Watch the Full CNN & Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate with Ron Paul

Full Transcript

On Wednesday the CNN and Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate took place from 8:00 – 10:00 PM ET in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum


  • Berrou Ammar

    his explanation on empires is so logical, he’s the only wise man between that group of HW actors

  • Anthony De Angelis

    Ron rules!!

  • Tom Stalbaum

    Every comment Ron Paul has said is legal, and in line with the Constitution.

  • Anthony De Angelis

    Great debate….once again Ron makes the rest of the panel look ridiculous!!

  • Jason Hollenbeck

    These debates are all scripted acts. Ron plays by his own truth based rules. This is why they ignore him. This is why they fear him.

    RON PAUL 2012

  • Jake Meloche

    Ron needs to quit taking the mature route, and whip his dick out and stick it in Bachmann’s mouth. Let the media black THAT out.

  • Pedro Bonilla

    would their answer change if the hostage was their family member?

  • Jasmine Bowman

    everyone else answers like they are doing a commercial or something, lots of silly nonsense chat around issues…Ron Paul is speaking the truth and challenging the status-quo fiercely tonight!

  • Sally Duhr Clifton

    In 2008 they didn’t take you seriously, 2011 they KNOW you’re serious, you remind & repeat the same points the right way EVERY TIME!..they have nothing to blame you for or call you out on!!! The others clearly are Career Politicians keeping the Party Line. They fear Ron Paul’s consistency in every area!! NOW, that said…Be Very Careful for your safety…we NEED you SO BADLY in 2012<3

  • Josh Gibson

    Anyone else notice that Ron Paul will actually answer the question he is asked. The other canidates will go off into some long drawn out story and basically disregard the question they were asked.

  • Stacey Richardson

    your were well spoken and very clear on your plan of attack unlike the others in the debate. I think you took this debate in a landslide.

  • Sean Dittman
  • John Lowe

    Also – rick perry is now over.

  • John Lowe

    Michelle bachman is dressed like a sailor. Ps – ron paul I’d looking good here.

  • Justin Henricksen

    not sure how big that stream is or how good but here’s a cnn link for a pretty good stream


  • zadoc.paet

    Between Ron Paul hitting hard and Romney smacking down on both Perry and Cain, I think this was the best debate so far!

    POLL: Who won the October 18 CNN / Western Republican Leadership Conference debate in Las Vegas, Nevada?


    • Libertarian777


      Ron Paul made the most amazing statement and everyone just went quiet afterwards.

      When they were discussing Obamacare, Ron Paul called the rest of the candidates out on their position, saying you’re wanting to replace Obamacare, a GOVERNMENT run program, with your OWN GOVERNMENT RUN program.

      Doesn’t anyone see the hypocricy?

      The audience seemed to have got it. The other contenders went silent, because they CANNOT defend government healthcare, and they know it.

  • President

    Wow, Paul is looking like a grumpy old man who is getting dismantled by the other candidates. I will no longer be voting for Paul.

    Honestly, the top candidates in the debate right now are Romney, Bachmann, Cain, and Gingrich. These candidates also have a much better opportunity in beating obama.

    • Ryanoceros

      @President Stop acting like you ever were a Ron Paul supporter. The only reason you like the others is because you are pro-criminal for President. Well, when Ron is president boo hoo for you. No more corruption and grand theft tax-payer policies. You’ll have to earn your pay like an honest man. No more Welfare for you. Get used to it!

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