Dr. Ron Paul: Protect Life, Protect Liberty

Dr. Ron Paul. More than 4,000 babies delivered. A man of faith, committed to protecting life.

Ron Paul: This whole notion of life not being valuable just is something I was never able to accept.

I happened to walk into an operating room where they were doing an abortion on a late pregnancy. They lifted out a small baby that was able to cry and breathe, and they put it in a little bucket and put it in a corner of the room, and pretended it wasn’t there.

I walked down the hallway and a baby was born early, slightly bigger than the baby they just put in the bucket, they wanted to save this baby. So they might have had ten doctors in there doing everything conceivable.

Who are we to decide that we pick and throw one away and pick up and struggle to save the other ones? Unless we resolve this and understand that life is precious and we must protect life, we can’t protect liberty.


  • Em Finn

    Politicians lie.
    It is their primary technique, toward their primary goal (Self aggrandizement).

    However, most politicians are smart enough not to put easily checked up, easily discovered lies on their own websites.

    Save the BS for the rubes RP. This sort of nonsense will only be believed by those too stupid to think, and will lose you every swing and/or intelligent voter in the country.

  • John Tuttle

    If he’s in favor of term limits, why has he been in office for 67 years?

  • Gloria Long

    The answer to abortion is ADOPTION. There are thousands of couples searching for newborns to adopt. I know a womans body is her own but what about the body of the newborn? What if that had been you put in a can to die? I really think people need to take responsibility for their actions and allow this human being to be adopted by loving parents.

    • Laura Blacksin

      Adoption is not a compromise between abortion and keeping it, and it should not be considered that way. Women don’t get abortions because they do not care about the future of their unborn. This is a HUGE mistaken assumption on society’s part. You don’t just go, “Tra la la, well, I was going to abort it anyway! Here, have my newborn! Back to normal life like nothing ever happened now!”

      It doesn’t work that way. Abortions are decided upon because pregnancy is a VERY serious health condition that can disable, maim, or kill you. This isn’t something you decide to undertake lightly. It’s NOT “just 9 months.” Some people really cannot physically handle or have circumstances that can support a pregnancy for variety of reasons, and they do not consider giving up their children into adoption to be a moral choice.

      Plus abortions are typically done in the first trimester at 6-8 weeks when the embryo is the size of a pea to a lima bean, barely looks human, with no consciousness, no sentience, no awareness, and no sense of pain. So there is no comparison. I have no idea what Paul saw, but that is NOT normal. Don’t be fooled. A late term abortion is VERY different and very rare from an early term abortion. Those are rare and done only because something has gone seriously wrong with the pregnancy. Remember, he practiced mostly before Roe v. Wade. His story is very sketchy with a lot missing, because abortions were not legal or widely available during his years of practice as a doctor.

      And finally, I don’t consider myself more important than my mother. If my mom had decided that abortion of the pregnancy I developed in was the best for her, then the idea doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Her life, her rights, her happiness, and her body are important enough to me that I’d gladly give up my life for them.

  • WhoAreYou

    skip to about 2:15 to get to the abortion part


  • Nick Smith

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  • SovereignGlobalist

    I had to revisit Youtube to encourage myself by seeing Ron Paul’s Real estate bubble predictions. I am a pure libertarian and atheist. Abortion should be a choice, although not government funded. I have contributed to Dr. Paul’s campaigns and will make the final one for this year (2011) in a couple days and I will vote for him in my state’s primary, but I will again immediately switch to the Libertarian Party.

  • Pete4wood

    I know grayrough, one thing though….. you need to understand that he probably WASN’T ALLOWED to do that. Interfere with what the hospital did, I mean. There are laws that could’ve got him into trouble for doing it, I understand though. But I have a feeling that when he went home for the evening he most likely shed some tears over that.We all have jobs with certain orders or protocol that we must follow if we wnat to continue doing what we do. I’m pro choice, but I still like Ron because I know his heart’s in the right place. I know that he’s “honest.” And to tell you the truth, I think he’s one of ONLY a handful that actually “understands” and cares about this country.

    • grayrough


      Thanks for making up an excuse for why Ron Paul had to stand by and watch and listen to a baby in a bucket i the corner. But really Pete, I think he made the whole story up. I don’t see it possible that they were doing abortions and and having a team of doctors working to save a baby in the same room. Ron is appealing to the fringe suckers this time.

      • Pete4wood

        @grayrough No excuses made. The truth is enough. If you had paid any kind of attention, you would have heard him say that he walked down the hall to another room. Get over it. You are trolling. You have some issues if you think he made up anything like that. Any other political forums you can troll? I don’t think that with your additude, discussion will go anywhere. Sorry. Have a good life.

        GO RON!

  • grayrough

    Now tell us Ron Paul, why you let yourself become an accessory to murder when you didn’t take that living, crying, breathing baby out of the bucket? Huh?

    I’m for a woman’s right to choose in sensible and limited circumstances but I’m not for murder such as the sort you stood and witnessed Ron Paul.

    Who among your supporters would have done the same as you did Ron Paul? That is, stand idly by and listen to a baby’s crying from a bucket in the corner of the room?


    • CarlaRae

      @Paulist If you are in ANY way for the ability of a woman to CHOOSE to murder her own child, then the answer to your question is YOU. YOU would have stood by and let that baby die.

  • Veronica Varela

    If I could vote I would vote for you Mr.Ron Paul. You are very rooted in what you believe and are not afraid to say it like it is. I watched you (for the first time) in the Tea Party debate in Florida, you are like no other politician I have ever heard before. You are real – Wise, Sincere and Honest to the core. I wish you the best.

  • Austin Clark
  • Mike Wilson

    Ron Paul – An honest politician who clearly states his views – what a unique idea. I wish you (and us) the best President Ron Paul !!!!

  • Keith Yahnke

    Sorry for the mispelling, Damn touch screen phone.

  • Keith Yahnke

    Derek, you do realise that he is not your average rep. And if you’re fed up with economic I.equality, and still do t want Ron Paul, then you really don’t know what he stands for….

    He wants a true free market, he is the only candidate he isn’t paid for by big corporations.

  • Derek Piquard

    Lucas, I understand that a candidate must be associated with one of the two major parties in order to compete as a “real” candidate, so I guess I misspoke when I said i don’t know why he is on the republican ticket. I guess what i mean is that it just seems like he kinda sold out by signing on with the GOP. I like Ron Paul and agree with most of what he stands for. However, I am also fed up with the economic inequality in our country. I don’t vote based on party…I vote for what I feel is best for the country. Right now I’m not sure giving power back to Republicans is what’s best for the common man.

  • Josh Moree

    The best stance on abortion I ever heard was on a bumper sticker: “If you don’t agree with abortions, don’t have one.”

  • Lucas Yarbrough

    @ derek.. Read ralph naders crashing the party.. You will then realize why you must run as either repub or dem.. The two parties have made it almost impossible to challenge for the presidency if youre a third party..

  • Scottie Sharpe

    I love Dr Paul and will vote for him. However we do not agree on this topic. A woman’s right to choose what happens inside her body can not be denied!

  • Lon Zieger

    Ron Paul, you are the best!!!!!!!

  • Derek Piquard

    @Terie…that was a couple of the longest, most epic run-on sentences of all time. Do you believe everything you read and hear, or are you capable of critical thinking and forming an opinion of your own? If you think President Obama is doing such a terrible job, I would very much like to hear your opinion of how Jon McCain and that dolt Palin would have done anything better. Open your eyes…you are playing into their game. The republican party does not have your best interest in mind. They are working for the 1%…that’s where the money is. I’m not even sure what Dr. Paul is doing on the Republican ticket, because he seems to be the opposite of what they stand for in most ways. I like him, but I dispise his party.

  • Matt Traum

    Killing a human is murder.