Poll: Who Won the CNN & Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate?

Who won the debate?

  • Ron Paul (94%, 10,338 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (2%, 243 Votes)
  • Newt Gingrich (2%, 179 Votes)
  • Herman Cain (1%, 165 Votes)
  • Rick Perry (0%, 41 Votes)
  • Michele Bachmann (0%, 31 Votes)
  • Rick Santorum (0%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,028

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  • JosephDougherty

    @[email protected] “whack him with a stick” I believe you said, and you are accusing of insult? Here’s one: Are you missing a chromosome?

  • WilliamWyttenbach

    Baring a miracle…the managing behind the scene IMF/ World Bankers who own the Dem/ Republicans….same coin just two different sides….same coin…it is unlikely that Dr. Paul will get the Republican nomination…….I hope he does….if not he should strongly consider splitting off into Revolution third independent party… Baring vote fraud ( which is really real….meaning everyone voting for Dr. Paul NEEDS to vote absentee ballot; certified mail return receipt requested send in to precinct AND CM/ R3 notarized copy to Dr. Paul…..undeniable proof of vote… a serious suggestion….to consider…

    It is NOT an economy problem…it is a Printing press problem by the non Federal Federal Reserve Bank… The solution is Hour Bills…..1/2, 1/4, 1/8th,….. based on an hour of labor…something of value…DEBT free…like Ithaca, NY……barter script….

    Technically, President Paul CAN and COULD issue an Executive Order to Order his One Trillion cut plan….President Lincoln NEVER rescinded Marshall Law after the Civil War…It is STILL in effect ( factual proof at http://www.teamlaw.org ) thus the ONLY reason why Executive Orders lawfully exist…

    William H. Wyttenbach, M.D. Honorably discharged, USAF Anesthesiologist, Pain Medicine, Emergency Medicine… This once great nation needs a healer and this healer is Dr. Ron Paul


  • MarcSivam

    Ron Paul is intellectually interesting, and practically completely unreal! No Taxes??? Really?? REALLY??? That’s about the stupidest statement anyone can make. Who’s paying for schools, roads, services, public libraries, parks, fountains, July4th, … the list is endless.

    The danger in this country is everyone is getting intellectually lazy – think and investigate for yourselves, people! Don’t take a politician’s or a media outlet’s view point as gospel. EVERYONE HAS AN AGENDA – AND YOU DON’T FIGURE IN IT!

    • mtibell

      You obviously didn’t read his plan to solve the problems.

      Taxes is no magic. It’s the money government can spend at your expense. In most cases government is ineffective and lack knowledge about the local problems. Ron Paul simply says that the people and the free market will do a better job.

    • RobertLee

      I believe Ron is talking about No Federal Taxes. He wants to give the power back to the States. The things you listed are things the States and local governments could pay for with their taxes. I am just wondering about things that only the Fed Government can provide. How will defense be paid for if the income tax is gone? I know we will have less spending on wars and overseas bases which is not bad because I think we should not be spending money on wars. We should only be defending our own country not everyone else.

    • grayrough


      Good one Marc but these people want to hear happy, happy, feel good buzz words from Ron. The go to bed at night and dream about not having to pay any taxes. They must think that the god or gods will provide everything that taxes provide. It’s utter foolishness.

      • JosephDougherty

        @[email protected] Gray, please move to France. We fought the Monarchy to keep our money back during a little thing called the revolutionary war. The power is supposed to be to the states, plus block grants for programs, once again to the states. The only way you could defend an unconstitutional unapportioned tax on Americans is if you are on welfare. Are you?

        • karlof1

          @[email protected]@MarcSivam Sorry, but taxation is within the realm of the 1787 constitution as congress can make whatever law it deems necessary and proper to fulfill the 1787 constitution’s rationale as declared in its Preamble.

        • JosephDougherty

          @[email protected]@MarcSivam Right, but if only federal taxes were paying for the virtues stated in the preamble that would be great, much of which has been left to interpretation, and with disregard to the 16th ammendment we live with unapportioned federal taxation. I think the realization of this fact is bearing fruit, finally… tea party movements, the heaviest liberaterianism we’ve seen and distrust of government as shown in census polling.

        • karlof1

          @[email protected]@MarcSivam

          “…. much of which has been left to interpretation,…” Ah…. and therein lies the rub. I recall a line written by a pamphleteer during the debate over ratification of the 1787 constitutional coup that essentially said Electing representatives is fine, but then they must be watched constantly lest they dip their hand in your purse. [Damn character limit}

        • karlof1

          @[email protected]@MarcSivam Continued: I suggest consideration of this fact: We the People, in whose name the federal government was supposedly formed and acts for as per the Preamble, have never actually controlled the federal government, and have thus never been consulted on matters of interpretation, along with the waging of war, the building of Empire and other important questions. Do please examine the document created in 1787 at Philadelphia, look at what it created, and ask yourself if it’s an authoritarian or democratic document, while recalling that the document in question did NOT contain the first 10 amendments.

    • WilliamWyttenbach

      @MarcSivam If you are as intellectual as you infer…go read http://www.CAFRman.com a Retired USAF Colonel…..ONLY 20% of EVERY dollar you donate (are extorted in taxes) are spent on the “Budget” 80% are put into slush funds managed by trustees ( the banks)…LOL it sounds insane but true….In 2000 under Freedom of Information I got the Hidalgo County, TX CAFR just the county alone had 17 Million dollars slushed away….that doesn’t COUNT every city, every Independent School district has their OWN CAFR…. William Wyttenbach, M.D.

      • WilliamWyttenbach

        @MarcSivam I forgot to share…CAFR stands for Comprehensive Annual Financial Report….W. Wyttenbach, M.D.

        • JosephDougherty

          @[email protected] thanks for sharing, this is sweet info… 🙂

    • JosephDougherty

      @MarcSivam Marc, if you are a homeowner you know that your PROPERTY taxes already pay for schools. Think about everything you mentioned, except national parks, Fed taxes do not pay for those things. Check out some Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize Winner, he is a renowned economist who was in favor of tax abolitionism and free markets which in every instance throughout history led to a more prosperous society. “when you put equality before freedom, you get neither, when you put freedom before equality, you get a great deal of both” Socialism and over taxing leads to NO middle class as we see in most third world country dictatorships, and many societies throughout history, leading to very poor and very rich only. It’s very interesting, check it out.

      • Liberty

        @[email protected] Great revelation. Property taxes will pay for the teachers, firemen, and police.

        And the amount of time that Grayrough spends blogging on Ron Pauls website is lost time on Obama’s website for convincing the Independents to elect him again. Independents helped Obama win but, guess who they are now supporting?

        Ron Paul 2012

    • Pape

      Future President Paul is talking about a FEDERAL INCOME TAX, everything you just mentioned is a local or state tax with the exception of roads, so all your local services would still be paid for through taxes.

    • TelFiRE

      @MarcSivam You are about the stupidest statement anyone can make. You should do your research before you go crying crazy. First off, he isn’t offering to repeal it he clearly said he wishes to work towards that as an ultimate goal. Most of our time as a country has been spent without an income tax. It is not unrealistic.

      All of this pointless spending is what’s unrealistic. Printing money every time we need to pay off a debt is unrealistic.

      Ron Paul’s agenda has been made clear to everyone by now. He’s got 45 years banked. You’ve got absolutely nothing to go off on the claim that the American people don’t factor into his agenda. He has fought for our freedoms tooth and nail longer than you’ve probably been alive.

    • RandyRinaldo

      Please be advised and study real historical facts.


    • Mr Liberty

      No federal income taxes, our roads are paid for with a tax on gasoline, Police, fire schools are paid by the state. At the state level the citizens have power to control the state in the form of propositions. We don’t have any power at the federal level.

      Three questions: How much do you pay in federal income taxes?

      Are you happy with what they have done with it?

      Did you approve of 700 billion in TARP going to the banks?

      The ONLY candidate that will give us something different is Ron Paul

    • MattHowell

      @MarcSivam no income tax you moron there will still be corporate tax ……. you are braindead and obviously cant read which makes me wonder why should we bother spending so much on public school if they keep churning out sheep/morons like you

  • DerekRoman

    THE GOVT DOES NOT OWN MY PAYCHECK! And rather than bring the troops home and close all the USA bases overseas and returning to some sort of gold standard…Herman Cain wants to create a NEW TAX….Ron Paul wants you to keep 100% of your money, because YOU know how to spend it better then the Fed Govt does.

  • AlliKatxoxo

    I stand beside you fellow Patriots, we must restore America back to its core principles. Thrive and prosper by eliminating these foreign bankster thugs!Ron Paul 2012 PeaceProsperityAuditing the CORRUPT Federal Reserve [printing their valueless paper money]ACCOUNTABILITY! TRANSPARENCY!Effectively END these disgusting, illegal WARS [fathers, mothers and children murderous WARS.]

  • dawid

    Hey guys, what is up with the newsmax polls? They must be baised.

  • mtibell

    I think Dr. Paul did very well. Have you noticed the joy in him in the recent interviews? Something big is about to happen!

  • jondavis
  • Liberty_man

    How about a campaign to get fair coverage from CNN?

    I left email with both CNN and Anderson Cooper expressing my disappointment with the way the Ron Paul was denied his closing statement in tonight’s debate in Vegas. I also left a phone comment as well at: 404-827-1500.

    Then after making my online donation, I called the CNN breaking news line at: 404-827-1500, and informed them of the breaking news that Ron Paul’s money bomb had raised about $100,000 in about 38 minutes.

    I suggest that all Ron Paul supporters flood CNN with both comments and breaking news about the money bomb.

    By the way, here are my email comments to CNN and Anderson Cooper:

    Dear Anderson Cooper,

    As an registered voter, I thought it was totally shameful the way the you denied Ron Paul his closing statement in tonight’s debate in Vegas. I further observed that you pretended that Ron Paul doesn’t exist during your coverage in the spin room which is where you should have been issuing an on-air apology to Ron Paul, and the viewers of the debate. I urge you to do the right thing and give Ron Paul a five minute segment on CNN tomorrow to explain how he will defeat Obama in the 2012 election. Furthermore, I urge you to also give Ron Paul a ten minute segment to explain the details of his Restore America plan… It’s the only fair and right thing to do… Do the right thing!!!

    • sandrabaughman09

      @Liberty_man I did the same thing right after the debate. Almost the same wording.

      • Liberty_man

        Great to hear it Sandra!!!

        Attention all Ron Paul supporters… The squeaky wheel gets the oil… We have the numbers to shutdown the switchboards at CNN, the O’Reilly Factor, or anybody else that we choose…

        How about some coordinated MEDIA “CALL IN” BOMBS???…

        If 10,000 or more of us start dropping coordinated MEDIA “CALL IN” BOMBS the media will get tired of us and STOP BLACKING OUT RON PAUL… WE CAN DO THIS… WHO IS WITH ME???

  • trebmalpm

    Facebook poll would be an interesting experiment…


  • dabutchur

    Ridiculous. Since they do not let Paul speak, make sure you speak for him tomorrow during the Black This Out money bomb.

    • trebmalpm

      @dabutchur This is a different world than it was in 2008. I expect big things to happen on Paul’s road to the white house…

      • dabutchur

        @trebmalpm I pray you are right

  • Comet

    November 5, 2011

    Close your Corporate Bank accounts and join a Credit Union!




  • RobertLee

    I think Ron did good but he needs more time to talk in these debates.

  • RobertLee

    I think Ron did great but should have got more time to talk.

  • not2bad

    Ron my man. You gotta get your staff and yourself after these biased, slanted, deceitful media sheepdogs. It’s still early, but although you don’t act like the others. grab the bull by the horns and make them take attention and give you the respect that you deserve. We all lose if you lose.

  • dawid
    • trebmalpm

      @dawid Notice how CNN didn’t put up a poll because they don’t want to see the real frontrunner.

  • dawid

    Ron Paul all the way!!!

  • TerryCiano

    as usual Dr. Paul decimated his opponents and also as usual they pretended he did not exist on the debate closing analysis.

  • JosephHutchinson

    The debate rules were biased in that you had less time to speak if the other candidates did not refer to you. For the most part the other candidates shunned Dr. Paul for this reason. So the debate was mostly Mitt and Rick arguing over who was the biggest fuckup. Dr. Paul…you need to assert yourself a little more. Sling some mud dude!

    • DavisBrandon

      I agree, he must become more aggressive during debates.

  • DavisBrandon

    As usual, Ron Paul got ignored at the end!!

    Santorum: They didn’t let you respond.

    Ron Paul: They never do.