“Black THIS Out!” Ron Paul Money Bomb Raises $2.68+ Million in 3 Days

The mainstream media continues to ignore, censor and downplay Ron Paul‘s 2012 presidential candidacy.

Fed up with this outrage, thousands of liberty lovers and Ron Paul grassroots supporters decided to fight back.

They created the “Black THIS Out” Money Bomb, a 3-day online fundraising event for Ron Paul.

Their goal?

To raise a donation total so large that it will be impossible for the media to ignore it.

More than 25,000 people pledged to participate in the money bomb. By the end of the third day, more than $2.68 million had been raised! The final amount (to include offline donations) will be announced by the Ron Paul campaign shortly.


  • Ryan Boller

    I believe in a few weeks/months the media and all the others will start trying to find things to use against him. But right now, he is not the front runner yet (all though I believe he clearly is), once he gets GOP nod as who they want as the next President to be.. that is when all the nasty will come out. People wonder how Bush won on a second term. Well 1. He stuck by his word and did what he felt he had to (I knoow it’s crap), but people voted for him because he was open and stuck to his word, no matter who poorlly it was. And he even acknowledged his use of illegal drug use.

  • Lindsay McCloud Holderby

    @liberty forall: I think that all of us, including Dr Paul, are still for ending the FED…his plan calls for a full audit. I think that once we have the full audit, the American people will come to the full understanding that it needs to go…dr paul has also put forth the plan to introduce competing currencies. For him to put abolishing the FED in his plan may have been seen as too soon…the questions would have certainly come up about what you replace it with, and it could send some people that were on the fence for Paul to another candidate. Bottom line: ending the FED, I’m sure, is not a lost idea for Dr Paul…it’s just one that would have to show it’s face after the full audit proves to the rest of America that our federal reserve is killing us. I kinda feel the same about the income tax…he would eventually work to end it, but to put something that drastic into a plan where he already cuts 1 trillion and eliminates 5 departments in the first year and balances the budget by year three could be damaging for gaining the support needed to win. Notice his plan has the budget balanced by year three though…there are four years in a presidential term…could the last year be used to end the fed and the income tax?? By that time, Americans will have seen the truth. Dr. Paul is more brilliant than many give him credit for.

  • Bruce Eady

    Exactly! If the contenders or the media for that matter had anything on Dr. Paul they would have brought it out a long time ago. Black this out.

  • Ryan Boller

    If Dr. Paul lays out his entire life for all to see… good, bad, indifferant. Than that takes away any cannon fodder the other canidates can use against him. And it would be a real breathe of fresh for once!

  • Ryan Boller

    I’m not doubting anything, I just think it would be nice to have someone who doesn’t care about their past, but embraces it because that’s how we become who we are. I miss watching the old debates (especially Kennedy vs Nixon) Kennedy had the charisma, but Nixon had the plan. It’s a shame Nixon got mixed up with the scandal that ended his Presidency. Very few people remember all the good he did accomplish.

  • Jeff Arteaga

    If you are born in America, check your birth certificate. it has a number on the top and a message in the bottom saying that you are worth aprox.. 700k in loans for the Fed. Yes, American people are commodities. Born slaves. Ron Paul is the only hope.

    And then they say Iran has a tyrant dictator. We have many.. Behind the curtains

  • Ryan Boller

    Not necessarily, usually the nasty comes at around 3-6 months before voting as a desperate measure. And all I’m saying is, I believe in him, and if he has ANY, no matter how trivial, negative thing, it will be used against him in the most extreme way. All I ask of him is to not only to be honest with us, but to himself first.

  • Jeff Arteaga

    Ron Paul needs to start attacking, otherwise he will not make it. He need to make chaos just like they do with Romney and Cain by always putting them on the spot. Ron needs to be more offensive. If he doesn’t win, I’m moving to Canada, Brazil or even Russia. Can’t live like a slave forever

  • Scott Rehberg

    Cain, Romney, Perry, all have a dirty laundry list miles long, and yet no one seems to have any problems with them. Except the Paul people, who are fed up with the status quo establishment.

  • Scott Rehberg

    Anybody else having trouble getting into the latest comments section on the official Ron Paul page. For some reason every time I click on any of his posts I get a message telling me there was a problem blah,blah,blah,etc. But obviously I can get on any other FB page.

  • Stephanie Perrigo Baker

    If the “contenders” had anything on him, it would of come out a long time ago.

  • Alex Davis

    Ryan one of the reasons everybody luke the doctor is he doesnt seem to have dirty laundry. I know, i know. Its hard to believe there is an honest politician out there that is worth looking up to.

  • Ryan Boller

    We all have our little secrets (President Clinton DID inhale). So please, if you wish to be the president and make a change, than be completely honest and clear as glass andd show America that you are a true American with faults and imperfections, and yet at the same time have the courage and knowledge to save this great nation.

  • Ryan Boller

    Dr. Paul. I have never voted for the simple fact that I do not believe the canidates when sharing their private lives or personal history. So Dr. Paul, for the first time in American history, do the bravest thing ever… air all of your dirty laundry before your contenders do it for you, be honest with yourself and to America.

  • Chris Magyaros


  • Eddie Enrique Fernande Tramezaygues


  • Liberty Forall

    what happened to ending the fed?

  • Brad Speaks

    I’ve contributed to every one of these money bomb campaigns for Ron Paul. I love the ads he is doing. Keep the faith, Ron!

  • Bryan W. Daugherty

    I AM Voting for Dr. Ron Paul <—

  • Liberty_man

    How about a campaign to get fair coverage from CNN? I left email with both CNN and Anderson Cooper expressing my disappointment with the way the Ron Paul was denied his closing statement in tonight’s debate in Vegas. I also left a phone comment as well at: 404-827-1500. Then after making my online donation, I called the CNN breaking news line at: 404-827-1500, and informed them of the breaking news that Ron Paul’s money bomb had raised about $100,000 in about 38 minutes.

    I suggest that all Ron Paul supporters flood CNN with both comments and breaking news about the money bomb.

    By the way, here are my email comments to CNN and Anderson Cooper:

    Dear Anderson Cooper,

    As an registered voter, I thought it was totally shameful the way the you denied Ron Paul his closing statement in tonight’s debate in Vegas. I further observed that you pretended that Ron Paul doesn’t exist during your coverage in the spin room which is where you should have been issuing an on-air apology to Ron Paul, and the viewers of the debate. I urge you to do the right thing and give Ron Paul a five minute segment on CNN tomorrow to explain how he will defeat Obama in the 2012 election. Furthermore, I urge you to also give Ron Paul a ten minute segment to explain the details of his Restore America plan… It’s the only fair and right thing to do… Do the right thing!!!