“Black THIS Out!” Ron Paul Money Bomb Raises $2.68+ Million in 3 Days

The mainstream media continues to ignore, censor and downplay Ron Paul‘s 2012 presidential candidacy.

Fed up with this outrage, thousands of liberty lovers and Ron Paul grassroots supporters decided to fight back.

They created the “Black THIS Out” Money Bomb, a 3-day online fundraising event for Ron Paul.

Their goal?

To raise a donation total so large that it will be impossible for the media to ignore it.

More than 25,000 people pledged to participate in the money bomb. By the end of the third day, more than $2.68 million had been raised! The final amount (to include offline donations) will be announced by the Ron Paul campaign shortly.


  • val

    new signs: 8 1/2 x 11 easy for all
    to mount on a 2×3 or on a pole
    AUDIT | (96 bold) – cent

    THE | (60 reg) – cent

    FED | (96 bold) – cent
    – from the greatest richest nation
    – to the greatest debtor existence
    – all in 50 years
    – find out why !!!!!!!n
    – vote for an American
    Ron Paul

    pass it on to others
    no noise just march
    no disturbance, just stand
    just stand together aligned
    campaigns, parades, demos
    the sign says it all !!!!!!

  • dagobertotorres

    It’s fantastic the amount of money Ron raised in just 3 days.

    Here you have a funny video about the sponsors of our politicians.


  • BonBonHi

    We need a gathering of supporters from throughout the country and hit up New Hampshire and Canvas the state with 10,000 + supporters and then do the same in Iowa and so on and talk to everyone statewide that we can. We should do this ourselves. Or should I say I am getting some friends together and we are going to do this ourselves!!! Everyone is welcome. Just do it without anyone asking last I checked this is still America ( Amereeka) land of the free if you are on of the elite and you are one that controls the masses. The rest just sit down shut up and vote for change or Boss Hogg!!!!

  • BonBonHi

    Amen Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dawid
  • RossJohnson

    This is real money because it is backed by passion and the productivity of the American people.The counterfeiting banksters are yet to know that their days are numbered.

  • BonBonHi

    your right . I want to go back to school and I cannot afford food let alone education. I was in a pharm program when I developed a brain tumor that F*@!^$D my life up. I do not mean it in a bad way but I did not want to be a teacher unless it was in a college setting and I don’t have the crudentials and I will have to go to a high school or start my own tutorial service. I just do not like people who are lazy and want spoon fed education. There is a lot of that and bad polotics in public and private secondary schools.

  • BonBonHi

    I am 46 and went to a really good public elementary school then j. and secondary was fraught this busing, the start of gov’t propaganda pitfalls, and teaching at the speed of the slowest learner. Never heard of critical thinking til I went to my physics teacher and he used the phrase. Basically Dumbing down of America. Now even after grad school I teach myself. We need a revolution of Freedom throughout the republic .

    • Atomboom87

      And we wonder why were falling behind the rest of the world in ed. Let us off the learning leash baby!

  • BonBonHi

    Not sure about the plan but when I started college at a adequate state school it was $891.00 a semester. Albeit 1988 nevertheless, it was a lot of money and may as well been a million because I had no way to pay, I got a pell grant every year for 4 years for $2,500.00 each academic year, The fees went up as the Bush and Clinton administration increased bank loan amounts. They should of never raised the loan amounts because they raised tuition in step. If the majority cannot afford school and no one can go cause they can not afford fees, Let the market dictate fees!!!

  • Atomboom87

    Hey, im a huge fan of RP and plan on voting so. But something about cutting fed loans for college students kinda stunned me. If it werent for those loans I wouldnt have been able to get the meeger (better than nothing) edumacation I have. Does he at least have an idea of how to make a degree more affordable? Because going to college and having that experience changed my life for the better.

    • uiwcardinalarmy

      @Atomboom87 I agree with this point… I don’t know the true statistic, but I could imagine quite a high degree of students are dependent on federal loans for higher education… If he cuts federal loans immediately, many of our youth’s dreams of getting a college degree would remain merely dreams.

      I do however, like his idea of getting rid of the Dep. of Ed. because it would allow the youth of America to expand their knowledge past our narrow scope of formal instruction. Yet, I still believe in free education for our youth, at the expense of the taxpayers. It is our responsibility as Americans, to contribute to the education of every other citizen.

      One who does not believe in such a right would be committing social darwinism in that, it would work against a voter of life, liberty and prosperity if one would fail to promote the only acceptable type of socialism (besides health care). Educating our youth leads to intelligent beings, capable of taking the responsibilities of our society new heights–that is, better ideas by checks and balances of people-to-people interactions and the growth a voting class who understand the policies enforced and bills being proposed by our politicians.

      • Atomboom87

        The only way I see education getting money is perhaps from military spending cuts. But without a Dept of ed that wont happen. Looks like im gonna have to marry a teacher. Ladies! Lol

    • Jean-François

      @Atomboom87 On a hand loans from the government have a negative side effect.if it leads someone to get a useless degree, you are stuck with a debt after. Universities and employers tend to exagerate the real possibilities for you after; a university will cash the fees, an employer loves to have the choice among many desesperate young graduates. A private institution like a bank will have to be serious about it, they will need to track the REAL percentage of success, how many graduate students from a specific program were able to find a job in their field and were able to pay back the previous year. This would force someone to make a second or third career choice, but it’s betterto do it early rather than when you have a debt of 60K.The thing that I don’t like is, when you have someone with an IQ of 150 who can’t get an engineering degree because he wasn’t able to get a loan while someone less talentuous whose parents are rich can get the money easilly.

      • Atomboom87

        Yes! Might as well bring back the draft to keep those ranks of folks who cant afford tuition from being idle (sarcasm ofcourse).

  • JohnNinetyOne

    Start speaking out about Mitt “Ya But That Was Different” Romney on forums, Facebook, and Twitter. He’s the media darling AKA John McCain. Arguments against him need to simple and concise. Ex. “Mitt “Ya But That Was Different” Romney has a used car salesman personality…phony.”

  • uiwcardinalarmy

    [[“Ron Paul is the one. He is the only one that will actually answer a question and you come away with a clear understanding of where he stands… No flip-flopping, sound bites or pandering to the audience.

    Don’t you want someone representing you who:

    1. Bases all of his decision on LAW (the constitution)

    2. Is not a war monger (he never voted for a war or military action)

    3. Has Morals and values (in practice, not in theory)

    4. 20+ years experience as a representative

    5. 20+ years of common sense, fiscal responsibility and complete understanding of economics


    7. Understands that he works FOR the American people and derives his leadership from the

    CONSENT of the governed 8. Does not accept money from lobbyists and is not swayed by political party or media pressure NO one else running for President have these qualities… So why would anyone vote for someone who has shown they dont have the best interests of the people at heart?”]]

  • dabutchur

    Dr Paul is the only hope left to rescue our Repuplic. If you love freedom and resect the individual over the collective, please support this man. Give all you can. Do all you can. Be a beacon of REAL hope an change. Make our founders proud by preserving what they established; this great and grand experiment. Remember the words of Franklin when he said they gave us a republic…if we can keep it.

  • dawid
  • BonBonHi

    Amen on that!

  • kme1011

    This was also my first time donating to a politician…. but I really believe in what he stands for. RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • dawid

    So when you go to Romney’s chat on his website and type in Ron Paul, it converts it to Captain America. Romeny is scaired of Ron Paul and his supporters. Ron Paul 2012!