“Black THIS Out!” Ron Paul Money Bomb Raises $2.68+ Million in 3 Days

The mainstream media continues to ignore, censor and downplay Ron Paul‘s 2012 presidential candidacy.

Fed up with this outrage, thousands of liberty lovers and Ron Paul grassroots supporters decided to fight back.

They created the “Black THIS Out” Money Bomb, a 3-day online fundraising event for Ron Paul.

Their goal?

To raise a donation total so large that it will be impossible for the media to ignore it.

More than 25,000 people pledged to participate in the money bomb. By the end of the third day, more than $2.68 million had been raised! The final amount (to include offline donations) will be announced by the Ron Paul campaign shortly.


  • JosephDougherty

    Woo hoo, I donated! I bought the 250$ donation mug a month ago as well, makes the coffee taste, i don’t know, more liberating. This is the first year I’ve ever donated to a candidate as well 🙂

    • Independent_Thought

      @JosephDougherty Awesome idea. I might buy a mug. Hope the “liberation” taste extends to tea.

  • Independent_Thought

    First time in my life donating to a political candidate or cause.

    Feels really good!

  • Amir Reza Behdani

    after supporting Obama and trying to get as many people as possible behind his election, and then supporting him during the first and second year of his presidency and saying he has “a lot to fix and needs time to turn things around” I started to realize he was taking us down the same road Bush was but just a bit faster. Just a few facts: The Wars haven’t stopped, troops are not back, WAR is spread into Libya, last week special forces sent to Africa and now they are lining up propaganda and falsifying info to put more pressure on Iran and threaten attack (This is George Bush Cowboy behavior that Obama has taken to the next level) Also so far, 3 years into his presidency the job numbers are worse, the economy is worse and still he has got the wall-street guys running the Fed and monetary policy (Very Disappointing) Also one of the most shocking things i saw was a CNN article yesterday that this administration has deported 400,000 immigrants this year alone and 1.2 million so far during the O presidency , this is his immigration policy which will not only hurt families who will be divided but also US industries that depend on those workers. BASICALLY my realization was there is no Right & Left, there is only those being funded by huge corporations and lobbyist and than there is THE ONE , the ONLY ONE that is where he is by the support of the people and against all the efforts of the media to keep there left/right puppet show going and fool us by making us think we are voting for anything different. So this time I am not choosing Republican or Democrat, I am going with the one that is NOT bought by the wall-street and corporations and who is sponsored by the people and that only leaves Ron Paul and it can be verified by looking at the latest breakdown of types of contributions that the nominees have received.

  • heywood253

    Man im so proud to be apart of something so real that it really has moved me. I have never donated

    before or even cared who got into office till Ron Paul opened my eyes and gave me hope that someone is willing to put it all on the line for us. I believe in this man so much im going to send

    a second donation. it just is not right how they treat this man he spills his guts to educate us

    and I am just so proud of you Ron Paul you have given hope to people who didnt have it.

  • Mujib Ahmed

    I cannot believe that a person of “integrity” with 30years of open record in public service and have always projected peace and harmony and free market all his life is being ignored. He needs to be given the attention’s he deserves or their should be some repercussions for those responsible.

  • Mujib Ahmed

    Mujib Ahmed Nicole: I have made similar comment in the pass. I have yet to hear a convincing justification for a blatant “discrimination”. There should be a massive outcry. News media should be obligated to be fair and balanced otherwise their license should be revoked.

  • Denielle Needham

    Just so everyone knows, the site is over loaded and its making it lag so if you donated make sure to exit the site, everyone watching the tickers is making it slow…and we don’t want to slow the progress!!! Check it later to see where were at 😉

  • David Weinberg

    Well said, Jeremy. I just made a donation to a politician for the first time in my life as well. Ron Paul’s integrity cured my apathy. No more political puppets for me who are bought off by corporate interests. Ron Paul is fighting for the people and I’m going to help fight for him.

  • Jeremy Stanley

    To my FB friends, I just made a donation to a politician. Yes you read that correctly, yes that’s a first for me…ever. Anyway I really like what Dr. Paul has to say and I enjoy listening to him take a consistent stand on issues. No one is perfect, but honesty and integrity means more than anything else. If his voting record and his willingness to stand up against the bullies tell you anything, it should be that if he can’t do it no one can. The main stream media is doing everything in their power to limit Dr. Paul’s air time on all of the GOP debates. They do this because they want to steer the masses towards the two candidates, Perry and Romney, who will continue to support the corporate agenda among other things. Let’s not allow the media continue to shape the political process. If you can please make a donation or better yet buy a cool T-shirt or yard sign. Thank you.

  • Hannah Pelham

    he’s averaging $2000 per minute

  • Melissa Butterfield Maher


  • Jenny Hunt

    Proud to have donated to our hero!

  • heywood253

    has the site gone down whats up the donations have come to a halt we can do better then this

    • Now

      I just tried numerous times to donate and it wouldn’t go through. I called and they said the high traffic has caused some problems. So please if you can’t get through online call and donate @ (855)886-9779 RonPaul 2012!

  • EllaB_

    @DVMajorWaves ::thumbs up:: Ron Paul 2012

  • Gene Corno

    Gaylen hit the share button…that may help more…

  • Gene Corno

    It did Gaylen….I just did…

  • Gaylen Corbett

    I hope this works!!! Please donate!

  • Ryan Boller

    It’s a good conversation between differant minded people. I enjoy these conversations alot! I believe in this man, I also believe he is going to have STRONG resistance this entire campaign, as well as in his presidentcy should he win.

  • Ryan Boller

    sorry about no #2 reason. As a Soldier who spent 27 months in Iraq, both at the worse time, after seeing how the local population where living and how they treated each other. I’m proud to say that I was there, and we did all we could to make a change for the better. And politics had nothing to do with it. I worked on just as many Iraqi’s as I did Soldiers when I was a combat medic with an infantry unit.

  • Joey Rodriguez

    BLACK THIS OUT! Keep it up, we need peace.