don’t tase me b$tch just to get attention…the security guards weren’t doing anything other than escorting him out. What a sad, small man

    • RhiannaDefee

      I couldn’t make it out either hopefully someone will.

    • Peoples_Icon

      @itgperformance It was probably someone who got tired of hearing about Pizza.

      • Ryanoceros

        @[email protected] lol

        Yeah I thought I heard something like,”I hate Pineapple on my pizza!”

    • Independent_Thought

      @itgperformance I heard something about “gay soldier”, I think he was mad about the other crowd booing at the last debate.

    • PaulaMolone

      they were yelling at him about gay rights cause he was talking about the family being threatened.. . if you think about it if everyone was gay we wouldnt pro create. How do two men have babies? HAS TO HAVE A WOMAN SOMEWHERE

      • BonBonHi

        @PaulaMolone if you are a a raging femanizi like Rosie O’donell she would say Adopt a third world baby. We both know this is not the answer and God ment for man and woman to intermingle with one another not the Sodom and Gamorah (sp) going on today.

    • PaulaMolone

      @itgperformance santorum was talking bout the family being threatened and someone was worried bout gays. hmm how ca ntwo men pro create? if everyone was gay human race would fade out. not a happy thought guys