Watch the Full CNN & Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate with Ron Paul

Full Transcript

On Wednesday the CNN and Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate took place from 8:00 – 10:00 PM ET in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Participants: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum


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  • MelanieJensen

    Where would I find Ron Pau’s view on the XL Keystone pipeline? I’d like to know how he feels about the 70 lakes and streams and the Oglala aquifer being put in the fate of Trans Canada?

  • Libertarian777

    I wish Ron Paul would have challenged Santorum more. Santorum said he doesn’t believe in ‘individual rights’, and that he believes in the family.

    That statement shows a complete lack of understanding of liberty.

    Ron Paul should have challenged him and asked

    “if you’re not for individual rights, does that mean you’re for ‘collectivist’ rights? otherwise known as ‘socialism'”?

    “if you believe in ‘group’ rights, then are the rights of a family greater than the rights of gay people? or are the rights of gays greater than the rights of blacks? do hispanic families have greater rights than black families?”

    Ron Paul’s statement is the truth of liberty. INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS. INDIVIDUAL liberty. As an INDIVIDUAL you have the right to associate/assemble in whatever GROUP you want, but YOU have the right, not the group. When you start giving ‘groups’ rights you end up with groups lobbying for special status. Ron Paul is the greatest champion of liberty and equality.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re muslim or christian, black or white, jew or gentile, gay or straight. Everyone gets the SAME rights, and NO ONE’s right can ursurp someone else’s right (e.g. affirmative action groups cannot force a private property owner to give up his property to a black person any more than a white supremicist group could force a black property owner to give up his property to a white person)

  • FreedomFighter2012

    R.P. could use a hand in this poll (sometimes I wonder what people are thinking)…

  • Earl1120

    Again, Dr. Paul made his points known, and no one could mount a challenge to. He continues to define his position with a clear conviction, while the remainder of the “actors” plays to the masses. I want Paul, Gingrich & Cain on a stage and let’s see how rises to the top. Outside of Dr. Paul, ther are the only two that could maintain an intelligent conversation, offering measurable points of discussion. Last nights TV show (it wasn’t a debate) does not produce information or insight to the type of president the candidate would be. Come on people; turn off the mindless blabber directed to the majority of voters who still have blinders on. I hope more people find the truth hidden behind the typical media’s offering of “reality show” try-outs. Vote Ron Paul 2012!

  • Robert Sardon Barrientos

    Ron Paul was on the ball; He was sharp and concise. He was very lively this evening.The Doc was in the house.

  • Bubba Graham

    Go Doc! WE ARE WITH YOU!

  • Jordon Simpson

    he did much better this time than last. next time he needs to get aggressive & call out the other canidates on their flip flopping plus he’ll get in more air time if he picks a fight. he needs to try & also pound his economic plan into our heads by talking about it over & over.

  • Jennifer York

    Thank you for your continued efforts Dr. Paul! Keep shaking those other candidates down! We are behind you! Ron Paul for President 2012!!!

  • James Hegedusich

    Romney 3rd – only because he finally exposed why 9-9-9 screws with the middle class. Despite msm, Cain is gonna start his downward spiral now.

  • jbmgarrett

    I just want to say that CNN is obviously not running a debate. They’re running a TV show, and they want it to entertain like a popular sitcom (drama, plots, antics). Being that they are going to host more, I would strongly consider refusing to be a part of it, with a nod toward Newt. Use the networks against each other, and recommend to doing a version of Newts idea with no moderator, much more time (10 minutes?), and questions asked by the candidates themselves (that was the best part of the last debate). I think it’d be wildly popular, and everyone would get their day in the court of public opinion. Ask a stupid question, the public would hold you accountable. Be a jerk and interrupt on their speaking time, the public would hold you accountable. Not knowledgable on the topic at hand, the public would hold you accountable. The questions would be better, and the discussions would be deeper and more meaningful, and EVERYONE would have more fun.

    You can’t run a successful “debate” with that many candidates on stage and only two hours minus commercial breaks. In an actual debate setting you don’t have seven, eight, or even nine separate sides due to the very problem here, where each side doesn’t have an equal chance at each question. It’s as simple as that. Also, lose the audience as they just detract from the time and debate as a whole via the cheers and boos. Since we have technology we ought to utilize it to make it the best and most fair setting for each candidate, and by that I mean the audience can inherently never be neutral, so take that out of the equation. It’s not eighty years ago where you had to be physically present in order to hear a debate. If you want to cheer or boo a candidate or position then go to a rally and do it there. This is not a sitcom, and it’s not a game show. The networks need to stop treating it as such (and they do, just look at the questions and who they ask them too, especially the phrasing.).

  • James Hegedusich

    if I had to rank it: 1st-Paul, 2nd-Gingrich, romeny-3rd

  • Ted Wips

    OK OK

  • dagobertotorres

    There’s no doubt Ron won the debate.

    But something important happened too: the total colapse of Rick.

    I don’t think he will ever get to another debate.

    RIP Rick.

  • Karl Rosenow

    Ron Paul OWNED!

  • Eric King

    Ron is the best choice out of the group it is truly sad that he won’t get the republican nomination.

  • Suanne Lorraine Cepek

    the moderator failed to achieve balance. also, he gave the other 6 candidates a chance for their final comment, but shut ron paul out for his final comment. boooo.