Ron Paul Highlights – CNN & Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate

  • Phillyronpaulsupporter

    Israel is only our friend when it benefits Israel.. Look up all the know Israeli spies planted in the U.S. Look up the USS Liberty incident( Then tell me how much you trust this country. Duel citizenship and allegences should be outlawed in this country. Then we might not get the kind of leadership we have today…..Oh! it is outlawed. Its in the Constitution under the term Natural Born. Our country doesn’t follw that Old rag anyway.

  • halfpint1731

    @davidwi2 Hello fellow Ron Paul supporter. I couldn’t help myself and had to reply to what you mentioned about Americans supporting Israel, but without the “strings” of the Federal geovernment and regulations getting in the way, etc. What you are suggesting is, what I believe, against what Ron Paul stands for. He believes that we should treat everyone the same, “allies” or not, and that we should not be supporting other countries or their regimes without first taking care of ourselves. We can’t even take care of ourselves….we’re losing this country quickly as you know. To say that a tax deduction be allowed for any such donation to Israel….I’m sorry, but absurd! If people want to be foolish enough to donate money to Israel, (yes “foolish”) than that is on them. You are bringing the government back into the picture anyway when you say people should get a tax deduction for the donation, so it goes against what you just said in your opening sentence. If I want to support certain groups or countries….a tax deduction is not always possible….so why again do we insist on making special considerations for Israel?

    God’s blessings to you….but Israel is not the promise land.

    • davidwi2

      @halfpint1731 You missed the point of my original comment…totally. Instead of repeating myself, please read my response to Patpat’s reply to my original comment.

      I’m disappointed that I have to explain myself.

  • davidwi2

    Dr. Paul,

    Please let people know that you have no problem with Americans supporting Israel but not through the force of the federal government. Please ask your fellow candidates if they would support a constitutional amendment requiring the United States to support Israel with American tax dollars.

    Your campaign could add a “SUPPORT ISRAEL” link on your website that links Americans to an Israeli government website so Americans can make donations directly to the Israeli government bypassing a federal bureaucracy with excessive admin cost and a million strings attached.

    Also, ask your fellow candidates if they would a support a bottom line dollar for dollar tax deduction for all donations made to Israel.

    • patpat


      David why do you think America should continue partnering ISRAEL when we get virtually nothing in return? you guys receive all our money, all our military and we just get ALL THE BILLS; that’s nuts.

      You guys might be the chosen by God, BUT NOT BY US….


    • patpat


      David why do you think America should continue partnering ISRAEL when we get virtually nothing in return? you guys receive all our money, all our military and we just get ALL THE BILLS; that’s nuts.

      You guys might be the chosen by God, BUT NOT BY US….

      • davidwi2

        @patpat Patpat…Where did I say America should support Israel with tax dollars? I didn’t, however, for those that want to with their own money, what right does government have in stopping them?

        “You guys”? I’m American, not Israeli.

        The common sense conclusion that should have been realized in my original comment is not; Ron Paul should support Israel, rather, Ron Paul should explain to those American voters that do not agree AND REFUSE TO VOTE FOR HIM BECAUSE HE WON’T SUPPORT ISRAEL, that he isn’t against Americans supporting Israel with their own money and they are better off sending money to Israel directly instead of wasting a lot of it by having the government collect it first and attaching strings to it.

        Also, he should make his fellow candidates paint themselves in a corner by making them publicly confess that they refuse to honor our Constitution by supporting Israel with American tax dollars.

        Lastly, if they (as in the other candidates running for president) believe supporting Israel is so important, would they support a dollar for dollar tax deduction. The idea being they would answer “no”, making them clarifiy just how important an issue it really is to them.

        Please read my original comment again…..slowly.

        • patpat


          You indirectly say that America should support ISRAEL with tax dollars when you propose a tax deduction on money sent to ISRAEL.

          So you are an American, ok, then tell me why are you sending money to ISRAEL? are you also sending money to RWANDA or BOSNIA? sure you are not, tell us why. BTW do you have an ISRAELI passport????

          If you want to send money to ISRAEL do it on your own and PAY TAXES on it; AMERICAN TAXES.

          I can’t believe shameless people asking for money for ISRAEL when the big beneficiaries of this huge crisis created by the Federal Reserve (JEWISH PRIVATE COMPANY) are the big (ALL JEWISH)

          Banks that keep sucking our blood….

        • davidwi2

          @patpat No, patpat. I’m in favor of the Fair Tax, however, we don’t have that right now and most of the Republican candidates running for president that support Israel don’t support the Fair Tax either. Giving those two facts, I would like for Dr. Paul to ask them if they would be willing to allow direct contributions to Israel to be tax deductible. The point being, it puts them on the spot expressing how important they believe supporting Israel really is if they aren’t willing to allow it as a tax deduction.

          Patpat, I’m not sending or ever sent money to Israel, but if I want to, it’s none of your or this government’s business.

          Obviously, you hate Israel and Jews. Whatever, you’re entitled to be a bigot. I care less. You’re so drunk on hating Jews that you have missed the whole point of my original comment and I think you are a straight-up idiot. I wish to explain myself to you no further. I find it to be a waste of time. Good luck with your hate for the Jews, I hope it burns a hole in your brain.

        • patpat


          I do not hate Israel and my wife is Jewish then please SHUT-UP.

          Why should we support Israel more than other countries? why that difference? Being against any special tratment to ISRAEL or JEWISH people does not make me hate them at all.

          If you love ISRAEL so much just go to live and work there and stop bothering people here. we have BIG PROBLEMS NOW and people like you make our problems even bigger.

  • patpat

    Dr Ron,

    Can you guarantee you are going to stop the JEWISH lobby that today runs America from the White-house, Wall-Street, The Federal Reserve, the Media, etc ???

    Can you guarantee our taxes are not going to end-up on foreign pockets as they do now?Can you guarantee our Military are not going to be deployed just to protect ISRAEL interests?Can you guarantee our monetary policy is not going to be dictated by a Jewish run private company called “Federal Reserve”?

  • patpat

    Ron, you sound appealing but going with the Republicans is adefinitive a deal breaker.

    • james_george

      ron paul is not like any republicans out there, he bases much of his policy on the original declaration! And yea, we saw how “good” obama was the last three years…..

      • patpat


        What does Obama have to do here?

        I got sick of GWB and I’m terrified of thinking of another Rep in office. Aren’t you?


    The revolution will not be televised.

    People we need to start campaigning on our own. Make/buy yard signs and place them all around your hometown. Be creative. Be simple. The truth is simple. Encourage others to look at Dr. Paul’s record in comparison to the other candidates.

    It is clear that the population will not be seeing Dr. Paul on their television screens. If we want this guy to win we need to spread the word on our own. We need to do something on our own. The media, the powers that be, rely on our laziness and complacency to remain in power.

    This is not the time to be complacent. I don’t have to start in on the state of our country and how I want a better world for my children’s children.

    The time is now.

    The revolution will not be televised.

    Ron Paul 2012

    The Change You Wanted.

  • Jim C
  • Jim C
  • realitychk

    Now it is plainly obvious that even the thought of “discussing” Ron Paul’s plan is abhorent to the neocons as it will show them for what they really are. Big spenders who will stop at nothing to keep propping up the beast. That single track dickhead Perry should just shut up with his “my energy plan…my energy plan…” Like the 20 million out of work now are going to up and go be energy guys. He’s like that kid on the playground oh look mommy I made a sandcastle. Oh look mommy I can subsidize the energy industry to make a million jobs. Good for those million, but not for the country, nor for halting the growth of government or need to tax us. Cain? No thanks, he who is not trustworthy will not get me to “trust” the numbers he came up with in his plan. I really don’t think point-of-purchase increases helps anyone, no matter how much you beat 999 into my head. With the inflation we are heading to, and any time, it will kill the middle class once and for all.

  • Ziv Eitan

    Great speaking last night Congressman. I think you gained a few supporters. A few more nights like that you will have the vote.

  • Charles Felty

    the american people are finally waking up.I just pray it isn’t already too late

  • Ricky Kiel

    Consumer price index went up again yesterday, and believe it or not, I just heard the idiot on the radio say that was a good thing!!!! Wtf is wrong with people? And these are our journalists! That means our dollar value has dropped again, FOOLS!

  • Chris Olson

    Never ceases to amaze me how the media continually ignore this guy. He was the only one who said he would cut foreign aid. The rest want to continue our rediculous foreign policy and aid. He’s the only one who truly stands out. The rest are puppets…not one of them would take a stand against the federal reserve, and all our current problems stem from here.

  • harishvenkat1976

    Dr. Paul – You attacked other clowns pretty well yesterday but you let them off the hook on Foreign Policy. You did not attack them on their hypocrisy. Cain, Bachmann, Perry, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum (The AIPACers) are OK with cutting foreign aid for ALL countries EXCEPT ISRAEL!! For some reason, the stupidity of borrowing from China to give $3B to ISRAEL does not apply when it comes funding ISRAEL. We also pay interest on the $3B borrowed. Who does a country with 7.7M people need $8M a day???

    Cain, Bachmann, Perry, Romney, Gingrich, Santorum are HYPOCRITES. Dr. Paul – since the media is blocking you, you need to attack these clowns on the Debates and your countrymen and women the TRUTH! Dr. Paul – you should have mentioned why we spend even more on defense when our current Military spending is GREATER THAN TOP 17 Countries’ military spending!!

    You will ONLY get more airtime if you put other clowns on the spot during debates. For ex: Cain, Perry, Bachmann, Romney get more coverage because of their STUPID comments.

  • Danyal Damir Wahid Quinones

    seriously>>> i agree

  • Daniel Collier

    We could really use someone like Congressmen Paul down here in Australia. I truly hope he gets elected for the sake of the United States, and the example he could set for my own people/government.

  • Mathew Wachlarowicz

    Although CNN found it more pertinent to allow Mitt and Perry argue about illegal landscapers Dr. Paul offered some great debate on keeping our hard earned money in our pockets and cutting ridiculous gov spending

  • Matthew Eline

    Woot Woot!

  • Travis Galvan

    Ron Paul FTW!

  • halfpint1731

    Ron Paul….the only honest candidate.