Watch the Full CNN & Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate with Ron Paul

Full Transcript

On Wednesday the CNN and Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate took place from 8:00 – 10:00 PM ET in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum


  • Pedro Bonilla

    guess what…some latinos aren’t mexican. I am puerto rican. don’t i count as a latino vote?

  • Aaron Barnes

    Vote Ron Paul or Write him if he doesnt make the ballot

  • Kay Morgan Williams
  • Pedro Bonilla


  • Pedro Bonilla

    Who’s gonna build the fence? haha

  • Robert Marinaccio

    what the over under on someone poppin someone,just let them fight ronny

  • Robert Marinaccio

    let the idiots fight it out as they all will fall 1 by 1 & the real contender will emerge

  • Pedro Bonilla

    i thought this would be different but NOOOOOOOooooooo. it’s like playing monkey in the middle! haha

  • Nina Martino

    I feel the way Pedro

  • Pedro Bonilla

    jesus!!!!! let me know when the real debate begins!!!!!! tired of hearing mitt!!!!!

  • Kelly Smith


  • Eugene Dyer III

    Get them Ron, I know they keep skipping you but we’re with ya to the end

  • Stuart Barrett

    It’s interesting. Most of the candidates say the SAME thing every debate. We’ve gotta repeal Obama Care, we’ve gotta repeal Dod Frank. We know that. All candidates will do that. How about say WHY you’re different. Ron Paul man, he’s such a breath of fresh air.

  • Tyler Ortengren

    They hardly ever ask Ron questions or direct conversation towards him…

  • Rita AllWayzonehundred Blake


  • Johnny Larios

    apples and oranges apples and oranges apples and oranges. wait what?

  • Matthew Macik

    thank god for ron paul

  • Mitchell Lee Driver


  • waltercgi

    Come on, let’s get to the point.

  • Independent_Thought

    What a dog and pony show. Let’s get to the questions please.