Watch the Full Bloomberg & Washington Post GOP Debate

Bloomberg Television and The Washington Post, in partnership with WBIN-TV and host Dartmouth College, presented the first debate of the 2012 campaign focused exclusively on the economy, debt, taxes, trade and jobs. Moderator Charlie Rose was joined by Washington Post political correspondent Karen Tumulty and Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman.

Participants: Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Fmr. Regional Federal Reserve Chairman Herman Cain, Fmr Speaker Newt Gingrich, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Fmr Massachussets Governor Mitt Romney, Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Fmr Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, Fmr Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.


  • ProudTEX

    Thanks Dr. Paul for schooling Cain. He should’ve known his bosses.

  • kenwcreative

    Herman Cain = BUSTED!! LOL

  • zadoc.paet

    Let’s get the vote out!POLL: Who won the October 11th GOP New Hampshire (Darmouth College / Bloomberg TV) debate?Vote:

  • ProudTEX

    Excellent question Dr. Paul. Here is Hernam Cain statement about Fed-reserve

  • Ryanoceros

    It’s always fixed at these debates, but us wise people see through that anyway.

    Ron Paul is still winning in the poll of who will win the debate tonight.

    • Peoples_Icon

      @Ryanoceros Can you provide me with a link to the poll?

  • Peoples_Icon

    I had to stop watching this. I found myself getting more and more irritated with how they’re treating Paul like he doesn’t exist nor does anything he says has any credibility. Cain just lied by denying his own comments, you won’t hear anything about that of course.

  • silvermullet

    I wish they’d ask Ron Paul a few questions because he would school all of these keynesians.

  • Irene Contreras


  • Jeremy Giaco

    i dont see it on tv…

  • LibertyNow

    Romney is defending TARP!

  • random_task

    @grayrough I’ve looked at your comment history and you’ve spent the past three days consistently replying back to Ron Paul supporters with your obvious dislike for him as a candidate and his policies.

    You do realize that you’d make more progress walking in the opposite direction of an escalator, right? Why not canvas your neighborhood for the candidates you do support as opposed to trying to convince the already convinced about their choices– because seriously, you’re either deliberately trolling or have a 30 second memory on whether or not you made it a point to post your opinion about Dr. Paul.

    Do we know you don’t like him? Yes! Do we know why you linger around forums that support him, leaving comments that you somehow in earnest believe will change another’s opinon about Dr. Paul? Uh, not really. Do you have a lot of free time dedicated to eschewing the same rhetoric in places where it has little to no effect other than annoying others? Most definitely!

    Please, for the sake of yourself and others, step away from the computer or put your phone down. It’s just an uphill batter dude if you keep going here— CALM DOWN!

  • GrahamDugas

    Cain (named after the first murderer) wanted to start at a lower percentage than 9% for his plan but 6-6-6 was already taken

  • LibertyNow

    Ron Paul should have said that Herman Cain is not only an apologist for the Federal Reserve, but was the actual Chairman of its Kentucky branch!!

    • LibertyNow

      He just did! Thanks Ron…

      • kenwcreative

        @LibertyNow And Herman Cain just lied.

  • LibertyNow

    Looks like Bachmann and Perry aged about 10 years each… must be the lighting…!

  • LibertyNow

    Looks like Bachmann and Perry aged about 10 years… must be the lighting…!

  • RobertAPorrazzo


  • RobertAPorrazzo

    Hmm, that “female” Compost heap reporter interrupts Bachmann.

  • RobertAPorrazzo

    In case any of you are wondering about WBIN-TV. That is a New Hampshire based independent TV station, formerly under the call letters of WNDS-TV, then a My Network station as WZMY. The WBIN calls come from station owner Bill BINnie, whose Carlisle One Media, Inc. runs the staiton licensed to Derry, NH.

  • RobertAPorrazzo

    I am watching this debate in CT on Bloomberg…and in High Definition. Not that it matters.

  • Bobby Gramz