Dr. Ron Paul: Protect Life, Protect Liberty

Dr. Ron Paul. More than 4,000 babies delivered. A man of faith, committed to protecting life.

Ron Paul: This whole notion of life not being valuable just is something I was never able to accept.

I happened to walk into an operating room where they were doing an abortion on a late pregnancy. They lifted out a small baby that was able to cry and breathe, and they put it in a little bucket and put it in a corner of the room, and pretended it wasn’t there.

I walked down the hallway and a baby was born early, slightly bigger than the baby they just put in the bucket, they wanted to save this baby. So they might have had ten doctors in there doing everything conceivable.

Who are we to decide that we pick and throw one away and pick up and struggle to save the other ones? Unless we resolve this and understand that life is precious and we must protect life, we can’t protect liberty.


  • Nina Martino

    I met a man on Friday 10/14/11 who was delivered by Doctor/Congressman Ron Paul. “:O)

  • Timothy Meagher

    why did he get outraged seeing a “Baby in a bucket” I wan tot like you Ron Paul..but sometime you are a bit freaky. Why didnt yopu change the laws back then regarding “Late pregnancey Abortions” huh???

  • Bernardo Emerick

    Everyone who favors abortion should consider that they themselves could have been aborted. It’s so easy to endorse abortion when you were not a victim of this genocide!

    • grayrough

      @Bernardo Emerick

      Everyone who favors abortion should consider that they could be lying in a bed unconcious to the world around them with half a brain and three legs and six hands.

      Or they should think of the possibility of it being them as a baby being thrown into a garbage can and left to die of starvation or freezing to death.

      Then on the other hand, as caring and responsible adults who value life over religious superstition. We should consider how they had to bury the mother with the fetus still in her body because she died for need of a therapeutic abortion.

      And then after all, we should maybe begin to moderate our approach to something that is sensibe when it comes to abortions, rather than continue to insist that the unborn fetus trumps every other consideration.

      And then we would start acting like decent people.

  • Rex Brock

    Someone needs to protect his eyebrows!

  • Terie Cooper

    Defund “Planned Parenthood” IE MURDER INCORPORATED!

  • Terie Cooper

    I can not stand being a part of the leached off of to see my taxes or any part of them being paid to an agency that is escentally a Natzi based one against unborn human beings! I read up on ol’ Margaret Sanger and she was Adolf Hitler’s inspiration as a writer put it, but she sure isn’t mine! Where did she get off thinking that society should abort anyone of color or lesser quality of body or mind! What arrogance so gripped her that her heart was unable to grow any larger than an ameba? The tax money this stupid agency has recieved in all it’s time, against the will of God fearing and faithful people should be remeburst to the American public but it won’t bring back the lives of the children or the Mothers conned into believing that abortion was some kind of option, only to find out that the price was grief for the loss of the baby that was an important part of their very own soul! When my daughter was expecting her second child, she was under some stress and started to show signs of it, in an ER the doctor calously told her that she was loosing it and he could do the proceedure that afternoon. She and her husband decided not to listen to his shpeel, THANK GOD and my new Grandson is a real live wire who is so cute that he is drop dead gorgeous like his older sis! I read that doctors where being paid a bonus for every abortion they talked women into! A price on the head of an unborn? Yes! Great Idea Obama! YOU STUPID CLOWN FOR A PREISDENT! And RON YOU CAN TELL HIM FOR ME THAT HE HAD BETTER AVOID CONVERSATION WITH ME! Because I could give him one hell of a bawling out for being a stupid idiot self centered MONSTER! NO MORE FASCISIM and I highly resent one more cent being given to that disgusting Plannned Parenthood farce or any doctor who would take that blood money bonus for the life of an innocent baby! God have mercy on those small minded and hearted fiends in ERS and govenrment! Amen

  • Phillip Waldner

    I love ron Paul but I hate this act. He makes you wonder if he did anything about the baby that was put in the bucket. It mind of what this ad should be about. Dont air it.

  • Lucas Yarbrough

    Its amazing to see the look on the faces of people I explain ron paul to! Its like Christmas for most of them. I love spreading the message of liberty.. Its really about all of us.. Even those people who unknowingly just try to make their way every hard day!! Dont judge.. Wake em up!!

  • Lucas Yarbrough

    Just woke one up!

  • Caroline Maul


  • Caroline Maul

    So far, a couple peeps got it right. He was reflecting on the contradictions in society….save one but not both when both were equally as viable. Not often does Dr. Paul share his personal views on such a personal, ethical & moral subject matter. When human life is viable, when is it no longer considered as “property”? We ostracize teenagers who toss their newborns into toilets & trash while in panic, shock, & fear, demanding harsh sentences against them because they should have easily given them up for adoption. But it’s supposed to be legally acceptable to throw away a third term live birth baby into a bucket & left to die by starvation, suffocation, or to the elements? Where is the empathy towards the creation of a human life when it can so easily be saved to possibly give infertile couples a chance to be a parent from a child’s infancy?

    Most late term abortions are done when there is no direct threat to the life of the mother. And it is true that some of Dr.Paul’s supporters really don’t understand his ideals thoroughly, and to be honest, IMO they are a blight to his campaign. He’s for limited government based on cutting the fat, so to speak, on many fed departments & programs so to increase state revenues, not because the states should run everything. There’s just some things you can’t trust the states to control. I don’t agree entirely on all his suggestions, such as the flat tax. But he is the only true & TRUSTING GOP candidate running, & I so admire how noble & consistant he has been all these years.

    Also, if he gets on the ticket, Obama will appreciate reflecting on his ideas because there is one thing that can’t be denied, and that is our government is due for a revolution. All the other candidates are either scarey Christian jihadists, borderline facisis, or have nothing to offer but old, crusty ideals from the Republican Party of Yester-year.

  • Ty Morning Bull

    I’m Canadian. N I’d vote for Ron Paul!!

  • Sara Steiner-jackson

    I was a big Ron Paul supporter until he said he would overturn Roe v. Wade and talked all his Christian crap…

  • Johnny Gallardo

    Go Paul!

  • PhillipWaldner

    I love Ron Paul but I don’t like the new ad. It makes me wonder about what he did when he say what was happening to the baby in the bucket, not about his position. I am willing to bet, someone is going to ask him what he did, and lets hope he has an amazing answer waiting.

    • TAC


      Dr. Paul tells this story in The Revolution: A Manifesto and probably in other writings as well. If I recall correctly, he was a resident at the time and not in a position where he could do anything for this baby.

      God bless you Ron Paul, for honestly researching and unwaveringly standing up for your beliefs. On points where I respectfully disagree with you, I still trust your message because of your wisdom, integrity, consistency, and optimism for America. I know you will fight for truth and liberty for ALL people: newborn (and unborn), aged, healthy, terminally ill, Christian, Muslim, U.S. citizens or not.

      I don’t know what else we can ask from a candidate. GO PAUL 2012!

      • grayrough


        And dog bless you TAC for making excuses for Ron Paul’s standing there listening to that crying baby in a bucket. It’s something that I would never be able to do, regardless of any excuses. Nothing excuses his being an accessory to murder.

        Or maybe Ron Paul justs made it all up to get the sympathies of the fringers like you TAC? I sure hope so because I can’t stand the thought of what ‘HE’ did. Why TAC, you would think He was playing gods wouldn’t you!

        • Pete4wood

          @grayrough Gray, come on……. get a life.

      • Pete4wood

        @TAC Hey, thanks for that answer Philip. I figured it to something like that.

        GO RON!

      • Pete4wood

        @TAC LOL sorry… I meant TAC

    • grayrough


      Ron Paul doesn’t care about babies in buckets near as much as he cares about spewing hot button comments to gullible idiots.

      • Pete4wood

        @grayrough Ok, you’re a troll. I see it now. Who do you work for? Hmmm?


        • grayrough


          If pointing out that Ron Paul stood by when he heard a living baby crying from a bucket in the corner then I guess I’m a troll for sure. A murderer and an accesory to murder I can’t be accused of either. And I favor women having a free choice!

        • Pete4wood

          @grayrough Yiu sound kind of bitter there gray. I said, I’m pro choice too. Ron Paul would never legislate any laws to take free choice away, I don’t think tou know enough about him or you would know that. Either study him or get a life. I don’t know what you mean to prove here, but whatever it is………….


        • CarlaRae

          @[email protected] If you ‘favor’ women being able to murder their own children or have them murdered with impunity, you are guilty of every one of those murders. You can kid yourself all day long but it won’t change the facts. Women who murder their babies or hire hit men in white lab coats to do it for them are murderers nonetheless. And if you agree in ANY way that that is okay, you are just as guilty as they are of murder.

        • Pete4wood

          Carla…. I have not seen anyone here say that they favor murder. Twist this discussion much? Btw has God given you a robe and set you on the bench? Follow your own God’s rules and stop judging. That’s God’s job correct? You have your opinion, I have mine and others have theirs. I think something this personal is between a woman and her God. That’s how it should be in a FREE country. Don’t like living in a free country? Be my guest and find another that’s more controlling of their population. But here in the United States, don’t tell me or my wife what to do. For you to sit there pointing the finger at others that think differently than you, calling them all murders is a little over the top.There are various reasons that a woman might choose to abort, one of them being health reasons. I could turn this around and accuse you of the same…. seeing as you don’t care how many women die due to complications. Do I think late abortions are good? No but I don’t have the right to force what I think onto another person. Speaking of white lab coats, you should be careful before those people in white coats come for you. I don’t think it’s quite normal to be accusing people that you don’t know of being murderers. That’s a big fail.

        • Pete4wood

          Forgot to say this Carla, If I remember correctly, I think God gave human beings free choice. If you don’t like free choice, take it up with God. Don’t believe in abortions? That’s fine as long as you apply it to your own life. People aren’t going to force you to do what you don’t want and that’s how it should be. I have an idea, how about you go out and adopt some of these kids in orphanages. This is one good example of why religion should never mix with politics. Also another good reason why I stay away from church people. They don’t set good examples, but they do love sitting there pompously telling us all what to do. It’s the thing that makes people run away as fast as they can from churches. Try taking your anger and putting it to better use.

  • RonaldKraemer

    ron you called the baby that was put in the bucket. it I ave loved your campaign adds that I have seen so far. but that it word just takes all of the power out of the messege you are trying to convey here. I would not use this… video and dont think its going to help you win.

    • grayrough


      YOu’re right Ronald but Ron is not aiming it at people like you. He has to pander to the fukking crazies too and talking about babies in buckets is a way to get to the fringe. Ron should understand that he already has the fringe and doesn’t have to go overboard with the made up rhetoric. And besides, it doesn’t make Ron Paul look good when it’s inferred that he left the living baby in the bucket. Why Ronald, it makes Ron Paul himself an accessory tot the murder of a baby!!!!

  • Chris Murray

    Well i could care less, people are allowed to have opinions so if he strongly opposes the idea but will not push paperwork to make it illegal then that is something that will earn my respect all day long. I would just be worried about the states being able to strip our rights away.

  • Lloyd Cross

    sorry to say it looks more abd more like money ,has taken the lead before Life.

  • Michael Sepulveda

    The world needs you more than ever now Ron and if the media and the GOP keep you from the nomination then run as an independent! We can’t survive without the changes you will bring. If people think Occupying Wall St. Is a big deal, wait until the rest of the wheels come off on this country!

  • Cassie Duncan

    His opinion being posted isn’t the same as him saying that he’s going to use the law to control what people can do concerning abortion. I think this is more of an effort to inform people, and everyone should be informed of exactly what abortion is. That is all. If they decide after they have all the info that an abortion is still something they support, then that is their right, but getting angry at someone for saying their opinion, or sharing one experience is not reasonable. Please don’t be angry, be aware.